Miss red eyesMature

Friday 12th January, one day until my birthday, how exciting. Not. Seven AM. It was my turn to wake Storm up this morning and it wasn't exactly a hard thing to do.

'Good morning' she said as soon as I tapped her shoulder, she was probably awake just wanting me to wake her. 'What happened to you yesterday we couldn't find you anywhere last night.'

'Oh I was around somewhere.' I had no idea what to say.

She sat up and looked at me 'Jazz are you feeling okay you look really pale.'

'Pale? Oh lord.' I said and ran into the bathroom I looked in the mirror and my face was very pale looking. You are not a Goddess Jazz. I calmed down and then thought I might aswell get washed and dressed while I was in there. I went into the shower and washed my hair after a few minutes I got out and got dressed I looked in the mirror again and my eyes were bright red..again .. What am I going to do?

I thought about it for a while and then I opened the bathroom door and called out to Storm. 'Hey can you please get my sunglasses from my top draw.'

'Why do you want sunglasses?' she asked which was the question I didn't want to answer.

'Please just get them.' I said not sounding very nice. I put my hand out the door and then felt sunglasses touch my palm. 'Thank you.' I quickly put them on and then looked in the mirror. 'Perfect' I said to myself I smiled and then walked out of the bathroom with my perfect sunglasses on. 'Let's get some breakfast.' I said to her opening the bedroom door she smiled and walked out the room I followed her out and we walked arm in arm to the dining hall. Kyra and Matt were sitting with their cereal talking. I looked at Joe's table and all the guys were there Joe, Chuck, Tom, Dale, Jake and Aaron.

'Go say morning to your boyfriend.' She whispered to me I smiled and walked over to their table.

'Morning Jazz' Joe said standing up and kissing my lips I kissed him back and smiled.

'Morning Sexy' Chuck said still checking me out.

'Good morning Chuck' I said nicely

'Why are you wearing sunglasses?' Joe asked sitting back down. I looked at Aaron who was watching me to see what I would say.

'I have bold bags under my eyes its looks awful.' I said and they seemed to believe apart from Aaron.

'Are you going to be wearing them in lesson?' Aaron asked not looking away from me.

'Yeah, what's it to you?' I said coldly he looked like he did last night minus the red eyes his face looked harder and cold.

'What if you get told to take them off? Everyone will see.' He smirked and I gave him an evil look.

'I can forge you a note from the nurse saying you have to wear sunglasses because your eyes are a bit sensitive to the light this morning.' Joe offered and just about saved my life. Aaron snorted and muttered something I couldn't hear.

'Thanks that would be fantastic.' I smiled 'I'm going to get my breakfast I will see you in English.' I turned and walked to the back and grabbed a bowl. Aaron was behind me.

'You're eyes are red aren't they?' he whispered

'Yeah, so what?' I said

'You're changing and you can't stop it.'

'I am not who you think I am'

'Just stop fighting back, find your soul.'

'Will you just leave me alone?'

'Why are you dating Joe?' he asked unexpectedly

'Because he asked me out and I like him.'

'What about me?

'What about you?'

'We are meant to be together' he took hold of my wrist and pulled me closer to him, he moved my hair out the way of my ear and pressed his lips against it and whispered 'Goddess.' He chuckled deviously then roughly let me go and turned and walked away. I didn't realise I was panting so hard the whole time he was touching me until I could hear my pulse racing.

I grabbed a box of shredded wheat poured them and some milk into my bowl and walked to my table.

'No Dr Pepper today?' Storm asked looking at me surprised, which actually surprised me more than her, I never not have Dr Pepper and I'm eating shredded wheat how gross it must but the most healthiest cereal in here.

'Maybe at lunch.' I smiled and shovelled the cereal down my throat.

'What did Aaron say to you this time?' Kyra asked me and my heart started beating faster.

'Umm nothing it doesn't matter he is just an idiot' my hand started shaking I shifted in my seat and kept on eating my tasteless cereal.

