While Gemma, Anne and Andrew were out to get food for Rose and YURA, Medea, Cog, Jacob and Reizele herself stayed in the attic. Medea and Cog, who, as it turned out, were a couple, snuck into the other offices in the Liz to scavenge documents and anything important they could find. Reizele and Jacob stayed behind. Jacob started to sweep away some of the litter on the floor as Reizele sat on the sofa, still looking at the door through which Medea and Cog had just disappeared.

'They're so cute together,' said Reizele.

'Yes, they are,' Jacob said with a smirk.

Rose looked at him. He was so attractive, even with that ridiculous smirk.

'Excuse me, I believe someone stepped into your face, or something,' she said.

Jacob laughed and relaxed his face.

'Yeah. It's the fact that they're a couple,' he said with a hint of bitterness in his voice.

'May I ask why? Is their being a couple a problem for you?' Reizele asked.

Jacob sighed, put away his broom and sat down across Reizele.

'Before you start to think things that you shouldn't think, no, I'm not jealous, Medea is my cousin and Cog is too old of a friend for me to see him in that way,' he started. He looked at Rose and smiled gently, as if thinking of something entirely different. He came to sit next to her, turned his torso towards her and continued:

'The problem is that they are a couple. Unmarried couples aren't exactly illegal here, but they're not okay either, and you need to be married to be allowed public displays of affection. Medea and Cog, well, they're very affectionate, and I'm afraid that might cause trouble for us someday. See?'

Rose looked up into his eyes, bit her lip and nodded. His face was close to hers. She could easily count the tiny little dark freckles on his straight nose. From this distance she could also see that his skin was smooth and soft and he didn't even have anything to shave yet, and she allowed herself to think that he might be slightly younger than her, even though at first she thought he was older. His lips were soft and red. If she wanted to, she could kiss him now, and he would like it. She suddenly realised that she did want to. Back in the London of her time, she was infamous for breaking a heart a day, and her landlady wasn't even surprised anymore when every morning, a different young man left her appartment. Alright, maybe she wouldn't sleep with Jacob, Rose thought, she still had some dignity, and she'd only met him. But he looked scrumptious. So she gently smiled, moved a little closer, put one hand on his knee and pressed her lips to his.

It lasted. It was a nice, lasting kiss. He didn't pull back, or push her away. He smiled under her kiss and put his arms around her, trying to appear strong, secure and confident, but Rose could feel his knee quivering under her hand.

When she finally let go, Jacob was blushing. Why was he so adorable? He was shaking all over now, too. He was so nervous, it warmed Reizele's heart, with a pleasant, tickly warmth that spread throughout all of her body. In an instant, she saw that Jacob wanted more. She stood up, pulled him up with her, and when he understood that she intended to fulfill his wish, he kissed her again, took her hand, and led her to a little nook full of important-looking documents that was hidden behind the fridge. There, Rose let herself fall down on the stack of papers, and she pulled him onto her.

He quivered softly the whole time, though he tried not to. Still, it felt so much better than with any of the big-headed assholes Rose had had before.

The End

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