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Everyone who was allowed in the common room was invited to Jazz/My birth/re-birthday party. They were all getting ready in their rooms and I decided to make it a masquerade party. Storm said they had, had a masquerade party before so everyone has masks. I thought masks would up the stakes to find Mr right.

I put the finishing touches to my make up on and smile at myself in the mirror. I didn’t need to do much to my eyes nobody will care if they are behind a mask.

I noticed I took on a lot of Jazz’s feelings it was weird to think I cared about Storm and Kyra’s friendship. I would probably be as worried if it was my two best friends Annabel and Lucy they had the same sort of dynamics going on. I wonder what became of them when the light had disappeared.

I mustn’t think of home it’s too painful. I shook the memories out of my head.

‘Jazz are you nearly ready?’ Storm called from the bedroom.

‘Yeah I am just finishing my hair now,’ I replied putting the brush through my hastily. I decided to keep my hair down and straight.

I picked my mask up from the shelf and tied it on to my face. It’s a black and gold eye mask with a crown style for the top bit. I looked at myself full length I the mirror and I looked good. The red dress is hot and I am hot I would totally date me.

My phone buzzed. It was a text message.

Hey babe, I just arrived at the party now wearing phantom mask c u soon x Josh.

I finally get to meet the bad boy Jazz dated. Maur filled me in earlier about his involvement in Jazz getting sent to boarding school.

I left the bathroom when I was satisfied that I was ready to party.

Storm looked at me in shock.

‘You look amazing Jazz, I am jealous,’ Stormed gaped at me in a good way.

‘Thank you, you look really beautiful in that dress those heels are killer.’ I didn’t want her to feel like she was going to be left out.

‘Thanks, I just hope a guy will look at me and see me as a catch, then just the head’s daughter who will snitch if they tried it on with her,’ She replied sadly.

‘Don’t worry, they will see how hot you look and forget about that,’ I said reassuring her.

‘Thanks babe, I just hope Kyra can forget about today and talk to me again, I don’t want awkwardness tomorrow.’

‘Things will get better.’

Storm smiled and then put on her red and silver eye mask. It was really pretty and I couldn’t tell it was even Storm.

‘Have you heard from your mom or dad today?’ Storm asked breaking the silence.

‘Nope, not a word should I be worried?’ I didn’t really know the dynamics between Jazz and her parents but I can feel Jazz was pretty mad at them.

‘Nah, I wouldn’t worry you haven’t heard from them for five months why should they start now?’ She shrugged and then checked herself out in the mirror.

There was a loud knock at the door. We looked at each other and smiled.

I got off the bed and opened the door.

‘Mar…Matt you look lovely,’ I looked him up and down he was wearing black trousers and a shirt and tie with his new blazer. His mask was kind of scary and unexpected.

‘A devil?’ Storm questioned.

‘Yeah, a little mischief for a party with mask perfect opportunity.’ Maur seemed to be up to something. ‘Are you two ladies ready?’

‘Yes,’ we both said together.

He put both his arms out for us to grab. We took them and we walked towards the common room.

The party was well underway when we arrived; there were flashing lights, loud music, a crowded floor and alcohol.

Everyone was in masks and now I definitely didn’t know who anyone was.

Storm had vanished into the crowd but Maur had stayed by my side.

‘Jazz or is it Jacintha now?’ He whispered loudly into my ear as Icona Pop, I love it played.

‘I think I will stick Jazz, I love it.’ I smiled as I danced next to Maur. I finally felt free and happy I loved to dance.

I looked across the dance floor and saw Storm getting chatted up, I was so happy for her.

I danced deeper into the crowd of people and grinded against a totally fit guy.

‘Happy birthday Goddess,’ he whispered into my ear. I looked at him and he lifted his mask. Aric. He was dressed in a tux, he looked good. He too wore an eye mask, black and silver, it looked good on him.

‘Are you still chasing me? That’s really… Pathetic.’ I frowned at him ‘get a new hobby babe.’

