Reincarnation of Religion

    Mary was reading her bible quietly in the communion when a powerful almighty voice filled her ears and took over her concentration. The voice had a certain familiarity to it, it reminded her of a high powered being, much like God. Although, no one has ever heard the actual voice of God, so she based her judgement off of characteristics of God she read about in the bible.

    Mary sat down her bible in a slow nervous manner, unknowing of the potential apparition among her. Then in a quiet frightened voice she responded back to the anonymous call. The thunderous voice spoke again; it was the kind of voice you could picture someone from without ever seeing them. It was bone chilling.

    All the windows flew open and bright transparent light beamed through the shutters simultaneously. Mary was paralyzed in fear, so she prayed. She said "Dear Lord, please keep me safe, and give me the strength to overcome any situation I will be faced with, Amen." She stood back up curiously and looked around. The room was empty, but she felt the presence of someone around her. The voice spoke again and said "You are safe Mary". Mary half fainted and fell into her chair, frightened and overwhelmed. "Who are yo--" She tried yelling out but stopped as her chair began to rise. She was floating in the air going through the mystic beams of light. Mary shrieked "What is happening to me!" The voice responded back "you are the mother of Jesus; Mary" Mary opened her eyes wide in shock and all she seen was clouds around her. "Am I in heaven?" She asked shyly. The voice responded, "yes Mary, but more importantly; you are home".

The End

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