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Everyone who had gone to the party had waited at eight for the lecture off the head. Students were falling asleep with boredom. I heard my stomach grumbling from the smell of bacon and sausages being cooked for breakfast so tasty.

Ms Webster droned on about underage drinking and the consequences for staying up so late blah, blah, blah….

The lecture lasted for half an hour. I had to suffer through half an hours’ worth of scowls from students who would rather be asleep than listen to a repetitive lecture.

After the lecture had finished she had told me to join Aric and Maur in her office. A private telling off, great.

‘It was irresponsible of you Jazz to host such a party,’ she barked as she sat down in her office chair. ‘What were you thinking?’

‘I was thinking it was my birthday and we deserved to have some fun,’ I replied calmly.

‘And did you have it authorized by me or a member of faculty?’

‘No, no I didn’t,’ I muttered.

‘Well why did you do it then?’ she asked with the fakest smile I had ever seen.

‘I didn’t think I would need permission to throw a birthday party.’

‘We have a contract with the council for an 11pm noise curfew,’ she snapped. ‘If we break it we could risk the school shutting down.’

‘I’m sorry I didn’t know,’ I replied bringing out my innocent charm I possessed.

She looked at me and I could tell she was giving in.

‘Fine, as your punishment you will have to re organise the library,’ she decided. ‘You too, Aaron.’ She looked at Aric I forgot he was even in the room. ‘Matt you can clean every toilet in the school apart from the student’s personal ones.’

I could not decide who had the worst punishment, him, or me.

‘How long do we have to be in the library for?’ I asked not wanting to waste a Sunday in school.

‘Until it is done, but I want it done by 11pm, if it isn’t then I will find you a more challenging punishment next weekend.’

‘Yes mam,’ I said getting ready to leave the office. Aric was still not even willing to move, she noticed it too.

‘Is there a problem Mr Baines?’ She asked leaning forward.

‘I think Matt should get a more challenging punishment since he started the fight.’ Aric insisted with no hint of amusement on his face.

‘Oh really, are my punishments not satisfying you Mr Baines?’

‘Aaron just let it go,’ I warned.

‘Not when it concerns him they don’t’ he replied completely ignoring me.

‘Would you rather Matt join you in the library?’ She asked pressing her lips into a hard line.

‘No thanks,’ he replied without hesitation.

‘Well then I suggest you join Miss McKenzie in the library, you have a lot of work to do,’ She pointed to the door.

Aric scrapped his chair back angrily and stormed out the office.

I gave her an apologetic smile and followed him, leaving Maur and her alone.



In the library, Aric continued his bad mood he was chucking books across the room it was getting on my nerves.

‘ARIC!’ I shouted louder than a human could possibly. He looked at me and seemed shocked I used my goddess shout.

‘What?’ He replied utterly pissed off.

‘What is up with you?’ I asked irritated by his attitude.

‘That prick, Maur, he gets away with murder.’

‘I thought you and Maur were best friends, more than that brothers?’

‘I thought so too until he betrayed me, he turned dark, I know I’m dark but what controls him is worse much worse he would’ve had to make a deal with devil to be that evil.

‘You really believe he is the evil you say he is?’

‘200% no doubt, he has even shown it to me, right after you left when you caught me and Jade, you know,’ he hung his head in shame.

‘Yeah I know, but if you want me to believe you, I’m going to need proof something I can look at and say “I’m sorry I doubted you Aric.” But I don’t think you can prove it.

‘I will prove it,’ he nodded.

Now he was much calmer we got back to re-organising the library. I couldn’t believe the state it was in.

I was working through the maths and science sections and Aric was working through literature and folk stories, mostly fictional books.

Hours had passed and we hadn’t moved much in our sections it was like we were frozen but time was still moving full speed ahead.

We both started singing nursery rhymes from back home, our favourite was about a god in a coma. I don’t know why but most nursery rhymes were depressing and morbid about death and disease.

‘Jazz you better come see this,’ Aric called sounding shocked.

I went over to where he was, he had somehow logged onto the libraries computer.

