Birthday girlMature

'Jazz, wakey, wakey, it's your birthday.' Storm screamed down my ear.

'What time is it?' I groaned I am not a morning person.

'7am, we always wake each other up at 7.' She replied sounding confused.

'Yeah well that's got to stop Jazz may be a morning person but I am certainly not, now leave me alone.' I snapped back at her.

'What the hell are you going on about? You are Jazz and when the hell did you dye your hair?' Storm started to sound angry I put the pillow over my head.

'Will you just go away I am tired I want sleep, is that too much to ask.'

'You aren't being very friendly Jazz, just because it's your birthday doesn't mean you can treat people like shit.'

'ARRGH' I sat up and stared into Storms eyes 'shut the hell up and go back to bed and forget I was ever nasty to you, goodnight.'

'Night Jazz' Storm got into bed and went to sleep. I laid back down and went back to sleep.

After a few more hours sleep I woke up happily and got out of bed Storm was still fast asleep, I clapped my hands together 'Wake up' she woke up instantly.

'What time is it?' She asked sleepily. I looked at my phone and told her it was 9:30. 'Oh my God we are late we were supposed to be up at 7 Kyra and Matt are going to be so worried, we are so behind schedule.'

'Chill the fuck out, your giving me a migraine.'

‘You just swore at me you have never swear at me, but it’s your birthday you’re stressed so I will let it slide.’ Storm got her things together and got dressed while I attempted to get out of bed.

I looked at the phone next to me and tried to think how to work it.

‘Can you sort this out I have no idea what I need to do on it.’ I asked her nicely but she gave me a look like I was stupid or something.

‘Are you being serious you know everything about this phone and you have a million passwords on it.’

‘Forget it I will just throw it away.’

‘You can’t just throw a perfectly good phone away it has your life on here, what is up with you today?’

‘I’m just feeling like I need a change, become a new person.’ I replied speaking literally.

‘Is this why you dyed your hair, it’s like I don’t know who you are anymore.’

‘That’s a little dramatic don’t you think?’ I frowned, she looked like she was about to cry.

‘We need to go we are late as it is.’ She replied ignoring my question.

‘You go on I will be down in a bit I need to get ready.’

‘If you’re sure.’ She replied but her face looked relived like she was glad she didn’t have to deal with me.

‘Yes now go before  I kick your ass.’ I smirked and she actually looked as though I would kick her ass. She hurried out the room and I picked up some clothes off the ground and put them on. I picked up the phone and tried cracking the passwords I tried her birthday and it was right, I smiled widely and read her through her text messages.

She had a new text message off a guy called Josh, I opened the message and it said.

Hey baby sorry I haven’t been in touch I have just got out of jouvie, I got told you were in boarding school I can’t believe it sounds worse than where I have been I will come and see you tonight I love you xxx.

A guy is coming to see Jazz I mean me well this is going to be fun. I guess I should probably make myself look better than I do now if I want to make an impression on her guy friend.

I went downstairs in to the dining hall and found Storm and her friends sitting at a table scoffing food down like vultures.

Storm was talking away sounding upset so I thought I should listen in from afar.

‘And she was like go before I kick your ass, I was so scared she had a nasty look on her face, she has changed just because she is 16 it’s like she can swear and act all hard but I don’t know maybe I am being dramatic.’

I sat down next to the guy called Matt and smiled pleasantly at all of them.

‘Happy  Birthday Jazz.’ They all said together.

‘Thanks guys, I am going to be throwing a party tonight in the common room so invite as many people as you want, Matt you can invite that guy you were with last night if you want.’ I smiled at their shocked faces. ‘That was you who was kissing that blonde hair boy was it not?’

‘Erm Jazz can we go somewhere and talk privately please.’ Matt said blushing like a tomato.

‘Yes of course anything for a friend.’ I smiled sweetly and stood up and followed him out the dining hall and into the quiet hallway. ‘What’s up Matthew?’

‘Why would you blurt that out to everyone?’ He asked angrily.

‘Blurt what out?’ I replied innocently making him look more angry something told me he never gets angry often and something is telling me I shouldn’t pursue his anger.

‘That I was kissing a guy.’ He whispered.

‘That was a secret? I didn’t think it was, I’m sorry for blurting out but I thought everyone knew.’

‘Well no they didn’t and now you are going to go in there and tell everyone you made a mistake, or we can’t be friends anymore.’

