Mark ModesteMature

Rose stood in front of the dictator of the United Kingdom in 107 After Rebirth.

Mark Modeste turned out to be a bent old man, with snow-white hair, bright blue eyes that seemed to contain infinite wisdom, and a very elegant little moustache. He reminded Reizele of her grandfather. Then again, she thought, he probably reminds everyone of their grandfather.

'Welcome, dear Rose, to our world. I had hoped to accomodate you myself, but I see that the accomodation you received was not much worse than what I could have offered,' he said.

Reizele nodded, uncertain of what to answer and how to behave. Mark continued:

'I take it that a young lady, Penelope Rosewood, helped you around before you met my young rebels, is that correct?'

Again, Reizele nodded. Mark knew already: what difference would it make if she started protecting the girl who abandoned her as soon as she learned how dangerous she was? Then again, it was alright. Rose wasn't sure she would have acted differently if she were in Pen's shoes.

'I shall speak to Penelope myself later. Don't worry, no harm shall come to her,' Mark assured Rose. Then, he turned to YURA.

'And what was it you wanted to discuss?' he asked.

Jacob looked around at the circle of friends gathered around him. Rose spotted some of the fire in his eyes that she had seen after they had made love. He started to explain to Mark what they thought of his system, of the oppression, of the Showers of the nature of which Rose still knew nothing, of the lack of freedom in the country. At some points he almost literally repeated Rose's words about Marxism. He proposed some solutions to the problems he himself put forward. All in all, it was quite an impressive performance. All this time, Modeste leaned on his table and silently listened to what Jacob was telling him, occasionally asking one or two questions. When Jacob finished talking, Mark looked at Reizele and winked.

'I think you all to be very brave to finally stop burning down items of national heritage and coming to see me in person,' he said.

Gemma looked like she was about to explode. Mark smiled at her and before she could say anything, he continued:

'Gemma, my dear, you look like a bulldog when you get angry. Save that pretty face, won't you? I wasn't finished. I accept all of your comments on my system, and I promise to do something about the problems you addressed.'

The joy that erupted from YURA was unbelievable. Gemma was pumping her fist in the air, Andrew shouted something incomprehensible, and Medea and Cog even managed to sneak in a very enthusiastic hug. The look of triumph on Jacob's face was amazing. How could he have known that it wouldn't last?

The End

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