(Re)Learning How To Fly, One Day at a Time: Day ThreeMature


Both Adam and Addison stayed the entire weekend with me, and I had put the entire Wyatt fiasco in the back of my mind....

That was, until this morning.

"C'mon, Adam, Naomi!  It's Monday, that means we have to go to school!"  Addie sing-songed.

"Damn morning people!"  Adam muttered next to me.

"Hate early.  Must kill early."  I said sleepily, barely opening my eyes.

But they sure shot open when I realized that my head was cradled to Adam's chest, our arms around each other again.  That had happened the past four times that he and Addie had slept over!

"Get up, you two!  We have to go to school!"  Addie quit sing-songing to snap at us.

School! I internally groaned.  I exhaled in a huff and rolled away from Adam.

I stood up quickly and my visilon blurred.  As I fell back on to my bed, I could feel my heart throbbing in my head, and I had to close my eyes to keep from becoming nauseous, though it didn't help much.

"Addie!"  I groaned.  "School's a no-go for me!"

"Naomi, are you just saying that so you won't have to see Wyatt?"  I could tell by her tone that her hands were on her hips.

"No, I seriously feel awful.  But thanks for bringing it up!"  I opened my eyes enough for her to see that I was glaring at her.

I watched her walk from the doorframe over to me and place her hand on my forehead.  "Hmmm, you are a little warm.  I'll get you some water and some Tylenol.  You aren't going to school."

"No duh!  And thank you, mom."  I said, bitingly sarcastic.

"You're welcome.  Text me if you need me."

"Addie?"  I said, and motioned for her to come closer.  "Slap the shit out of Wyatt if he think's that he's the reason I'm not at school!"  I whispered.

"Can do, Naomi."  Addison walked to the other side of my bed and smacked Adam on the back of the head.  "Come ON, Adam!"

"I don't feel good either."  He mumbled.

Addie sighed in exasperation.  "Fine. Bye, both of you. I'll have my phone on me.  Stay beautiful."  She walked out of my bedroom, and then my apartment, her long vibrant red hair swaying behind her.

I grabbed the two little pills and the water Addie had put on my night stand and downed them.

Slowly, I fell back asleep...

"Naomi Hope!  You better be in this apartment and have a fever!"  I heard my mother yell from the door to our apartment.  She slammed my bedroom door open, causing both Adam and I to shoot straight up.  Luckily, we were on opposite sides of the bed this time.

"Mom, please, not so loud.  My head is already killing me."  I said, cringing at the volume of my own words.

"Oh!  I'm sorry honey!"  She whispered, coming to kneel next to me.  She placed one of her cold doctors' hands against my forehead as Addie had hours earlier.  "Oh my!  You're burning up!  Have you taken your temperture?!"

"No, mom.  I've barely even moved this morning."

"Well, I'm going to take it.  And why is Adam here?"

You would know if you actually came home a little more often. I bitterly thought to myself.

"He and Addie spent the night again and he didn't feel too well this morning, either."

Mom reached over me and placed a hand on Adam's forehead, too.  "Goodness!  You definitely have a fever, too, Adam!"

"Good morning to you too, Doc."  Adam replied, sounding so tired that I couldn't hear the sarcasm that just had to be somewhere in his voice.

"It's definitely a good thing I came home from the hospital."  I heard my mom whisper, and I knew she didn't mean for either of us to hear it.

No dip! I wanted to say to her, but didn't.

Mom went and got her instant read thermometer-- a cool little thing, considering you just place it on your forehead instead of sticking it underneath your tongue.

"It's over 102, Naomi.  You're staying home again tomorrow."  Mom said a moment or two after placing it on my forehead. She then moved over to Adam.  "Holy frick!"  Adam, you're staying here! I'm going to go call your mom and tell her you're here and how high your fever is."  She walked out of my room again.

"Thanks, Doc."  Adam said, then turned to me and rolled his eyes so she couldn't see it.

"Great.  We're both sick.  I bet Addison will be, too!"  I groaned.

"Nao, look at it this way.  It's another day with no classes and we both don't have to see Wyatt."  Adam tried to say cheerfully.

"Thanks for reminding me, Adam."  I glared at him.

"Oops!  Sorry, Naomi!"

"Forget it, I'm going back to sleep.  Is it just me or is it freezing in here?!"  I said, closing my eyes.

"Naomi, we both have fevers.  Of course we're cold!  Roll over here if you want to get warmer."  I knew he was rolling his eyes.

"Ugh, whatever, Adam!  I just want to get warm enough to fall back asleep!"  I rolled over next to him.

He wrapped his arms around me like they had been when we had originally woken up this morning.

I almost protested, but something inside me told me if I would just shut up I would fall asleep faster.

And guess what?  I did.

The End

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