Rose was the first one to notice that something was off about the situation. While YURA cheered, a group of strong-looking men and women silently entered the room. Rose looked around at them and realized that Mark was about to rain on YURA's parade. She tapped Jacob's shoulder, and when he looked around, the people stepped forward and grabbed YURA from behind. She was the only one who remained free. Mark smiled a sneaky, dastardly smile.

'Of course, I can't have anyone criticizing my system again after I alter it to your advice. Surely you understand that a visit to the Showers is inevitable?' he said. Then, he turned to Reizele.

'And you, my dear, are the result of a highly successful experiment.' He snapped a photograph of Reizele with an antique digital camera on his desk. 'Your face will be on the front page of every newspaper in the city. However, at this point, I have no use for you. Therefore, I will send you back.'

His dastardly smile turned into an even more dastardly grin as he said:

'I can't guarantee you that you will arrive back in the 21st century, though. But whether you do or not is not my concern.'

A man in a white lab coat took Rose by the arm, and Mark waved as the government workers led away YURA and Reizele.

So it turns out this is all it will ever be, Rose thought to herself, as she looked at Jacob. That's honestly too bad. I had hoped that maybe there would be a place for us somewhere in time. Jacob looked back at her. It was clear that he was thinking the same thing. There was definitely something there, even though they had only known each other for less than half a day now.

The group entered an elevator, and Rose saw that Medea and Cog were holding hands. They are so lucky. They know that they have found the one. It's just like me to decide that my own 'the one' should live several centuries ahead of me, she thought.

The elevator came to a sudden halt, and two muscular men and one equally muscular woman walked in, leading Pen and her parents in. As soon as Pen spotted Reizele, she started to prattle frightenedly.

'Rose, Rose, they got us, I'm so sorry I didn't help you more, they got us,' she said.

Rose hugged her and assured her that everything was going to be alright. Pen sobbed like a little child, until the elevator stopped again, and the muscular people shoved the group out. It looked like they had arrived at the lowest level, far underneath the streets of London. It was very cold, unnaturally clean, and the corridors were painted a very sharp white colour that made Rose feel like she was walking through a white void. Could this be what death feels like? she wondered. The only elements that gave the impression of humanity were the sleek metal door handles that stuck out of what looked like blank wall every once in a while.

All this time, Rose held Pen's hand, whispering whatever she could to comfort the still sobbing girl from time to time. The corridor made a sudden turn and Rose almost ran into a wall when Lab Coat, who was walking in front of her, suddenly disappeared to her right. As she turned to continue following him she wondered how nobody else suffered multiple head traumas here, in a corridor which was so white, so abstract. It felt sinister in a society that, to Rose, was less sinister than her own.

Finally, after what felt like an hour of walking, the lighting and the texture of the corridor changed. Everything was still perfectly white, but now, you could see wires running across the ceiling and the walls. They looked like they had only been added recently. Rose started to feel like they were finally arriving somewhere. She was right. The white wall to her left suddenly stopped and gave way to glass. Through the glass wall, Rose could see a room full of strange machines, wires and liquids. Lab Coat pulled her out of the group and away from Pen, pushed her into the room and put her on a platform. He proceeded to tap a series of buttons on the machines around him as Rose watched the rest of the group being ordered on. Then Lab Coat turned to her.

'Have a nice trip,' he said in an unpleasant, scratchy voice.

He pushed one last button. As everything started to whir around her, the last thing that Rose saw was Jacob sprinting back into her vision with guards gaining on him, shattering a glass wall, and jumping through the barrier of light that seperated them. His strong arms wrapped themselves around her, and everything went white.

The End

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