This particular writing is not a story it is more like just my thoughts on Relationships! The story telling will come in time but since im just getting started i will write about Relationships first!

As a young girl i always wanted to be in a Relationship, for what? I never truly knew myself but apart of me loved it. Well until the heartache came and the tears fell it wasn't such a joy then! Once, my feelings got deeper i was a wreck! Not knowing my lefts from right and just overall losing sight of my life in a man. Getting rapped up in what that certain person wanted i totally forgot about myself, my needs, what i wanted out of life!

How could that possibly be? How could someone so smart and so full of potential let a man decide weither or not she was going to have a good day? The questions could go on for days but why i left that control my life, i would never know? But what i do know is that i found a way out of the maze that the Relationship had brought me through.

The maze represents the ups and downs that come with a relationship. Theres the good times and theres the bad, but when u give a man the Power and let him decide everything you lose you voice. For someone who loves to speak their mind loses their voice! You know something is wrong. But that's exactly what happens to us young females who fall in lust and think it's love changing our ways for a man and doing things out of the ordinary just because he wants it or he thinks it's best.

Ladies! lets stop the curse now and stand up for ourselves. Let that person know your standards and the things YOU want from him. If he can't respect the things that you want then TRUST when i tell you that person isn't for you. Even if this results in telling that person you want to wait until your married to have sex, that is a big step and may seem impossible for some people but living without it until marriage can eliminate a lot of problems that may come in the future.

And NO! my intentions are not to look down on a man but is just to open your eyes and let you know not to change who you are for a man just to feel wanted. Yes! it's lonely sometimes when you can't find a man to abide by your standards BUT they key to it all is stop trying to look for a man.

When the time is right God will allow this person to come to you, sometimes us women look for something and attract the wrong person and then end up with a stalker who knows your favorite clothing stores and where you love to hang out. Just never lower your standards for a man also, this can create a problem that many people don't want. Ladies! we should want the best for ourselves and nothing less so treat yourself as if your a queen and a man has to always put his best foot forward to step to you.

Don't stoop to his level so that you two can be on the same page...Bull! DONT DO IT! once, you've stooped to their level they feel they've won you. Always make them chase you, ain't nothing wrong with a little chase. This allows you to see how far this person will go to get you. I remember a saying from the movie called "The Seat Filler" The leading role was played by Kelly Rowland and she told the Seat filler "My father always said, find a man that will make a fool out of himself for you and you'll find a Love for a Lifetime."

So, see where his mind is! Make him think about romantic things to say to you. Don't always be alert when he call, make him wait! Don't answer the phone, call back 5min later saying "Hi! I didn't hear my phone ring i was in the other room." This way the man can have time to stop, think, and reflect on what your doing and thinking about why you didn't answer the phone. So ladies my overall advice on Relationships is Be Honest and never change who you are for someelse even if you love that person. Changing who you are can result in losing you bestfriends or your parents having nothing to do with you. Think about all that i Say and i assure you that you will get far in your Relationship.

Love Troyniesha Terrance

The End

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