‘I won’t, there is nothing to be ashamed of you are who you are if you like guys or girls or both you can’t help it but I will not lie to my friends and I would rather do the right thing than the wrong.’ Wow that was weird I felt the nice side of me coming out; I didn’t know if I should be happy or angry about that.

‘You have to or I will tell your secret.’ He threatened, I looked at him alarmed and a big smile spread across his face. ‘That got your attention.’

‘What secret?’ I demanded ‘Tell me now!’

‘I know who you really are, Jasmeena.’ I felt my cheeks heat up how could he possibly know that?

‘How do you know my name?’ I asked, heart beating faster.

‘you started acting weirdly these past few days sneaking off in the middle of the night and when I saw Aaron getting ill and stalking you like a lost puppy I knew it had to be you. Then I saw your hair this morning black as coal it all added up.’

‘Who are you?’ I asked hands clenching into fists. Could I hurt him?

‘Marona warrior of the dark’ Matt bowed his head to me and then took my hand and leaded me out of the dining hall into the courtyard.

‘I thought you were found innocent of all charges.’ I remembered thinking back to the days of Arone’s and the warrior’s mischief.

‘I was until Arone framed me again; he told your father I was the one who forced you to death.’ Marona’s voice was darker now and angry.

‘But it wasn’t anything to do with you, why would Arone do that to you, I thought he was your friend.’ I wanted to hit Arone harder than I ever could imagine but that would acquire all my strength.

‘Who knows what goes on in his head? Promise you will stay away from Arone, he is dangerous and a loose cannon, we don’t know what he is planning now he has returned.’

‘Why have we ended up in this school it can’t be a coincidence can it?’ I asked worrying and having so many questions.

‘I would say there is more to this place than just a boarding school. There is so many secrets hidden between these walls.’

‘But what has triggered the awakening?’ I looked at the building curiously.

“I’m not sure, but I’m going to find out.’ He replied straightening himself out.

‘Are there more of us out there or is it just us three?’ I asked hoping I wasn’t the only one.

‘I wouldn’t get your hopes up, when you died the light vanished from our society and many turned dark including your father.’

‘What! Why didn’t Arone tell me? I had never felt so angry. I couldn’t believe that my father would turn to the dark.

‘Arone was well gone before things turned upside down.’

‘My father must’ve said a million times he would never change side.’

‘Well when you died it killed him.’ He shrugged ‘I wouldn’t worry too much he is probably 100ft under by now.’

‘He could come back.’ I said half hoping he would.

‘Not likely he is stronger and more powerful if he was going to come back, he wouldn’t come back as a high school student.’

I stood there thinking it through, he was probably right; my father is smart he would most likely possess someone in power like the prime minister or one of the royal family, not a teacher and certainly not a teenager. I decided to stop worrying about my father and focus on what was so special about this school.

‘Well we better get ready to go into town you know what those girls are like.’ He said smiling and putting out his arm for me to link with.

‘Not really, but I can imagine.’ I smiled back at him and linked his arm with mine, we headed into the building.

Storm and Kyra were already at the door waiting eagerly.

‘Are you ready birthday girl?’ Kyra asked with big smile on her face.

‘Yeah but first I would just like to apologise to everyone for my rudeness earlier I was just stressing over my birthday too much. You know regular teenage girl problems.’ I couldn’t think what else girls in this time talk about.

‘It’s okay we will get over it, now let’s go shopping.’ Storm replied jumping up and down with Kyra.

‘Ok….ay…..yay?’ I looked at Marona confused in what I should do. He smiled and mouthed have fun.

Have fun? When I was alive before I was never allowed to let loose and have fun it wasn’t goddess like my father would always say.

We got the bus into town and I was disappointed there were not many shops to get excited about.

‘So what shops….ouch’ I began but Marona nudged me hard in the ribs. ‘I mean where are we shopping first?’ I corrected smiling widely at them. 

‘I was thinking we have a look in Oxfam first, Terry said they were getting new old stuff come in this weekend,” Kyra remembered.

We entered Oxfam and headed straight for the clothes. I wanted to find something hot to wear for this guy that was coming to see me. Maur picked out the best dresses for me to try on. For a guy he has good taste in clothes.

Storm was picking out clothes a politician’s wife would wear. Kyra kept taking them off her and putting them on the imaginary burn rail. Then she helped her pick something I would consider hot.

I picked out loads of jewellery and hair accessories I felt like I was in heaven, been there done that. I smiled to myself feeling much happier than I had been last night.

I finally decided on the perfect dress, it was a red cocktail dress beaded on the top half, with a bubble hem above the knees. I felt like a true Goddess.

