"Huna, Vewwe, leave us."

    The sisters made a quick exeunt, leaving Tais alone with the pompous man.

    "I am going to perform most of this mentally," the man started, his words ringing clear in both ear and mind.

    For one cannot lie with their mind, only their words, the thought came, unaccompanied by speech.

    Tais gave a quick nod, and replied, somewhat weakly, "But how am I to respond?"

    A smile from the man. "Just speak your mind."

    And with that, the conversation started, albeit a lop-sided one. The man, who revealed himself only as Viscount Director, asked many questions of Tais, something he wasn't at all accustomed to. What do you first remember of the mines? What memory rings with clarity in your thoughts? Why did you want to escape? A tirade of interrogation, with Tais answering truthfully the whole time.

    Why am I telling this man the truth?

    "It is because you trust me, Tais," came the unexpected answer. Tais stood in shock, anger and rage slowly bubbling up to the surface of his thoughts.

    He boiled over. "Are you reading my mind? Have you been this whole time? Why do you need my answers, then? Can't you just pry them from me? Or does this make you feel more high, more mighty, Viscount--" he spat the word with bitter contempt "--Director?"

    A sigh was Tais' only answer from the Director, until another voice spoke in his mind; a female voice, a familiar voice.

    No, Tais, it sounded almost motherly, tender and comforting. You've been screaming your thoughts in the minds of everyone around you, you just don't know it.

    "I know you," Tais replied, his voice on edge. He hoped that his mental thoughts would carry through to her. "You... you're..."

    His words trailed off, as realization hit him like a brick.

    "Yes, Tais," came the voice of the Director, though the mental accompaniment was not there. "She is alive."


    "But," the word cut into the consciousness of Tais, "she's one of us."

    A wicked smile from the Director, and a maliciousness in his eye caught the attention of Tais, though he was still too shocked to react.

    The next words came from the lips and mind of Salla, who stood behind him in the doorway, not the imposing figure of the Viscount Director  looming before him.

    "Take him away, now."

The End

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