(Re)learning How To Fly, One Day at a Time: Day EightMature



I looked at the clock.  It was seven 'o'clock in the morning, and I was still up, having not been able to sleep the entire night.  Okay, maybe I had about two hours total of sleep, all spread out in tiny increments throughout the night.  If I closed my eyes, I saw Adam's handsome face, or his beautiful drawing.  If I actually dozed off, I relived the kiss. 

I was still confused why he had kissed me the way he had.  Did it mean something, or did he just use it to shut us up?  Or was it both?  And who was he trying to shut up, Victoria or me?  Either way, I didn't push him away.  His soft lips against mine, for some reason, made it feel like there was something there, unlike with kissing Wyatt. 

I gave up on my continuous tossing and turning, knowing that the barely two hours would be all of the sleep i would be getting for the time being.  Not bothering to change from the blue plaid flannel pants and light gray heather tee I was wearing, I wandered out into the loft. 

After confirming that Mom was already at the hospital, I unplugged the fully charged laptop that we shared from the wall, and logged in.  I wasn't exactly sure what I was going to do, but I figured a little internet time would distract me from the situation at hand. 

I did what I always did when I actually had the chance to get on the computer.  I opened about ten different internet tabs, a Word document, and a game of solitaire.  Addison always complained that it was too much to have up at one time, and that I took too long to reply, but I didn't like having to log out of one thing to go to another.

In the midst of checking my email, I realized Mom had sent me one from the hospital earlier. 

"Naomi Hope--
One of the other doctors here has a family dilemma, so I'm going to be staying at the hospital for a few days.  You know where the grocery cash is, and I would really prefer if you went over to Adam's or Addie's rather than staying home alone, honey.
I love you, and I promise we'll spend some time together next weekend.

"You say that every time, and it never happens."  I whispered sadly, blinking the tears from my eyes.

Suddenly, one of my many windows open began to flash.  I clicked on it to see what all the fuss was about. 

My facebook chat had popped up, and I had a message from Adam. 

"me & dad will be there in ten minutes. pack for the whole weekend plus a couple of days."

I quickly typed back before he logged off.  "i see she emailed u 2. c u then.  & thank u."

"ur welcome, hon."
  He typed, and then logged off. 

I logged off and ran into my room to pack and change.  I grabbed my smaller travel bag and shoved pretty much whatever my hands touched and everything I would absolutely need, my iPod, my books, my bag of toiletries. 

I buttoned up an old too-big blue striped shirt that I remembered stealing from Adam and pulled on my favorite jeans and red Chucks.  I had slung my bag over my shoulder and opened the front door just as Adam was about to knock.

"Hey."  I said shyly.

"Hey."  He ducked his head and stuck his hands in his jeans pockets, looking embarrassed.

"I guess we should go, then."  I said, trying to break the moment of uncomfortable silence.

"Yeah, I guess we should.  Naomi, listen, about yesterday...."

"What about it?" 

"I didn't mean anything by it, I was just trying to get Victoria to leave you alone, so if you want to forget about it...."  He stumbled over his words.

I felt a sudden surge of confidence.  "And if I don't want to forget about it?"  I cocked an eyebrow and smiled at him coyly....


My words came out rushed, I was so nervous.  "I didn't mean anything by it, I was just trying to get Victoria to leave you alone, so if you want to forget about it...."

She didn't react in a way I had anticipated.  Her sudden teasing smile was so beautiful it took my breath away, not letting me get it back while she spoke.  Her voice was silky and lethal.

"And what if I don't want to forget about it?"  She looked up at me through her dark eyelashes and took a step towards me.

"Then don't."

The End

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