(Re)learning How to Fly, One Day at a Time: Day SixMature



I woke with a start from a dream that was sure to haunt my thoughts for the rest of the day.  It had starred Naomi, of course, as most of them did anymore.  It had seemed so real, though.

We were just walking down the hallways at school together, as usual.  Except, our fingers were intertwined, and she was actually SMILING.  Smiling wasn't exactly an abnormal act for her, but ever since Wyatt broke up with her, I hadn't seen one of her genuine, beautiful smiles grace her face.  And whenever she looked at me, her eyes were alight, just like they had been whenever she looked at Wyatt. 

Suddenly, she motioned for me to lean down so I could hear her more easily.

"I love you."  She whispered into my ear.

And that was when I had woke up.  Her words, though spoken through a dream, echoed in my head as I got ready for school, to see her glorious face.


My eyes shot open, my breathing so quick it was almost as if I had just run a mile, or swam a hundred laps.  I had waken like this once every hour of the night, each because of a dream.  I rolled over to look at my alarm clock and found I only had fifteen minutes until it would sound.  I figured I might as well get a head start.

Scenes from the dream that had continuously woken up flew in and out of my thoughts.

Adam and I were standing next to the Cafeteria doors, waiting for Addison yet again.  Then, it was as if I were no longer in control of my words or actions;  I had motioned for him to lean down, closer to my height.

I didn't know what I was going to say until it was already out of my mouth.

"I love you."  I had whispered.

Immediately, I wanted to take the words and stick them in my mouth, for them to have never been said, for me not to humiliate myself.  Part of me expected him to laugh and say "I love both you and Addie."  Another part expected him to just walk away.  His real reaction was not one I had expected.

Adam had kissed the edge of my jaw and with utter seriousness, said "Love you too, hon."

And that's when I woke up, everytime. I got ready for school in a confused daze, pulling on what was supposed to be the day before's outfit.

When I had walked out to the kitchen, there was a note from Mom, yet again stating that the hospital had paged her and she probably wouldn't be home 'til late, if at all.  Apparently, yesterday wasn't going to last.  I hadn't thought it would, but I had still hoped a little bit.

When I looked up, the digits on the clock caught my eye.  Even with the fifteen minute head start, I was still running late.  Quickly, I downed a cup of coffee and grabbed a granola bar to nosh on while I walked to school.


I had gotten to school just as Adam's father was dropping Adam off.  I tried to walk into the school without Adam noticing me, but no such luck.

"Naomi!"  He called, his long strides making him catch up to me quickly.

I looked up at him and blushed.  "Hi, Adam.  Good morning."  Just looking at him made scenes from my dream come back to me, so I averted my eyes after only a moment.

"So... What's up?"  Adam asked, sounding uncomfortable for some reason.

"The sky."

"Smooth, Naomi."  He rolled his eyes at me.

"What?!  It's up, isn't it?"

"Okay, let me try this one, then; how are you?"

"Deep fried and tickled pink."  I replied, just trying to annoy him now.


"Yes, Adam?"  I tried to look him in the eye, but blushed and looked away.

This distracted him.  "Why do you keep doing that?!"  He asked, exasperated.

"Doing what?"  I replied, trying to hide my smirk.

"Everytime you've looked at me today, you've blushed and looked away!  What the hell is up, Naomi?!" 

My smirk disappeared.  I looked up at him and willed myself not to blush, not to remember my dream.  "Nothing, Adam.  You're imagining things."

"You're lying.  I will find out, Naomi."  He narrowed his eyes at me, trying to figure out what I was thinking.

"Come on, we're going to be late."  I said, walking towards Homeroom.


The day was fairly uneventful, except for Addison wasn't there to be my buffer from Adam, and in every class Adam and I had together,  I caught him staring at me, and everytime he noticed that I had, we would both blush and look away.

What are you thinking in that pretty little head of yours, Adam?!  I thought while sitting with him at lunch.  The usually loud time was awkwardly quiet between us.  Something about how his eyebrows were pulled down, creasing his forehead in frustration, told me he had a secret, too.


After walking home from school, I decided to leave a note for Mom -- if she actually came home -- telling her that I was going to Addie's for a little bit.  I had to tell someone my secret that was overwhelming my thoughts, and I certainly couldn't tell Adam!

"Why the hell are you smirking?!"  I snapped, finally letting my annoyance show. 

She looked at me with those all-knowing sky blue eyes of hers and continued to smirk.

"You'll find out soon enough.


I got to Addie's right as Naomi was leaving.  I was suddenly glad I didn't come immediately after school like I had planned.  Something told me Naomi was going to be here...

"Oh, hi Adam."  Naomi smiled sweetly at me, looking at me almost like she had in my dream.

"Hey, Naomi."  I smiled back and walked into Addie's room.

"I see you're not on quarantine, Addie."

"Hi to you too, Adam.  No, epople keep coming in and out, not letting my sleep like everyone did with you and Nao."  Addison said bitterly.

"Speaking of Naomi..."  I mumbled.

"Ah, somehow I knew you were coming to me about her."  She grinned at me.

Slowly, I told her about my dream, and the way Naomi was acting at school.

Addison simply replied:  "This is going to be interesting..."

The End

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