(Re)learning How To Fly, One Day at a Time; Day FourMature


I woke in a flash of heat, and felt fingers tracing delicate circles on to the small of my back.  I didn't even have to open my eyes to know it was the middle of the night.  I tried to kick the sheets off of me, without much success.

"Too hot."  I whimpered.

"Are you still talking in your sleep or are you actually awake this time?!" Adam whispered.  I could feel his warm breath tickling my ear.

"Awake."  I mumbled.  "Still too hot."

The tracing of circles stopped, and I felt the blankets being lifted off of us.  "Is that any better?"  He chuckled quietly.

"Yes.  Much."  I opened my eyes and peeked over Adam's shoulder at my alarm clock.  Just as I thought, three in the morning.  "And what were you talking about?!  I do NOT talk in my sleep!"

"You don't.... normally talk in your sleep.  There have been occasions where both Addie and I have heard you talk in your sleep though.

"Prove it, then!  What was I saying?"  I snapped, the time catching up with me.

"You complained about how your mom rarely comes home from the hospital and you...... you mumbled a little about Wyatt."  Adam said quietly, hesitantly.

I tired to keep my emotions under control, to sound indifferent, though it didn't work very well.  "What.... What did I say about Wyatt?"  Just saying his name sent a stab of searing pain through me.

I watched Adam's hazel eyes harden just the slightest bit.  "You mumbled something about missing him.... and that you still..... love him. Naomi, is that true?"

"I -- I don't -- I mean -- I.... yeah."  I stumbled over my words, trying to find the truth.  Without notice, hot, salty tears rolled down my cheeks.

"Sorry.  I had to ask."  Adam whispered, and I thought it almost sounded sorrowful?  I wasn't for sure though, and he began to stroke my long dark brown hair.

"It's fine, Adam."  I whispered back, and nuzzled my head back into his chest and hoped that sleep would overcome me.

When I woke again, there was bright sunlight streaming through my gauzy window curtains, and Adam was nowhere in sight.  I wandered into the kitchen, the center of my apartment. On the counter top, there was a note from my mother. 

"Naomi Hope and Adam,

I'm sorry, but the hospital paged me around eleven last night.  I probably won't be home until around that time tonight.  You both know how to take care of yourselves, and I have already taken care of the school.  Mrs. Schneider is right down stairs if you need anything.


Doctor Clifton"

I sighed.  "Love you too, Mom."

I sat on one of the stools next to the counter, and looked around my apartment.  Truthfully, it was a loft, not just an ordinary apartment.  Mom had enough money to buy us a house, but it was only the two of us, so she figured we didn't need that much space.  And sometimes it was like I lived alone.  The loft was spacious, still more room than the two of us needed.  The floors were bamboo, the only exception being my room, which had a soft turquoise blue shag rug covering most of the floor that wasn't covered by furniture.  The few walls that there were were either painted off-white or were exposed brick, and the furniture was simple and arranged in clusters.   It saddened me that I had all this space to myself most of the time, so I normally stuck to staying in my room.

"You're finally up, are you?"  Adam said, walking through the door to my apartment.  It was obvious by his heavy breathing that he had just got back from running, and his bare chest, basketball shorts, and running shoes only added to the obvious.

"What the hell, Adam?!  Doc told us to stay here!"  I snapped, and repeated what Addie had done the day before; smacked him on the back of his head.

"No, she told us we weren't going to school. That we had fevers.  Naomi, put your hand on my forehead."  Adam smirked, though he was rubbing the back of his head where I had hit him.

I gently placed my hand on his forehead.  It felt normal. "What the?! What happened to your fever?!"  I asked, resisting the urge to smack him again.

"I woke up and took my temperture with the little dooflocky thing that your mom used and I was back to normal. Ninety eight IS normal, right?"  Adam suddenly looked unsure.

"Yes, it is normal, Adam. Take my temperture, would ya?"  I said, removing my hand from his forehead and rubbing my temples with my fingers.

He took the instant read thermometer from next to the note; I must have overlooked it before, and placed it on my forehead.

"Your temperture is back down, too.... Huh, I wonder why we even had fevers in the first place?"

"I don't know.  Now what are we going to do all day?"

"Definitely not going to school, that's for sure."  He replied, smiling.

I glanced at the clock on the microwave.  Noon.  "Yeah, there would really be no use in going anyways.  Wanna go get something to eat?"

"Sure. Where, might I ask? Though I do have a feeling I already know..."

"Cracker Barrel."  I grinned.

"That was way too much food to eat after not eating hardly anything for twenty four hours!"  Adam complained, placing a hand on his stomach and flopping back on a couch.

"Yeah, but it tasted really good!"  I flopped down on to one of the armchairs next to him.

"Was it really worth it though?"

"Yes!!! We had to eat something anyways!!" My stomach growled with the satisfaction fo being fed.  "Ugh, carb overload though.  Getting ready to pass out again in three.... two..."  We both yawned.


The End

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