'Here you go,' Pen said, handing Reizele a mug of steaming hot something.

She thanked her and clasped the mug in her hands. As Pen took the time to find herself a chair, she looked around the room they were in. Pen had brought her to the house where she lived with her parents. Every room in the average-sized house was painted a particular colour and was entirely voice operated. Pen had explained that should she, for instance, want to watch television while struggling with her bowels in the lavatory, she could simply whisper 'activate television' and the television in that specific room would offer her entertainment. Besides that, every room was equipped with built-in chairs, one extra bed and a shower, as well as some minor accessories. This room, supposedly the living room, was entirely offwhite. There was a couch in it, as well as a clearly antique dinner table with six chairs. Besides that, there were photographs projected on several parts of the walls.

'So, now I can answer any questions you have as a consequence of your - what was it, a concussion? Well, shoot,' Pen said.

'Yes, a concussion,' said Reizele, rubbing her head to appear more truthful.

'You said this is the year 107 After Rebirth. What Rebirth?' She took a sip from her mug. The drink tasted sweet, almost repulsively so. She forced herself to swallow, glad that Pen wasn't watching. Meanwhile, her companion sighed.

'It's only because you have your concussion thing and I have a history test on this next week that I'm reciting this stuff for you... Okay. So basically, humankind was nearly extinct due to some gob-up - pardon my language - by several countries around the world, who went and used biological weapons and whatnot to exterminate half the world. That was around, I think, 2090 OD, Olden Days. Then there was a period of chaos and people killing each other and stealing to stay alive. Lots of rape, too, so baby boom, and umm...'

Here Pen stopped, thought for a minute, and looked at Reizele.

'You starting to remember anything?' she asked.

'No, I'm honestly not, please continue,' Reizele answered impatiently.

'Gob, this is just so hard, I really don't know this so well, I'm better at ancient history. I know that the first man to land on the moon was Neil Armstrong, in 1969 OD. But, whatever, doesn't matter. So during that period of chaos there was one man who decided, here in the former United Kingdom, that there had been just about enough rape and murder, so he dropped his name and started to call himself by his pen name Mark Modeste. He gathered his friends and other people who were sick of the chaos, and together they organised masses of people to rebuild cities and bring back structure into the society. Now, we've put an end to pollution, everyone agrees on how we should survive on this planet, everyone lives in homes like these, there are no poor people, and everyone is generally happy, thanks to Mark,' Pen finished with a smile.

She looked at Rose. But there was only one thing Rose could say now.


The End

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