(Re)learning How To Fly, One Day at a Time: Day NineMature


Sometime, early in the morning, I heard Naomi whisper in her sleep.  Just a few simple sweet, almost silent words, uttered in unconsciousness, but still made my heart pound harder and faster. 

"I love you, Adam."  She had whispered, and her eyelids fluttered a little bit, and her arms around my waist tightened a little bit.  I reflexively wrapped my arms around her shoulders a little bit tighter, and I rested my head on top of hers, finally drifting off into a peaceful, dreamless sleep.


I woke up to the sound of pans clattering, the smell of freshly brewed coffee, and a cold side.  I opened my eyes to find that Naomi was no longer asleep, at least, not all cuddled up to my side.  I heard a Norah Jones song coming from the kitchen, with a harmony part that wasn't normally in the song, but I recognized the voice to be Naomi's. 

"I waited 'til I saw the sun,
I don't know why I didn't come,
I left you by the house of fun,
I don't know why I didn't come,
I don't know why I didn't come.

When I saw the break of day,
I wished that I could fly away,
Instead of kneeling in the sand,
Catching teardrops in my hand.

My heart is drenched in wine,
But you'll be on my mind,

Out across the endless sea,
I would die in ecstasy,
But I'll be a bag of bones,
Driving down the road alone.

My heart is drenched in wine,
But you'll be on my mind,

I walked into the kitchen, where Naomi's sweet harmony was coming from, and found her and my mom making breakfast, singing along to my mom and Naomi's favorite Norah Jones CD. 

"Good morning, Adam."  Naomi looked up at me through her eyelashes, blushing and biting her lip. 

"Morning Naomi, Mom.  You guys are up early making breakfast this morning."  I replied, kind of suprised to see my mom and Naomi hanging out together, working together.

"You haven't seen the time, have you, son?"  My mom said to me.

"Adam, it's almost noon."  Naomi smiled at me. 



It was almost noon, and Mrs. McClure, or JoAnna, as she requested I call her, and I were making brunch for Mr. McClure and Adam, who were both still asleep.  She had put in a Norah Jones CD that she knew I loved, and as I was stirring the pancake batter, I sang along with it. 

Handing me the blueberries to put into the batter, JoAnna said something I didn't really expect her to say.  "You're singing with a lot more passion today.  It sounds really good, too, even better than usual, if that's possible.  Something happened with you and Adam, didn't it?"

I blushed.  "Yeah..."  I wasn't really comfortable with the girl talk with her, I was much closer to Adam's father, Mr. McClure. 

"I thought so, honey."  She said, wrapping one arm around me and squeezing for a minute.  "Did you know your mom and I were best friends in college?"

"No, I didn't... Mom never told me that."  I said, shocked.

JoAnna sighed.  "I guess she wouldn't have.  We kind of went our seperate ways when she went to medical school, and I already had my business degree.  But, we kind of reconnected a bit when you and Adam became friends."

"That's good...."

"Yeah, it is."  She said, no longer truly paying attention, most likely lost in memories.

My favorite song came on, and I started to sing harmony again.  While letting the batter sit for a few minutes, I got out the eggs to make scrambled eggs that everyone loved because of my secret ingredients, and I heard softly padded footsteps walk across the hardwood floor of the living room into the kitchen.

I turned around and saw a sleepy and confused Adam standing in the doorway.  I suddenly remembered the words he had uttered softly last night, and blushed again.  "Good morning, Adam."  I smiled, biting my lip. 

"Morning Naomi, Mom.... You guys are up early making breakfast this morning."  He said, obviously not aware of the time. 

"You haven't seen the time, have you, son?"  JoAnna said teasingly.

"It's almost noon, Adam."  I smiled at him. 

He looked a little taken aback.  "Oh...."

I started to giggle a little bit at his expression. 

"What?"  He asked, wrapping his arms around me from behind. 

"The look on your face.... It was cute."

"Not as cute as when you blush."  He whispered, kissing the corner of my jaw. 

"Adam, I will purposefully screw up a small batch of eggs and give them to you and only you!"

"Fine, I'll play nice."

JoAnna intercepted before I could make a snarky comment.  "Adam, why don't you go wake your father?  He knows too much sleep isn't good for him!"

"Yes, Mom."  He said patronizingly, quickly stealing a peck from my lips. 

I felt like my cheeks were on fire, especially when I turned around and saw JoAnna's face. 

She was smiling one of those maternal, all-knowing smiles.  "You really are your mother's daughter." 

The End

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