Reine de Marionnettes


Saipan stared at her reflection in the mirror. Something put her off doing so, but at the same time, it forced her to meet her own icy blue eyes.

'Your past helping.' Frey, her brother whispered in her ear snidely. She looked up at him, anger rose in her chest as she looked at his smug face.

'And why is that?'Saipan asked coldly.

'Well, look at you. Your pale skin, dark circles. All due to those dolls you refuse to leg go of.' He sighed, mocking concern.

'They wont let me throw them away.' She said quietly. Looking at her freezing, bare toes.

'What do you mean? Stop acting like a little kid, Saipan! Your thirteen and a princess.'

'I didn't ask for royal blood.'

'Neither did I, but I still get one with things. Your neglecting your duties as princess of Eltristen.' His voice rose to a shout, his loathing for the petite girl showing through.

Frey was only fifteen and soon to be the king of Eltristen. The greatest kingdom in the whole of New Earth; and he was positive that the first thing he'd do was make it an official order to confiscate those immature dolls. They were the root of all his problems!

'I don't have any proper duties,' Saipan smiled faintly, 'mother said that it's the duty to smile and wave and look pretty.'

'That's exactly the part you play! And it would help that even more so if the only smiling things the public can see of you, are paintings! And the artist had to paint it on themselves!' Frey snarled, 'I wont have you dallying about any longer! You will attend tonight's court meeting!'

And on that note, Frey stormed out of Saipan's bedroom. And as he slammed the door, it sent tremor's throughout the room; causing her mirror to fall off the wall and smash into thousands of little pieces.

Saipan didn't even flinch as it did so, this had happened so many times already, she wondered if she should even ask for a new mirror.

'You should let us make it impossible to break.' A quiet, honey-sweet voice laughed softly.

'Where would be the fun in that? I enjoy watching brother get scolded.' Saipan muttered, running a hand through her long black hair.

'You really dislike him that much? If so, why not kill him?' A second voice -male- asked, morbidly curious.

'I often ponder over that, but I've come to the conclusion that I'd love to see our kingdom fall in to ruin due to his foolishness. And there's the fact, that if he "died", I'd have to unwillingly claim the throne and be a bride.'

'You are such a lazy person.'

'Oh, that's rich coming from you!' Saipan snorted, 'it's fine to come out now.You don't have to keep hiding; I'm locking the door.'

'Not that that would stop Frey from barging in again like last time.'

'He still thinks I play with you, so it's fine if you just stay still.' Saipan shrugged.

Saipan sat on the floor, her legs crossed as she waited for the seven of them to come out. A faint smile crossed her face as the first came out.

'Gluttony! Your so slow!' An angry female voice called from under the bed.

'Don't call me by that crude name, Sloth!'

'Stop arguing,' a smooth, calm voice called out, 'it's hurting my ears.'

Soon, all seven of Saipan's "minion's" were assembled in front of her, staring up at her with their glassy eyes expectantly.

Seven tiny bodies...

Seven Sins...

Seven living dolls...

'Quel est votre commande,Reine de Marionnettes?'

The End

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