(Re)learning How To Fly, One Day at a Time: Day SevenMature



I kept my eyes closed, enjoying what remained of my dream, which was so rudely interrupted by my alarm.  I had tossed and turned into early morning, trying to escape my thoughts of what Addie had meant earlier and to finally fall into a peaceful slumber. 

When I did finally get to sleep, it was exactly peaceful, per say, but it was at least pleasant.  I essentially had the same dream as the night before. The only difference was this time I knew what I was going to say, and no longer wanted to take the words back.  They floated comfortably in the air for only a moment or two, just antcipating Adam's response. 

My eyes opened slowly, peacefully.  I didn't look at the clock as I normally did, because I didn't feel the worry of being late.  Actually, I felt completely serene, free of angst and anxiety. 

"But the fog just sits like blankets
And it's drowning out the glow
You can hear voices loud and singing out,
A song nobody knows
But to her it sounds like home.

Oh cause nights can't hide the day
Then the tears roll down her face
And the lights so high, that's she's dying to say
Just take me away, from all that I am
Just take me away, from all that I am"
  I began to sing to myself while getting dressed, not caring if Mom was home and could hear.  It was my favorite song, by the band Parachute. 

After pulling on my dark charcoal grey scoopneck tee with the too-long sleeves and slipping into my secretly favorite fluttery ruffled pale blue skirt, I decided to grab my iPod, so I could have some music to go along with my singing.

I hummed contentedly along to the music in my ears while brushing my wavy, tangled mess of hair, which was being so stubborn I didn't even both pulling it up.  Instead, I pulled my off-white beanie over it.

I continued getting ready, even putting on a little make up.  I was barely aware of what had caused my euphoric mood; the dream had, in a way, been the answer to my question.


MY cell phone buzzed in my pocket just as I was about to walk out the door; I had a text.

 "Dad is insisting upon driving you to school.  See you in 5?"

I smiled smugly.  His dad, eh?

"Sure, be right down."  I replied, and walked into the elevator. \


"You sure are odd, Adam."  My dad teased from the front seat.  I had just old him what I had sent to Naomi. 

"Dad!"  I groaned. 

His chuckling stopped.  He smirked at me in the mirror, though.  "I'll play along, son.  I can see how much you like her." 

"Shut up, Dad!  She'll be here any minute!"

"That's no way to speak to your elder, Adam!"  Dad faux-scolded.

I rolled my eyes at him and looked out the car window to find Naomi about to enter. 

She opened the door and smiled at my dad and I.  "Good morning Adam, Mr. McClure.  Thanks for the ride, it is a little chilly out this morning."  Naomi smoothed her skirt, stuck a suede-clad leg in and sat in the back seat next to me.

"Anytime, Naomi, hon."  My dad replied to her, but looked at me in the rearview mirror.  I glared at him in return.  Naomi giggled next to me. 

"What?"  I asked, clueless.

She smirked at me, something in those color-changing eyes of hers sparking.  Today they were brown with flecks of green around the edges.  "It's nothing, Adam."  She lied, and held her gaze a moment longer before looking out the window.

However, I continued to look at her.  Naomi wasn't wearing something I was used to seeing her in;  a knee length muted blue skirt that fanned out slightly, a pair of black high heeled suede boots that you couldn't even see the end of because of her skirt, a deep charcoal colored shirt that made her skin an even more beautiful cream color.  She even willingly had her dark chocolate brown waves down, though she had a hat on over them.  And from the little bit of her face that I could see, it looked like she even had a little bit of make-up on!!!

I shook my head, smiling to myself a little. 

Goodness, this girl is confusing!



I caught Adam and Mr. McClure sharing one of those teasing looks in the rearview mirror, and unknowingly giggled.  Adam had noticed, unfortunately.

"What?"  He asked, looking extremely confused.  I felt myself smirk, trying to hold back another giggle at his expression.  Since he was staring, I took the oppurtunity to take in his appearance. 

His shaggy sandy blond hair was even more dishevelled than usual this morning; he must have been running late.  The wrinkled tee shirt and jeans only added to my theory.

I then realized what he had said wasn't a rhetorical question.  "It's nothing Adam."  I tried to lie convincingly.  I could tell it wasn't working, so I turned and looked out the window, watching the streets of Buffalo, New York pass me by. 

It wasn't a very long drive from the Locust Street apartment building where my loft was to City Honors High, but the walk was brutal when the chilly Mid-October tempertures settled in.  No Indian Summer for us.

I hardly noticed the time and the distance passing until Mr. McClure pulled the parking brake.  "Bye, kids.  Don't give the teachers too much trouble!" 

The End

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