(Re)learning How to Fly, One Day at a Time: Day Ten Part TwoMature



We walked down the school hallway hand in hand, and I barely noticed anyone we passed. I did notice Wyatt and Adam exchange a little smile and nod, and Victoria sneered as we passed, but I ignored it. I wasn't going to let anything spoil my day.

Adam and I went through our normal morning routine at our lockers, getting our books and cracking jokes, this time adding a kiss or two on the corner of our mouths. Eventually Addie came up behind us and dragged us to class.

"Miss Blake, Miss Clifton, and Mr. McClure, you're tardy." Miss Stewart said as we all walked through the door, literally TWO seconds after the bell rang. Well, actually, it was still ringing.

"Sorry, teach. It won't happen again." The three of us said in unison, trying to hold back laughs. Miss Stewart just wasn't someone who could be serious, and she knew it.

"Go sit down, all three of you!" She said, chortling. We all took our empty seats at the back of the room, and began to whisper.

"Hey, you know that big 'Harvest Party' I have every year? It's this weekend. Here's your guys' invitations. Same place as always." Addie said, handing both Adam and I orange sheets of paper.

I glanced over it, the fancy black type and Halloween-ish clip art on the bright neon paper.

"You're inviting the whole school?!" I whispered incredulously. "Do you know how many people that is?!"

"Uh, yeah! It'll be a party to remember!" She did her little hair twisty thing, closing the subject, though I was clearly not done talking about it.

I looked at Adam, wide-eyed, trying to convey "is she freaking crazy?!"to him. He just shook his head and laughed silently.

"I'm picking out the costumes." He leaned over his desk to whisper in my ear. I felt the blood rush up into my cheeks, making them flaming red.

"Mr. McClure, is there something you would like to tell the whole class?" Miss Stewart said, again trying to sound stern.

"No, but there is something I would like to say, if you don't mind, Miss Stewart." Addison answered for him, already heading up to the front of the class.

"Go ahead, Miss Blake." Miss Stewart said dismissively. "Okay. As we all know, Halloween is next week, and we're all a little old to be trick or treating."

"We are not!" One of the guys a few seats up interrupted. "Come on, it's free candy!"

"To each their own." Addison shrugged. "As I was saying, since most of us will not be trick-or-treating this year, I thought that I might have a school wide Halloween party. Costumes are a must, of course. Get one of these flyers for the rest of the information. Thank you, Miss Stewart." She returned to her seat as a flood of students rushed to the front of the room to grab a flyer.

"She really is insane!" I said quietly to Adam.

"No, she's Addie. She's an unstoppable force of nature." He sighed.


Though I did it grudgingly, I helped Adam and Addison pass out the flyers during lunch.

Well, not so much 'pass out' the flyers, more hand them to the people approaching us in large numbers while we were trying to eat.

Addie was ecstatic, because this party of hers would make her well known amongst the students of Honors High… even if it might make her known in a bad way. Honors High gossip central had gone wireless, so EVERYONE would know if it rocked, or if it bombed.

As we flung the flyers at the random flocks of students, some we knew, and even more that we didn't, Adam and I still had our normal lunch.

"So, what do you want to go as for this shindig?" Adam asked as I leaned against him.

"I dunno. Surprise me." I said.

"Okay… You do realize that you'll probably regret this, don't you?"

"Yeah, I do. You can pick under one condition; I get to come with you to help."

"Sounds good to me. After school today?" He rested his chin on the top of my head.

"Sure, as long as your parents are okay with it. I'm fairly sure I don't have any other plans." I said teasingly.

"Oh, ha ha." He said sarcastically. "They'll be fine with it."

"Okay, then."

The End

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