Test Results

Vewwe and Huna at once stooped to the cold, stone floor, bowing to the stranger respectfully as he walked purposely into the room. Tais halted his progression, suddenly alarmed by the man’s tall figure, and regal attire.  He was dressed splendidly, obviously signifying himself as a man of importance, and Tais didn’t know the correct way to respond to this unexpected presence.

Tais cast his attention about the room quickly, and he noticed many details in that instant. He realized the great canine beast was no where to be found, as if it quaintly, and quietly, dematerialized when he wasn’t looking. He seen the two girls across from him now climbing to their feet, ending their obedient kneel. Because of the light that poured through the doorway from the hallway, Tais noticed just then how tall Vewwe and Huna were. Although their facial markings indicated them as young, their height displayed otherwise.

“Ahem,” the stranger cleared his throat, and smoothed his hands over his tie, “Yes, yes indeed, you mastered the test.”

Tais bore his eyes on the stranger before him.  This time the man spoke with more confidence, and that troubled the boy further.  He shook visibly, and looked to the girls; his vexed expression silently begging for assistance.

You are a test subject,  a voice tumbled through his hazy thoughts, and he instantly recognized the mindful transmission from Huna, but she sent no more.

Tais trembled and clasped his hands over his ears.  He collapsed to the moist stone floor under him, and groaned.  Test subject? He thought this to himself, with no purpose of broadcasting this to Huna.  But she felt this anyway, and a soft, feminine mm-hmmm tickled Tais’ thoughts.  He groaned in displeasure, and tightly squeezed his eyelids shut.  Although he knew he couldn’t, it still helped when he imagined himself vanishing just like the Orthrus had.

But he opened his eyes after what seemed like eternity, and he knew he was not invisible, and he did not disappear.  No; the girls were still staring at him from across the room, and the stranger stood defiantly over him. The tall man outstretched his arm, allowing Tais to balance himself to his feet, and the boy did just that. Besides, the uneven, stone floor was not comforting to his bruised kneecaps.

“This will be troubling for you to hear,” said the stranger. His face etched into sympathy, and he sucked back a lungful of moist air.

Tais braced himself for what he was about to hear.

The End

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