Maur's MischeifMature

Maur leaned against the common room fridge watching Jazz leave with Josh, he felt the need to cause chaos and the only way to do it was by turning Jazz against everyone, so she could finish what he started.

He stalked slowly after the couple. They locked themselves into the nearest classroom.

‘Classy,’ he whispered to himself. He covered his mouth forgetting Jazz had super hearing. 

He looked in through the crack of the window out of sight of students passing by.

‘Are you sure you’re ready baby?’ Josh asked her kissing her neck.

‘Yes,’ she breathed shuffling on to the table.

‘Good,’ he replied. He was all over her but she didn’t look as into him as she moved her hands through his hair.

Maur became alert as he saw her move away.

‘What's up babe?’ He asked looking really confused and really horny.

She got to her feet and headed for the door Maur backed away from sight.

‘I can’t, I can’t do this with you, I'm sorry,’ Jazz muttered leaving the room and headed back to the common room.

A few moments later, Josh ran out the classroom leaving in the complete opposite direction.

‘What a douche,’ Maur whispered entering the classroom. ‘Well what do we have here?’ He bent down and picked up Jazz’s black and gold eye mask.

He placed the mask in his blazer pocket, leaving the empty classroom.

He made his way back to the masquerade everyone was still dancing away without a care in the world. Was he jealous? He didn’t seem to care he only had one thing on his mind, Mischief.

He scanned across the room looking for his next pawn. Jade. She was the perfect pawn. She wore a red dress similar Jazz and her hair was styled the same. Not to mention they hated each other.

Maur smiled at his excellent find, it was as if he didn’t need to try. He walked smoothly up to her in no time at all.

‘Jade,’ He said nodding towards her. She looked him in the eyes and became entranced. ‘I have a favor to ask of you.’

‘What is it?’ She asks him not taking her eyes off him.

He hands her Jazz’s eye mask, he leans in and whispers quietly into her ear.

A few seconds later Jade looks at Maur, takes off her eye mask and places on Jazz’s.

‘Perfect, now go find Aaron.’ He orders and with a nod she begins her mission.

Maur searches the room for Jazz and she is nowhere near Jades view.

Maur smiled as he spots Jade and Aric kissing. ‘The bait has been taken,’ he thought to himself.

He watched as Jade dragged an all willing Aric out of the common room. He knew exactly where they would be.

‘Act panicked,’ he ordered himself messing his hair up a little bit. He rushed up to a now drunk Jazz.

‘Jazz, come quick it’s Storm she is in trouble,’ He sounded out of breath, he wanted to be as convincing as possible.

‘Why what’s happened,’ she started to worry he could tell by her pulse quickening.

‘It’s that chuck guy she was with he attacked her, I don’t have time to explain just come.’ He grabbed her wrist and she followed getting more panicked.

Maur led her up some stairs and down a few corridors. They came to a halt when they heard moaning down a dark corridor.

Jazz gasped when she saw Aric against the wall with a girl who looked exactly like her on her knees incredibly close to his crotch.

‘Aric?’ she whispered stepping back in disgust. He looked at her and then down at the girl who had his penis in her mouth. He pushed the girl off him.

‘Jazz, I thought…’ he began but it was too late Jazz had already walked away.  

Aric takes the eye mask off Jade.

Jade gets up and innocently walks away smiling at Maur.

‘You,’ Aric points at Maur ‘You did this; I knew you were psycho but we were like brothers.’

Maur is silent and Aric runs off after Jazz.

‘It’s my birthday and I will cry if I want to,’ Maur smirked walking down the hallway with his in his pockets whistling the tune.’

The End

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