(Re)learning How to Fly, One Day at a Time: Day Ten Part ThreeMature



"Oh my gosh, Adam!  Nobody else at that party will be in big foam suits.  I'm willing to bet that a bunch of the girls will hardly be wearing costumes."

"All the more reason for us to wear these!" 

"No, Adam."  I said, laughing.  Adam and I were wandering around the big costume shop.  I passed the front window and stopped, looking at the window of the consignment shop across the street.

 "Let's go over there real quick, Adam.  I want to look at something…"

"Oh no, she saw something."  He said, just loud enough for me to hear. 

"HEY!! That doesn't happen that often, and I think I just saw something that we could both agree on for costumes!"

"Fine."  He rolled his eyes, but his smile and tone were affectionate. 

We jay-walked across the street and into the consignment shop.  Adam stood by the door while I spoke to the woman working at the cash register. 

"May we try on what's on display, please?"  I said in my adult charming voice that worked on every adult except for my mom. 

"Sure, hon.  Let me go get 'em...."  She smiled and went to get the costumes. 

I motioned for Adam to come over next to me.  "I think you'll like my idea."

"Who knows!" 

"Here you go, hon.  Dressing rooms are right over there in that corner.  I'm sure you two will look absolutely adorable in these."  The clerk smiled at us again, handing me the clothes. 

I handed Adam the vintage leather motorcycle jacket and jeans, a classic Pat Verona look. 

"Hmmm, not too shabby of an idea... what's yours look like?"  Adam appraised the clothes. 

"You'll see." I said, walking into one of the dressing rooms and locked the door. 

The dress was navy blue cotton with white polka dots, and instead of a straight hem on the bottom, it was torn into random triangles, which complimented the cropped leather jacket worn over it.  I looked at myself in the mirror, and hardly recognized me, except for the Chucks, which I decided did NOT work with the costume. 


The old, worn blue jeans and leather jacket combined with my vintage band shirt made me look like some sort of vintage "bad boy".  It didn't look half bad as a costume, though I was sure it would look better next to Naomi's costume. 

As soon as I thought her name, her dressing room door opened.  A Chuck clad foot first stepped out, then the rest of her.  The one shade of blue complimented her skin perfectly, and her jacket that matched mine, except for it being cropped, looked much better on her. 

"Whaddya think?"  She asked, twirling around.

"You look beautiful, Nao... Just don't wear the Chucks." 

"I was just thinking that a minute ago... What about the suede boots I wore the other day?"  She said, honestly asking my opinion. 

"That would work so much better."  I said, wrapping my arms around her waist, lifting her up off of the ground, and spinning her in the air. 

She began to giggle as I spun her through the air.  The sound was so carefree, so much happier than she had been in forever.  I couldn't help but to laugh with her. 


"Ya know, maybe Addie isn't as crazy as I thought she was..."  Naomi said as we walked down the street to where my dad's car was parked. 

"And why is that?"  I asked.  We had bought the costumes at the shop after talking to the clerk for a while, who turned out to be a sweet older woman named Rose.  Naomi still hadn't explained to me who we were going to be going as, but I didn't care yet. 

"I think this might actually be kind of fun.  Going to a party, matching costumes, dancing, bunches of people..." 

"Glad your mindset has changed, Nao."  I said, stopping suddenly, and leaned down to give her a kiss on her lips.


The End

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