(Re)learning How to Fly, One Day at a Time: Day Five Part ThreeMature


Addison and I walked into Homeroom just before the bell rang, and immediately took our seats. My eyes scanned the room, trying to find Adam. He wasn't there, and neither was Wyatt, but Victoria was.

"This can't be good..." I whispered to Addie, and she shook her head, agreeing with me.

"Blake, Addison?" Miss Stewart said, taking roll call.


Miss Stewart read out a few more names and then she got to me.

"Clifton, Naomi Hope? Are you finally here today?"

"Yes, ma'am." I said, blushing.

"What have I said about calling me ma'am?! I'm not old enough to be called ma'am. If anything other than Miss Stewart or Miss, call me teach!"

"Okay, teach." I said, and the whole class laughed.

Miss Stewart just smiled and continued down the list. "Naomi, Addison, might you know where Mr. Fox is? And Mr. McClure?"

"No, Miss Stewart, we saw them a few minutes ago out in the hallway, but we didn't see where they were going." Addison said, twisting a lock of her vibrant hair.

"Okay then..." Just as Miss Stewart finished roll call, the bell rang to let us go to first period.

"I vote if Adam isn't in our next class we start a search party!" Addie said to me as we exited the room.

"It's probably a good idea, considering both he and.... are missing. Who knows what kind of trouble they're getting into?!"

"Still can't say his name, can you?" Victoria sneered from behind us.

"Oh, apparently Wyatt didn't give you the message! The one saying for both of you to stay the hell away from Addison, Adam, and I." I sneered back.

"And what if I don't?" Victoria said, obviously trying to sound 'scary.'

"Do you really want to push your luck and find out, Icky Vicky?" Addison said, punching her fist into the palm of her other hand.

Victoria just rolled her eyes. "Whatever." Then she walked away.

"Boyfriend stealing slut." I muttered under my breath when I thought she was far enough away.

"I heard that!" She sing-songed.

"Not for long!" I quietly sing-songed back.

"Naomi!!! Don't!" Addison grabbed my arm that was unconsciously moving to grab Victoria's golden curls.

I just looked at Addie. After a moment, I pouted. "You ruin all my fun."

"Normally your fun involves getting in trouble, which you really don't need to be doing."


"Naomi." She said reproachfully.

"Yes mom."

"Good girl. Now hurry, we're going to be late!" Addison pushed me through the door to the Art room.

We both sat at the same little table, the one where Adam usually sat, too. He wasn't there yet. I glanced around the room as I had in Homeroom, hoping that he might just be talking to one of his guy buddies, but he wasn't. And neither was Wyatt. The bell rang and I had a sinking feeling in my stomach.

"This isn't good, Addie!" I whispered as we got our sketchbooks from the shelves.

"Just because they both aren't here doesn't mean they're together and getting in trouble!!" Addie tried to reassure me, and the classroom door opened.

In walked both Adam and Wyatt, both of their heads down, both yielding passes from the office. I caught Adam's wandering gaze, and raised my eyebrows. He just shrugged. Adam walked over and took his seat next to me, quietly setting his supplies down. I flipped open my sketchbook and found a page that I had messed up on; I knew there had been a reason why I never ripped them out.

"Adam, what happened?"

I scrawled sloppily along the edge. He shook his head, not meeting my gaze. "Adam!" He took the charcoal from my hand and scribbled something along the edge. "Later, Naomi, when we can actually talk." I exhaled quietly, but still in a huff, trying not to call attention to myself.

Then, Miss Taylor began her lecture of the day, and I doodled to keep from worrying about what had happened.

Slowly, US History and Biology crept by. It was lunch, and I would finally get some answers.

As I was walking down the hallway to get to the cafeteria, brown bag lunch in hand, I saw a familiar sandy haired boy already standing by the door, staring right at me.

"Hello, Adam." I smiled up at him, the height difference between us was almost comical, for he was six foot two, and I was a mere five foot four.

He broke into a wide grin when he saw that I was at least in a slightly better mood, and the golden flecks in his hazel eyes sparkled. "Hiya, Naomi."

"You promised answers when we could talk, and now we're at a time when we can talk!" I reminded him stubbornly.

"I know, I know. I plan on telling you. Let's just find Addie first, so I don't have to repeat myself." Barely moments later, we saw a single head bobbing up and down in the lunch rush that stuck out from all of the rest; Addie.

"Addie!!! Over here!!" We both yelled, and waved our arms over our heads, acting like the idiots we were.

"Coming!" We heard over the crowd.

She popped up in front of us moments later. "Okey dokey!! I'm heee-re!!!! Do we finally get to know the mysterious reasons why both you and Wyatt showed up late to Art this morning?!"

"That was the plan, Addison."

"Lunch on the courtyard?" I suggested.

We all walked out to the courtyard in back of the school, though neither of them had replied to my suggestion. It was normal for us to sit under the large oak tree in the courtyard during lunch when the weather was nice, and sometimes when it wasn't. The only thing that had changed was that normally there had been four of us. I knew he wasn't going to sit with us again anytime soon, though.

"Tell us!!!" Addie and I both cried out at the same time, earning stares from others around us.

"Both of you, keep it down!" Adam teased. "I was just about to tell you!"

Addie and I both stared at him expectantly, keeping our mouths shut.

"Okay... Well, I was just having a little talk with Wyatt, and we lost track of time."

"Talk? Seriously? That's all you did, sit there and talk and lose track of time?! Bull! What did you two talk about?" I asked as soon as he finished his last sentence.

"Okay, it was more like I talked...." Adam paused.

I raised my eyebrow, knowing he was trying to be vague.

"Fine, I was yelling, and he was actually just standing there just taking it."

Addie crawled over and whispered something in Adam's ear, something I wasn't supposed to hear, but I did anyways. "You yelled at him because of Nao, didn't you?" Adam just nodded solemnly.

I stopped paying attention to the pair of them for a few minutes. Things, tiny little seemingly insignificant moments were coming together. Adam always looking sad when I was around Wyatt, his eyes seeming sorrowful when I had answered whether I still loved Wyatt, he and Wyatt walking into Art late this morning, and now finding out that he had yelled at Wyatt and was late to class because of me, it was just too much. They were adding up to something, but I still couldn't see what that something was.

"Naomi?! Earth to Naomi! Are you alright?!" Adam said, changing from a joking tone to one deathly serious. He waved his long-fingered hand in front of my face, his eyes showing his worry.

"Yeah, I'm fine... I was just... Thinking."

"That's never a good thing. What about?" Addison asked.

"Not right now, Addie." I said, and I hoped she realized I didn't want to talk about it in front of him.

The day slowly crept by, and turned into night....

I still hadn't figured it out yet. But I vowed to myself that I would.

The End

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