(Re)learning How to Fly, One Day at a Time: Day Eight Part Three...Mature



My thoughts were no longer connected to my actions.

"Adam, wha--"  She began, but my lips on hers cut her off. 

One of my hands cradled her face in the palm of it, tilting her head up closer to mine.  After a couple of floors, reality caught up with me.  I stepped back a bit.

"Adam."  She gasped, her lungs obviously searching for air as much as my own. 

The truth, the need hit me then, and I spoke my thoughts out loud.

"We have to find a way to do this, Naomi.  We have to."

"Yeah, we do."  She said, biting her soft pink lip.  Without noticing, I reached out and ran my thumb over her lip, trying to get her to release it from her teeth. 

We were silent the rest of the elevator ride, and out to the car, though she reached for my hand somewhere in there.  Dad raised his eyebrow at me when we got into the car, still hand in hand, but I ignored him, trying to get my thoughts in line....


A comfortable silence filled the elevator then, though we both knew that the problems were far from over.  I don't know when I did, but sometime while we were in the elevator, I had took his hand in mine, and leaned against his side a bit.  Our hands remained like that even through the car ride, and so did the silence, though I did catch Mr. McClure's glance at us in the mirror.

The overly cliche electricity and sparks were flowing through my fingers where they were intertwined with Adam's.  They had to get it somewhere, didn't they? 

Just the small touch between us was more comfortable than I ever had been with Wyatt, because with Wyatt I was always giddy and nervous and self-concious, which I now realized was NOT the way it was supposed to be. 


"You do realize Victoria's going to spread rumors, right?"  Adam said, while we were lounging across the couch in his living room, watching the ABC Family movies that were stupid but I still loved and he seemed to tolerate, since there was nothing else on. 

"You do realize I don't really care anymore?"  I smiled serenely.  Even though it was going to be more drama than I would ever want to be involved in, it was worth it.  I snuggled into his side a little more.   "What time is it?" 

He took his cell phone off of the side table and flipped it open.  "A little after one."  He yawned. 

"That explains why I'm so tired.... And could you please not do that?! You know yawning is contagious!"  I said, yawning two or three times just saying the few sentences. 

He kissed my forehead.  "Then go to sleep."  He whispered, teasing. 

"But you'll get uncomfortable sitting up like that."  I protested.

"No, I won't, Naomi.  I'll be fine.  Just go to sleep."  He said, draping the afghan that was set across the back of the couch over the both of us.

"Fine."  I said, reaching up to kiss his lips before I fell asleep. 


Somewhere inbetween consciousness and unconsciousness, I heard him whisper the words "love you", and smiled, knowing that we really were going to work this out.

The End

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