'So what, I'm supposed to tell you about how amazing the society I live in used to be?' Reizele asked.

'Well, yes,' Jacob said.

The group looked at Reizele, their eyes full of hope. Reizele, in turn, looked at the ground. How could she tell them that, despite the fact that their society was, in her eyes, a dictatorship, life in her own society was chaotic, unpleasant, dirty, and unfair compared to here? She had heard things here from Pen and from them that were very suspicious and made her wonder how on earth they even worked when combined with the natural diversity in the minds of humans. The people that she had seen here looked happy. Did they even know they weren't exactly free? Would their lives be better if they did? The things that were constantly promoted in both liberal and social democracy, such as respect, empathy, selflessness, creativity and hard work seemed to come naturally here, but this system was in no way democratic. Still, Marx would probably have been delighted at the mere thought of the possibility of a system like this one, while Locke could power a whole city from rolling in his grave right now.

Still, what could she do? Even though this system didn't seem as horrible to Reizele as it did to YURA, they did have the right to know about freedom. So she told them as much as she possibly could without judgement. She explained the concept of liberalism, to a certain extent: as a Medicine student, she didn't know everything, and not everything interested her. The young people sucked up every word like greedy human-sized sponges, and Cog even started taking notes at some point. Reizele finished talking about liberalism and started to tell them about socialism, the system she knew most about, the system that appealed to her most. She underlined important differences between Modeste's rule and Marx's socialism, as well as parallels. She explained why she agreed with Marx and, carefully, why she agreed with Modeste too, as far as she could with the little knowledge she had of him. When she finally stopped talking, the silence in the room was smothering. She looked around.

'Did I say something wrong?' she asked.

Jacob scratched his head.

'No, you told us what we wanted to know,' he said.

'It's not what we wanted to hear though, partly, because it does sound a bit like your system was failing itself and humanity,' Cog piped up, carefully.

'It was, that's why I disagree with it,' Reizele said, nodding.

Gemma stood up so abruptly that she almost tripped over herself.

'But it was free,' she said.

'It was free, the people were free, and there was no Mark Modeste!'

The End

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