‘Don’t trust Maur,’ he shook his as he walked away.

Why would I listen to him, he framed Maur.

I went over to the drinks table; I poured myself a vodka and coke.

‘I thought I would find you with the alcohol.’ I looked at the person who spoke. He was wearing half a white mask.

‘You are?’ I asked looking at his brown chinos and baggy hoodie.

‘Babe it’s me Josh, Phantom remember?’ He looked disappointed. He was really hot, reminded me of Aric.

‘I am totally messing with you,’ I lied with a big smile on my face.

‘Happy birthday babe,’ Josh leans in and kisses me he stunk of alcohol but I didn’t mind too much it felt nice being kissed. I stepped back and put my hand on my lips.

‘Jazz, Happy birthday,’ Kyra shouted coming off the dance floor.

‘Thank you,’ I gave her a hug and then had a good look at her the dress looked great on her, she wore a pink and silver eye mask which matched Storms, they probably picked them out together.

Next thing I knew she was dragging me onto the dance floor away from Josh. 

We are dancing to a song about S&M Rihanna I think Kyra said it was.

I felt really light headed after drinking that vodka I needed to sit down. I  Stumbled over to the chairs, there was a group of drunk girl already sat there, I shifted slightly to sit on the end of the sofa they had taken over.

I closed my eyes for a bit trying to focus on clearing my head but it was no use my head was pounding, the base of the speakers was vibrating the sofa.

‘Jacintha,’ Aric nodded coming over from across the dance floor, my hearing had grown into full strength since I had returned.

‘Why did you frame Maur?’ I asked getting of the sofa.

‘I didn’t, he is lying, trust me Jacintha, he is up to no good. Have you seen the mask he is wearing?’

‘He is trying to be ironic.’

‘No he isn’t, he came to see me earlier he told me you were back, and he told me he was going to come between us.

‘Stop lying to me, we aren’t getting back together,’ I yelled holding my hands to my head. ‘Just back off and leave me alone.’

‘He killed your father,’ he muttered just after I started to walk away.

I turned around. I felt the darkness in me rise to the surface, I could feel the need to rip Aric’s heart out.

‘Don’t even joke about something like that,’ I whispered shaking my head.

‘Ask him, he killed your father,’ he shrugged and nodded behind me, I turned to see Maur.

‘Jazz, don’t believe a word he says, he is trying to make you weak so he can get his powers back,’ Maur said grabbing my wrist.

I pulled myself free.

‘You two can sort this out between yourselves I am going to see my boyfriend,’ I waved them off and headed back on the dance floor.

I saw Storm walk out the door with the guy she was being chatted up by. You go girl I thought to myself.

Josh saw me head toward him and he smiled widely.

‘Hey babe, where have you been? I couldn’t find you,’ he asked holding on to my waist.

‘I was just having a sit down but now I think I am ready,’ I nodded at him.

‘Ready? For what?’ He asked dumbly.

‘You know ready, for the next stage in our relationship.

‘Oh, I get you now,’ Josh winked. ‘Shall we go somewhere more private?’ he held his arm out for me to grab as I nodded to him. I can’t believe this is actually going to happen.

I smoothed out my hair as he led me out across the dance floor to the common room door.

We entered an unlocked classroom; I flicked to knob to lock it on the inside.

Josh looked ready he was kissing up my neck I felt a tingling sensation as his hand moved across my stomach.

‘Are you sure you’re ready baby?’ he asked continuing to kiss my neck.

‘Yes,’ I replied moving to sit on the table.

‘Good,’ He smiled leaning as we kissed passionately. He removed my eye mask and it fell to the floor.

He smelt good it was fruity and manly. I moved my hands through his hair. I love Aric’s hair.

I stopped and moved back.

‘What's up babe?’ He asked confused and I could tell he was gagging for sex.

‘I can’t, I can’t do this with you, I'm sorry,’ I apologized leaving him alone in the classroom.



The End

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