Jazz's Party FavorsMature

I felt truly betrayed and he wasn’t even my boyfriend. I can't believe he would just do that, with her.

I sat in the courtyard on the bench where I had found myself again.

My hand filled with fire, I stood up and threw it like a ball across the courtyard.

‘Stupid, Aric,’ I yelled through gritted teeth. I threw another one and let the tears pour out.

‘Jazz, I am sorry,’ Aric came out into the courtyard.

I flung a fire ball toward him, missed.

He walked over to me holding out my eye mask, stupid eye mask. I moved closer to grab it and then slapped him hard across the face.

‘I didn’t know it was her, I swear,’ he pleaded.

‘How do you not know? She was wearing a different dress,’ I snapped back.

‘I saw the color and your mask that’s all I needed confirmation wise,’

‘What about the fact that “I” came to you in the first place,’ I snarled.

‘Then why are you so upset? If you didn’t want me why are you out here crying and throwing fireballs?’ He had a point I thought to myself and I wanted to slap myself.

‘Because you were enjoying something you thought was off me,’ I mumbled quietly.

‘I knew you were jealous,’ he smiled at me; I wanted to slap him again.

‘I was not jealous, I am insulted that you thought I was that easy,’ I scowled.

‘I told you that you couldn’t trust Maur.’

‘What has Maur got to do with anything?’

‘He is the one that set this whole thing up; he is trying to tear us apart so he can have you all to himself.’

‘Maur is gay I saw him kissing a guy right after…’ I paused.

‘Right after what?’ He asked confused.

‘Nothing, I have forgotten,’ I frowned forgetting I made him forget our conversation in the hallway.

‘No, go on, after what?’ He seemed determined to get an answer.

‘We had a conversation in that hallway bedroom,’ I admitted unwillingly.

‘Who did?’ he asked folding his arms sounding angry.

‘You and I, us two,’ I pointed my finger at him and then back at me.

‘And why don’t remember this conversation?’ he obviously knew the answer.

‘Because I made you forget,’ I confessed.

‘And what was said in this conversation?’

‘Oh you know the usual, how school was going, what you had for breakfast, favorite music.’

‘Very funny, it was obviously something you thought you needed to keep secret otherwise you wouldn’t have zapped my brain. What is it that you can tell me once but can’t tell me again?’

He was beginning to get on my nerves what's with all the questions?

‘Well?’ he asked again.’

‘We kissed okay? That’s the big mystery we shared a passionate kiss.’

‘Nah, it’s something more than that, we kissed before that, you wouldn’t care to hide that.’

‘Well that was it,’ I shrugged not giving him eye contact.

‘Whom kissed whom?’ He asked.

‘Who cares?’ Jeez he is annoying.

‘I do,’ he smirked. ‘Spill.’

‘Fine, you kissed me first.’

‘There was more than one?’ he sounded optimistic.

‘No, there was just one that you insinuated.’

‘Did you like it?’ He raised his eyebrow.

‘Wh... What's that got to do with anything? The real question is if you had forgotten our conversation how did you know I was back?’

‘Oh please, it’s hardly a big secret. You have black hair and a confidence only my power can give you, it’s not rocket science.’

‘And what if you were wrong? What if I wasn’t the goddess of light? What if I was one of those wanna be’s from back home?’

‘Because my goddess,’ he moves closer to me. ‘You have something those so called wanna be’s don’t have.’

‘And what is that?’ I pant as we are almost standing on the same spot.

‘You have my love,’ He kisses me and I don’t resist, I give in to the longing for him.

After what seemed like hours, our lips parted. I took a full step back.

‘And what if you’re wrong?’ I breathe.

‘Trust me, I am never wrong. That’s why you need to stay away from Maur. He is dangerous; he is like a bomb ready to go off at any given moment.’

‘Speaking of moments,’ I moved back. ‘You sure know how to kill one.’

‘I am being serious, Maur is dangerous. You don’t know what power he has brought back with him.’

‘Warriors don’t have powers, only the ones protecting the elders get to have them.’

‘Maybe that’s why he needs you.’ He replied sounding ridiculous.

‘What are you saying?’

‘I am saying crazy over there, needs the power I gave you to finish is work off.’

‘What work?’ He had officially lost me.

‘He wants to black out the earth again, for good this time.’

‘Stop right there,’ I shake my head vigorously. ‘You are the one who caused the blackout not Maur.’

‘Yes but it wasn’t my idea, I remember now. 1000 years ago we were all hanging out together and we were bored doing nothing. So Maur suggested I blackout more than just our Realm and said I should black out the whole earth. He thought it would be more of a challenge and I could never do it. Me being the guy I am, agreed to do it.

But after I did it I was weakened I didn’t realize what an impact it would have on me. Then everyone went chaotic but you calmly agreed to clear another one of my messes. I remember now, that Maur wasn’t happy with it he kept telling you it was dangerous but I told him to let you do it.

After you got the lights back on you were dying, I was too. Everyone knew but they didn’t want to admit it, so they ignored it and got on with their lives. The elders were in panic mode still, I had to answer questions and faced banishment.

I went to visit you at the hospital you weren’t even mad at me you were smiling saying everything was going to be okay. You told me you still loved me and you were going to get better. I couldn’t let you die in there so I took you to a place where you wanted to grow old with me.

It was a little village on Earth. Time was different there it was like it was at a standstill.  By the time we had gotten there I was too weak to carry you. We collapsed in the middle of the road outside a little cottage.

With the last strength I had I gave you the last apology I thought was worth anything. My love, my power, my everything. I kissed you goodbye and you closed your eyes.

We got to die together outside the place you had always dreamed of and I was glad I could do one good deed for you.’

‘That’s certainly not how I remember it,’ I said shaking my head.

