Relational EntropyMature

I think they both could have married better. They definitely could have married worse.

Janet wore a white dress, her wedding dress. Tom could see that she was beautiful. When Tom took her hand in his he heard the preacher say, "Thomas and Janet have decided, much to my dismay, to say their own vows rather than the vows written for them by God."

Tom choked and his chest felt bound. He looked to his left and saw the preacher standing expectantly. "I um, I-huah." were the only words he could muster in what to him felt like it may be his final breath.

"Did you forget your vows?" Janet asked through her teeth.

Tom didn't speak.

"You didn't even write them did you!" Janet spitted the words at him her face morphing into a less attractive version of it's former self.

Tom looked at the preacher for help, but no help was found. His heart sped, "I'm sorry."

"Sorry? You're sorry? All you ever say is sorry, but nothing ever changes, NOTHING!" Janet's mouth was fierce and she seemed to be bathed in red light. Tom tried to step back but she kept advancing on him. "You are never going to amount to anything. You are absolutely worthless!" Janet's frame grew in every step until she was looking down from far above him. "I hate you! I hate you! I HATE-" Janet screamed waking Tom from his nightmare. "-YOU!"

Tom's unfocused eyes scanned the room but all he could see was the image of his wife standing over his bed. "Janet? What are you doing?"

Janet didn't respond, she just stood there, paralyzed.

"What in the FUCK are you doing?" Tom asked reasonably.

Slowly Janet replied, "My therapist said I should try being honest with you, but you make that extremely difficult for me. So, I yell at you while you sleep."

Tom eyes lit up as he screamed, "You are fucking crazy!"

Janet burst into tears and left the room. The irregular sounds of her lamenting soothed Tom's mood and as he settled back into his bed he could faintly hear the sound of a phone dialing. "Please, please have her divorce me," Tom prayed to no god in particular and then, aided by the whale like song coming from the living room, fell asleep.

The End

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