(Re)learning How To Fly, One Day at a Time, Day FiveMature



Have I ever told you how much I hate alarm clocks?! No? Well, I HATE ALARM CLOCKS!!!!!!

"Okay, you two, I know both of your fevers are gone, so you're going to school today."  Mom said, walking into my room without knocking.

"Mom!"  I whined, not even opening my eyes.

"Naomi Hope, quit your whining and get ready for school!"  She snapped.

Okay, someone's a little.... touchy this morning.  I heard her close the door behind her as she walked back out of my room.

As my thoughts slowly reawakened, I realized something mortifying. My eyes shot open wide.  "Frick. I don't want to go to school!!"  I  sat up and cradled my head in my hands.

Adam sat up too.  "Why not?"

I twisted my neck to look at him and glared.

"Oh..... Never mind..."

I hopped up out of bed.  "Go get some coffee and breakfast or something.  I call the bathroom first."  I said to Adam, then walking to my closet.  I pulled out my favorite three items: my faded navy blue soft fleece zipper hoodie, my bright pink tank top, and my absolute favorite L.E.I. jeans, which looked like most $50 jeans, only they weren't "destroyed" to begin with.

"Please don't tell me you are wearing THAT."  Adam came up behind me and took the clothes from my hands.

"That was the plan.... What else would I do with them?" 

"No no no, honey.  Naomi, that outfit's comfyness and plainess screams I'm sad because I just went through a break up. You want to wear something like this --"  He held up a black and white plaid button down shirt, a black lacy camisole, my ONLY denim skirt and a pair of turquoise leggings that Addie had bought for me last Christmas. "-- to go to school today."

"Okay, first of all, WHY?! Second, did you just make up half of those words, and third, how does that--" I pointed at my original outfit,  "-- not make more sense than that?"  I said and pointed to the outfit he had come up with.

"To answer your questions in order, you don't want to show Wyatt weakness, yes, I did make up a lot of those words, and refer to the first answer for your answer to number three."

"Geez, Adam, I know you're straight but when did you go all wacky with the fashion shit?"

"Love you too, Naomi.  Now go get ready for school so you can knock Wyatt dead.... Literally."  Adam pushed me into the bathroom.

"Oh, ha ha.  I hate you!"


I walked out of the bathroom in the outfit that Adam chose, my hair back in a pony tail.

"There, are you happy now? Now I look like freaking Victoria!"  I said, referring to the school's head cheerleader.

"No, you don't, you look much nicer than Victoria."  Adam walked over to me again, and took out my ponytail.


"Naomi, the ponytail just didn't work with the outfit.  Now that you've left me with hardly anytime to get ready, I'm going to hurry."

"It wasn't my fault!!" I called after him.  "You were the one who handed me these death traps called leggings!!"

I heard him chuckle, and I rolled my eyes.  I gathered my books and walked out of my bedroom, into the kitchen.

Mom was sitting at the island, sipping coffee and reading the paper.  When she looked up, I could tell she had almost spit out her coffee in surprise. "Naomi?!"

"Thanks, Mom.  Very encouraging."  I said sarcastically, pouring myself a mug of coffee.

"Sorry, honey, it's just.... You don't normally wear stuff like that."

"Adam took my original outfit and handed me this one. I would pour my coffee on him but that would be wasting a perfectly good cup of coffee."

She snickered, and I rolled my eyes.  Always on Adam's side, she is...

"Come on, Naomi!! We gotta get going if we don't want to be late!"  Adam said, opening the front door.

"Bye you two!!!!"

Day one of torture begins..... NOW.

The End

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