Kyra chose a black cocktail dress with silver beading going up the one shoulder and across the neckline.

Storm chose a Black peplum dress with a red belt and red high heels.

Maur was still fussing over his outfit after we had paid but finally chose a vintage blazer and casual white tee. He said he a pair of chinos at the school.

We sat on a bench outside of Gregg’s bakery and ate sandwiches.

‘Are you and Joe going to have sex tonight?’ Kyra asked me to break the awkward silence.

‘I don’t know is he the one who has just come out of juvie?’ I asked confused.

They gaped at me.

‘Juvie? Who are you talking about?” Kyra asked to match my confusion.

“I got a text this morning,’ I showed them my phone, their jaws dropped.

‘Isn’t that your ex Josh?’ Storm asked me. I had no idea.

‘So Joe is my boyfriend? And Josh is my ex?’ I asked hoping they would help me out I looked to the Maur to get some sort of confirmation but he looked resigned.

‘You tell us,’ Storm said disappointed.

‘And what about Aaron?’ Kyra asked.

‘What about him?’

‘We have seen you two getting close, you are always talking about him and running off after him,’ Kyra replied sounding pissed off.

‘So, who is your boyfriend?’ Storm asked also sounding pissed off.

‘I don’t know I don’t know who my boyfriend is, none of them? All of them? I don’t know,’ I reply exasperated.

‘That’s good to know where we stand.’ I turn around and see a guy behind me. ‘I just came to say happy birthday and give you this.’ He hands me a wrapped up box then walks off catching up to his friends, I spot Aric smirking in this direction.

‘I suppose you can cross Joe off your boyfriend list,’ Maur said coolly.

‘Matt that’s a bit mean, she just got dumped,’ Storm said glaring at him then reached and hugged me. ‘I am sorry I didn’t know he was there.’

‘It’s okay,’ I assured her ‘I guess I should open this?’

‘Go for it,’ Kyra urged, reaching over to hug me her way to say she was also sorry.

I unwrapped the pink paper with birthday girl all over it. I tossed it in the bin and opened the box there was a pair of sunglasses inside with a note.

Next time you have bags under your eyes. Happy Birthday Joe xxx

‘Have I blew it?’ I asked them touched by the present.

‘Definitely,’ Kyra said apologetically.

‘Kyra!’ Storm scolded.

‘I’m sorry but when you hear your girlfriend say she doesn’t know her boyfriend is its going to end a relationship.’ Kyra replied coolly.

‘Yeah Kyra is right,’ I agreed before Storm bit her head off for being so heartless. ‘I don’t deserve him; he should be with someone that will truly appreciate him.’

‘That’s very big of you,” Storm approved making me smile.

‘So it’s down to Aaron and Josh, who is it going to be?’ Kyra questioned.

‘Seriously Kyra I am this close to slapping you,’ Storm hissed.

‘Chill the fuck out little miss perfect, I was only having a laugh,’ Kyra replied sounding as pissed as Storm was.

‘Guys calm down,’ I said but it was no good they were in their own little argument.

‘Little miss perfect? Someone has to be worried about their future cause you clearly don’t,’ Storm yelled getting to her feet.

‘What’s that supposed to mean?’ Kyra snapped also getting to her feet.

‘Let’s just say I don’t expect to see you in our year next year,’ Storm smirked.

‘Did your mommy tell you that cause you’re obviously too chicken to hack into the computer,’ Kyra retorted feeding Storms anger.

‘I don’t need my mother to tell me I just have to read your homework assignments to see how crap they are.’

‘Seriously guys cool it off it’s going to ruin your friendship,’ I interrupted trying to get their attention.

‘What friendship? By the looks of it there were none.’ Kyra assessed.

‘Really Kyra? So what do you call someone who stood by you when you came to this school with no self-esteem, who was bullied but helped you become confident? What do you call someone who slept on your floor for a whole week after watching paranormal activity cause you were scared. If that’s not friendship then I don’t know what is.’ Storm sighed and hung her head she gave up.

‘Come on Kyra just apologize to each other and move on,’ I urged worried for our friendship.

‘I’m sorry Jazz too much has been said, I don’t think we can ever be friends again.’ Kyra declared she too had given up.

‘Mar...Matt, say something get them to see sense,’ I begged him but he just shrugged.

‘Let it go Jazz, it’s over.’ Storm admitted but I could tell she didn’t want it to be and I don’t think Kyra did either.

 ‘Let’s just go back to school,’ I sighed.


The End

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