(Re)learning How to Fly, One Day at a Time: Day Five Part TwoMature



"No, Naomi, I'm not going to let you skip!"

"Please please pretty please?!"


"Fine." I pouted.

Adam and I were walking to school, only a block or two away from my apartment. Luckily, Adam hadn't forced a pair of shoes along with the outfit, so I was wearing my comfortable black Converse.

"I still can't believe you made me wear this outfit." I muttered; I definitely wasn't a morning person, and normally coffee helped, but the outfit left me bitter.

"Naomi, stop complaining! You look...."

"I look what? Silly? Stupid? Stuck up?"

"No, none of that was what I was going to say...." Adam scratched the back of his head and looked away. I was almost sure I saw him blushing.

"Then what were you going to say, Adam? Spit it out, get it over with!" I said, trying to get him to look at me.

He paused a little longer, and then turned to look me in the eye. "I was going to say you look beautiful..." Adam's cheeks flamed red, and he grinned sheepishly.

"Please tell me you did not just say that." I said in a monotone, and I watched Adam's grin disappear. Okay, maybe he wasn't joking.

"But I did."

I rolled my eyes and smiled, trying to get him to smile again, too. "Thanks, Adam. You really boosted my ego."

"You're welcome." He grinned cockily.

By this time, we were already walking up the steps to the school. I took a deep breath and tilted my chin up as we walked through the front doors. Luckily, I had Adam next to me so I wouldn't rip some little Barbie's head off because she was sneering at me. The luck wore off as soon as I got to my locker, though.

"What do you want, Wyatt?" I asked, my mood getting even more bitter by the second from being in his presence.

But as he leaned against the locker against mine and I resisted the urge to hit him with my locker door, I couldn't help but remember why I had fallen for him in the first place -- well, part of the reason. He stood there in his glory, his "I-don't-care-what-you-think" attitude thick around him, his raven black hair falling slightly into his sharp emerald green eyes. His soft pink lips that I used to love to kiss, twisted into a smirk, his hands in the pockets of his old Levi's.

"I just wanted to see how you were doing." Those cursed green eyes that could make any girl's heart melt looked me up and down, appraising me. A small part of me was gushing as it had before we had broken up, saying 'aww, he still cares about me!!' But the bigger part of me was screaming 'LIAR!! PLAYER!! YOU BROKE MY FRICKING HEART!!'

"Don't do it, Naomi. We're at school, you'll get in trouble for that!" Adam whispered urgently in my ear, and I partially ignored him. I turned to glare at Wyatt, a horrible rage burning like a fire within me.

"I'm going to tell you this once, Wyatt, as a warning. You and your new little girlfriend--"

"Victoria." Wyatt interrupted.

"Yes, Victoria." I smiled, sickly sweet. "Both of you, stay the hell away from me, Adam, and Addie. I'm not going to tell you off, I'm not going to do so many violent things to you that are crossing my mind right now because we are at school. But you come near one of us again and harrass us, you're going to get both of the possibilities I've stated. Am I clear?"

"I thought we were going to try and be friends!" He said, his face suddenly so innocent I knew it was fake.

"Get. The. Hell. Away. From. Me. You. Asshole!!" I glared again and gritted my teeth. Wyatt left quickly enough that I figured he got my point.

"Bravo, Naomi!! Good show!!" Adam said, getting into his locker that was directly next to mine.

I hung my bookbag up in my locker and turned my glare on to him. Suddenly, his thumb was wiping something from my cheek.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"Naomi, hon, you're crying."

"No!! No I'm not!!" I denied, but I lifted my own hand to my cheek. It was damp. "Please tell me I wasn't crying in front of him!"

"You weren't, Naomi." Addison walked up behind us. "I saw the whole thing. They started to fall after he couldn't see."

"Good. He doesn't need to see that."

"Where's Adam going?" Addie suddenly asked.

"What? I don't know."

Addie stared at me for a minute. I got all of my morning supplies out of my locker, and put on some Chapstick.

"What?" I asked, still slightly bitter.

"Naomi, you look hot today! What's with the outfit?"

"Why does everybody keep saying I look hot today?! And Adam picked it out."

"Sometimes I think that boy has to be gay, but then he always changes my mind..." Addie sighed. "And you just look especially hot today, Nao."

The End

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