‘Why aren’t you sorting the book?’ I asked annoyed.

‘I was bored,’ he admitted. ‘But look there’s a hidden folder called reincarnates. I opened it and there was over a dozen students with ticks next to their name.’

‘What does that mean?’ I asked creeped out.

‘I’m guessing that means they are reincarnated because I found you me and Maur with ticks next to our names.’

‘What happens when you click on one of us?’

‘I was about to do that now,’ he clicked on his name and gasped.

‘What does it say?’ I asked when his head had blocked the screen.

‘Everything, they know everything it has my my real name my powers my whole life.’

‘How is that possible?’

‘I don’t know, there must be some sort of experiment going on.’

‘Who is in charge? How many people know about us? Could this be our answer?’ My brain was aching trying to process the information.

‘I don’t know, we could be in some serious shit or there could be other that are scared and need help.’

‘Who else has a tick next to their name we need to observe them before we question them it could help us to separate the scared from the dangerous.’

‘What makes you think there are two sides?’ He seemed suspicious of me.

‘Because we are good aren’t we?’ I could see his face relax in the matter of a second this told me my opinion does matter to him.

‘Does that mean you trust me?’ He seemed hopeful. Did I trust him? He hasn’t given me a reason not to yet. Maybe I do trust him; I could use his powers to my advantage if it comes to it.

‘We are still talking aren’t we?’ I smiled at him and he smiled back relived.

‘Good, so what we need is a plan, any thoughts?’

‘We spilt the names between us, we might have lessons with them, they could be in a completely different age group. We will start with the easy ones and observe any little trip up or backwards glance got it?’

‘What about Ms Webster? She seems to be in a powerful position and controls computer activity.’

‘I thought about her too, she must be second in command.’

‘What makes you think that?’ He asked trying to read what goes on in my head.

It’s like a magic trick, you’re looking at where they want you to look when it’s really happening somewhere else.’

‘So they know we know?’

‘No, not yet but they plant seeds just in case, she acts all nice and sweet as a cover but she is not someone you should mess with.’

‘So who is the real leader?’

‘I’m not sure but they might plant others to trick us again.’

‘And how did you become the expert in evil plots?’

‘I guess it’s just a part of my ability to see through darkness you know.’

‘I see, well you will come in handy when we observe people.’

‘Shall we see who is on this list?’ I asked taking the attention away from me.

‘Sure,’ he pressed a button and scrolled down the list of names.

I recognized a few names from Jazz’s memories but some didn’t ring a bell.

The ones with the ticks where:

Sam Black

Amanda Cohen

Linda James

Adam Stone

Kerry Brooke

Megan Webster

Matthew Williams

Scarlet Beale

Jazz McKenzie

Aaron Baines

Jessica Bay

Lucy Swift

Abigail Adams

Louise Penne

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw both Megan and Kerry on the list.

‘Did you know they had been reincarnated?’ I asked wondering if he had been hiding information.

‘I had no idea I promise you.’

‘Maybe this isn’t what we thought maybe it’s something else,’ I was in total denial.

‘Like what? What could this possibly be about with a folder called reincarnates?’

I just don’t want to believe that Megan and Kerry could be in on it all this time and didn’t tell me, well Jazz.’

‘How do you know they didn’t tell Jazz?’

‘I think I would have known.’

‘Do they even know?’ he made me think about that one, I had no answer.

‘They must do, they can’t exactly not look in the mirror and and not see they have red eyes, we need to find out what they know.’

‘Well you…,’

‘Shh, I think someone is coming, log off,’ I whispered cutting him off.

We scrambled away from the computer and went back to our sections.

‘How are you two getting on?’ Ms Webster strode in looking at our sections.

‘Alright I think,’ I muttered. As if you even care, I thought to myself.

‘Very good, you have 7 more hours; if it’s not done by then you have a bigger punishment next week.’

‘Yes mam,’ we both said together.

‘Good, I shall let you get back on with it.’ She nodded and strode back out of the library all high and mighty.

‘Evil bitch,’ Aric said after she was safely out of sight.


The End

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