(Re)learning How to Fly, One Day at a Time: Day Seven Part TwoMature


Oh, well this is just great!

I thought, heavy on the sarcasm.

Adam and I had finally beaten our way through the crowd to get to our lockers. And, being the lucky person I am, I had a vistor. An unwanted visitor, I might add.

Seeing as my quota of patience for the day had already been spent on everyone in the hallway this morning, I immediately snapped at her.

"What the hell do you want, Victoria?!" I asked, sounding more tired than aggravated.

"Awww, is little Naomi still bitter from the break-up?" Victoria asked, smirking and speaking in a baby voice.

"If you're here to pester me, shut up and walk away, bitch." I said, the acid in my voice becoming much more obvious.

But, Victoria did neither. She simply cocked her head to the side and stared at me with too-innocent eyes. "This isn't about Wyatt at all, is it? It's the fact that I have a boyfriend and you don't."

"Like hell! You wish I wanted to compete with you! I don't give a damn if you have a boyfriend or not! But, yeah, I do care if you're the bitch who steals my damn boyfriend!!!" I was going to say more, scream at her, rip out a few of those damn gold curls.

"Don't." Adam whispered and wrapped his arms around me from behind.

For a moment my mind was flooded, and I almost forgot what I was doing. Almost.

"Victoria, just leave us alone, please."

"Us?" She asked, raising an eyebrow. Stupid gossip monger, I thought to myself.

"Just go, Victoria." Adam snapped before I could say anything. His arms remained around me.

Most of my euphoric mood from when I woke up had dissipated, though there was a little left; it was faded, but remained because of Adam's embrace. I had unknowingly froze in his arms, barely breathing under his touch.

His arms pulled away too quickly for my liking, but there was nothing for me to do to stop him. "Oh, sorry, Naomi!"

Don't be!  I wanted to say. You pulled away too quickly, that's what you should be sorry for! "It's fine, Adam." I smiled up at him, and once I saw his face, the smile was no longer forced.

His forehead creased a little, but he still smiled sincerely back.


I was acting on impulse when I wrapped my arms around her. Normally I would have just whispered the "don't" in her ear and be done with it, but this time I did not. She did react though. For the first moment or so, she had completely relaxed, preventing her from further telling off Victoria. But then she tensed up, barely breathing, and I let go, thinking she didn't like me hugging her like that.

"Oh, sorry, Naomi!" I mumbled.

For barely ten seconds, her bottom lip stuck out, and it looked like there was sadness in her eyes. But as soon as that crossed her face, she smiled up at me, first it looked fake, but soon did not. "It's fine, Adam."

Her smile and her voice showed a little of the sadness I saw in her eyes before, which made my forehead crease in frustration. But I still tried to smile back genuinely. "Come on, we better get to class."

As soon as we walked into Miss Stewart's class for homeroom, I pulled out my notebook. Sitting beside me, Naomi raised an eyebrow. I glared at her. Though her eyes portrayed hurt and confusion, and I longed to make it disappear, I couldn't tell her about what was in my notebook, tell her how I really felt. I opened the notebook to one of the only blank pages left and let the pencil in my hand roam around the page freely. The only time I looked up from my notebook during Homeroom was when Miss Stewart was taking roll call. I just kept my eyes on the paper, not sure what I was drawing or writing, just trying to keep myself from staring at Naomi, or taking her hand in mine, or some other stupid move that she would get mad at me for. In other words, it was torture.

The bell rang, dismissing us to first period, and I tried to get far enough ahead of Naomi that she wouldn't be able to catch up with me in the hallway and class would have already started, but no such luck. Almost as soon as I was out the door of Miss Stewart's room, her hand was on my arm, turning me around.

"Adam, what's up?" She asked, an actual concerned question rather than a greeting.

"It's nothing, Naomi." I lied, hoping to convince her.

She rolled her eyes at me and scoffed. I could tell that there was hurt and anger there, but I couldn't tell her. "Whatever, Adam."

The End

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