A smile crossed Pen's face.

'Wow, your concussion must be really bad,' she said, giggling.

'Why?' Reizele asked her, confused. What had she done wrong? 'Fuck'?

'Nobody uses fuck as a swear anymore, you idiot. Last time I heard fuck was when our class asked the history teacher to teach us some really, really old swears, 4 years ago,' Pen said.

'Oh,' Rose said. So it was 'fuck' after all, 'sorry!'

Pen giggled again.

'It's okay. Gob, here's me, thinking I'm foul-mouthed, with my "gob", and "pout", and "cork", but no, you still use "fuck". That's something to tell my parents,' she answered.

At that precise moment, they heard the voice of a man that seemed to come from all around the room.

'Tell us what?' it said.

Pen smiled excitedly as Rose turned around frantically, trying to find the source of the man's voice. It turned out to be the voice of a middle aged man who was projected on the wall behind her back. Pen's dad, she guessed.

'Tell us what, Penelope?' the man asked again.

'Rose, this is my father. Dad, this is Rose, she has a concussion,' Pen said.

The father's face turned to Rose. They exchanged their nice to meet yous, after which he asked her to call him Mike, and turned back to Pen.

'So what were you going to tell us?' said a woman whose face appeared next to Mike's.

'My mum, Milla,' Pen whispered to Reizele. Then she looked up and said:

'We were talking about swears, Rose uses really old swears. Remember when I came home from Mr. Forks's class and I knew all these archaic swears, like "fuck" and stuff?'

Mike and Milla looked at each other and laughed.

'You bet, kid. Oh well, it's probably the concussion,' Milla said.

Pen smiled at her parents and they smiled at her.

'Well, there wasn't actually a reason for us to call, we just missed you and wanted to check up,' Mike said.

'Oh, okay, I miss you too,' said Pen.

Milla kissed Mike on the cheek and waved at Reizele and Pen.

'Bye baby,' the parents said, and the wall went offwhite again.

Pen turned to Rose, who was smiling.

'Penelope?' she asked.

'Yeah,' she said, 'my parents are historians, they study really, really, really ancient history - we're talking 4000, 5000 years ancient here. And Penelope was a really nice Hellenic name so they called me that.'

'So, we do really have very nice people in our country... you know, with parents and children that are nice to each other, helping people in trouble, and stuff,' Reizele said, carefully.

Pen didn't hesitate even for a second.

'Yes. Yes, we definitely do.'

The End

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