‘Well how do you remember it then?’ He asked confused with my response to his big story.

‘You blacked out the world with your own power, your own strength no one forced you to do it if Maur had suggested it or not. And yes after cleared up your stupid mess I was dying, but you never came to see me the hospital, you were too ashamed to come see me.

I was mad at you oh believe me I was mad if I hadn’t have been dying I would have killed you myself.

You kidnapped me from the hospital and took me to Earth. I begged you to kill me because the pain was too unbearable; I just wanted it to end. I wanted to be gone forever, but you had to give me all your power which seemed to cause an altered realm that has brought us back to earth reincarnated.’

‘What if Maur was on Earth with us when we died, is that not an explanation for why he is here with us?’

‘I guess but I like Maur he has always been nice to me, and he came back as my best friend.’

‘It’s all an act why else would have come back with us and we can't be sure how long he has been back because I don’t recall him being ill with red eyes.’

‘He said it was before you and I changed,’ I replied.

‘Don’t you find that a bit suspicious?’ he asked sounding like a broken record.

‘Not really, you changed before I did,’ I hope Aric is wrong about Maur.

‘Yes but that was literally a few days before.’

‘If you want me to I will ask Storm or Kyra when the last time he was really ill was.’ I suggested to put his life at ease.

‘Good thinking,’ he replied smiling a little bit.’ Maybe we should go back to the party.’ I could tell he didn’t want to piss me off anymore by talking about Maur.

‘Great idea,’ I put my hand for him to hold. He led back into the party.

Most of the masks had found their way the floor, I didn’t want to put mine on after that whore had worn it.

Everyone still enjoying themselves, most were probably drunk by now.

A slow song started playing it was a guy singing about how he loves and misses someone and how she has been far away.

‘Would you like to dance?’ Aric asked.

‘Sure, why not,’ I replied as he put his arm around my waist. I put my arms around his neck with my head against his chest.

‘I’m sorry,’ He said as we were slowly swaying side to side.

‘What for?’ I asked lifting my head.

‘For everything, I screw up all the time, my moral compass doesn't know the difference between right and wrong but when I am with you it feels right. I try to be the guy you want me to be.’

‘You already are the guy I want you to be, just stop blacking out the earth and you will be fine.’ I smiled up at him and he kind of smiled back.

‘There you two are,’ Kyra came up to us. ‘Where have you been? You have missed some great music.’

Aric had hold of my hand in a tight t comfortable grip.

‘I just had to get some fresh air, it was getting stuffy.’ I replied apologetically.

‘You two look cozy,’ Joe said coming up behind us. I tried to free my hand but he wouldn’t budge.

‘We’re just friends Joe,’ I insisted.

‘Sure you are,’ he replied sarcastically. ‘What about that guy you were kissing earlier, is he just your “friend” too?

‘Yes, he is my ex,’ I sighed getting nowhere with him. ‘I don’t want a boyfriend right now.’

Aric loosened his grip and then completely let go. Why were guys so complicated? I thought to myself. I don’t think they noticed he had let go they were too interested in who I was dating.

‘Why did you bother agreeing to be my girlfriend?’ Joe asked sounding hurt and angry like I wasted his time.

‘I was in a different place when I said I would go out with you, a lot has changed since then.’

‘A lot has changed from two days ago?’ He didn’t believe me but I wouldn't even believe me if I didn’t know the real reason. I don’t even know what Jazz saw in him.

‘I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to lead you on, and I hope we can still be friends?’ I did want to be his friend it wasn’t his fault he got caught in this mess.

‘Yeah, sure,’ he said. He didn’t seem convinced I wasn’t bothered too much though. He smiled and went back to dance with some of the girls, He moved on fast.

I danced with Kyra and Aric joined in with the dancing which was a picture. I was finally having a good time what could go wrong?

I clearly spoke too soon because Aric ran across the room and tackled Maur to the ground. He was too fast for me to grab him.

Everyone made a circle around them cheering “Fight, fight, fight.”

I didn’t want Aric to kill Maur because I knew he would with his strength and power. I pushed myself through to where Aric had Maur in a submission. Aric’s legs were tightly wrapped around Maur’s arm and had his neck pulled back.

‘Ari…Aaron, stop, just leave him alone,’ I shouted trying get him off Maur.

Suddenly the music stopped and everyone scurried against the walls leaving a perfect view of Aric and Maur fighting.

‘You two break it up and go back to your rooms, I will deal with you in the morning,’ the head teacher had come in I remember she was Storms mother. She was tall with short brown hair and broad shoulders. ‘Everyone go back to your rooms the party is over. There will be an assembly at breakfast tomorrow make sure you are all there 8 am sharp.’

Everyone groaned including me there should be a law against being up that early on a Sunday.

The room started emptying; I shuffled behind wandering what would have happened if the head hadn’t come in when she did. Images of blood spattered walls and scared faces came to mind but I shook them away. I hadn’t realised I was crying until I looked in one of the picture frames.

‘This is all your fault Aric,' I whispered to myself wiping my eyes. ‘But why does my heart disagree?’

I eventually made it back to my bedroom Megan wasn’t there I hadn’t seen her since she left with that boy.

‘Crap,’ I yelled remembering I was meant to see if she was alright, that’s when I saw Aric. ‘Stupid Aric!’

I went into the bathroom and washed off my make-up. I couldn’t believe how disastrous my party was, I was glad it was over I just wish I didn’t have to deal with the shit in the morning. I hadn’t spoken to Maur since he had to witness the whore and Aric.

I still don’t know who to trust after hearing what Aric had to say do I trust either of them?

I got into bed after changing into my nightclothes, the soft pillow and warm blanket was so welcoming to my confusion. Sleep is the best kind of therapy.



The End

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