'Why are you wearing sunglasses?' Kyra asked me she is so nosey today.

'I have bad bags under my eyes it is truly awful, Joe said he was going to write a permission slip off the nurse saying why I have to wear them.'

'He is forging a note!' Storm said loudly which made heads turn I smiled at them and told her to be quiet.

'Please don't say anything Storm.' I begged her and she looked angry being the heads daughter doesn't really help my case. 'Please Storm.'

'It's against the law to forge, I don't like it but you're my friend so I won't snitch.'

'Thank you so much.' I smiled but she wasn't that keen to crack a smile, I guess I didn't really deserve one. The bell went a few minutes later everyone who was left in the dining hall got up and slowly walked out apart from Joe who was waiting at his table I walked over to him, he was writing on a piece of paper which was probably my note. 'Hey Joe' I sat in the chair next to him and he looked at me and smiled.

'Hey Jazz, I am just writing your note.' He said with no fear of getting caught.

'Thank you; I just don't want you getting into any trouble'

'Don't worry about it's a piece of cake but when you show the teachers don't do that guilty look I have seen you do.'

'You know I have a look?" I smiled innocently at him

'Yes and I think it's cute' he folded up the note and put it in my blazer pocket, he stood up, I did the same and he held my hand then we walked to English.

We were five minutes late but it was only Joe who got told off which was really weird, we sat in our seats on Aaron's table or should I now say Arone God of Delusion. I looked his way and as usual he was looking at me, I turned away quickly and copied all the writing off the board something to do with creative writing and how to structure. The whole lesson was boring and not once did he tell me to take off my sunglasses which was a relief.

The bell went soon after I finished all my work and wrote in the work we had to out of class, I put all my things in my bag and walked to my favourite lesson which was drama. I held Joe's hand and we walked to the drama room which was at the other end of the corridor.

Mr Baker set us into groups of three and I was with Joe and unfortunately his best mate Aaron Bane's, this was bound to be awkward. We sat in a corner of the room away from all the other groups, we had to do hot seating and make up characters and as questions about them. Joe and Aaron kept play fighting so we really didn't do the work. After a while we had to improvise are characters together.

'So who is your character Aaron?' Joe asked him while they were getting ready to do their scene.

'Well I am a God' He replied proudly my face went red I couldn't help it I had to say something.

'Wow a God? Interesting, I suppose your character gets loads of girls too?'

'He only has his heart for one Goddess.' He stroked my cheek and I felt myself moving closer towards him so I looked at Joe who was completely oblivious.

'Who is your character Joe?' I asked quickly feeling Aaron move away a little.

'Well I am an accountant from Scotland who murdered his wife and nobody knows yet.' He smiled proudly 'Who are you Jazz?'

'I am an old lady who is very crabby and hits people with her handbag.' I replied glumly, I was lacking imagination today.

'Okay then how about me and you improvise that we pass in the street' Joe said to me moving into a bigger space.

'Yeah sounds good I am just going to the toilet' I said and quickly rushed out the room I wanted to make sure my eyes weren't red still.

'Hey stop' I recognised the voice from behind I was just hoping I was wrong. I took a deep breath and turned slowly around, unfortunately I was indeed right.

'What do you want Aaron?' I asked sounding fed up.

'Let me check your eyes' he said getting closer to me. I looked at him unsure and quite nervous. 'Trust me' he said quietly moving his hands towards my sunglasses. My heart was racing again he just looked so irresistible; he had pulled off my sunglasses and was looking at me not showing signs of worry or relief.

'Well?' I asked desperate to know.

'They are still bright red, I think they will go normal colour soon' he said normally like we were discussing what happened on Eastenders the other day.

'I'm glad you think this is all good' I said angrily moving away from him and putting my sunglasses back on.

'Well it is, people would love to be like us you're just too blind to see it, you always have to be the responsible one act like everything we do is going to get us into trouble.'

'Maybe it is because you are trouble you can't be good for 5 minutes.' Oh my...that was weird I don't know where that came from. I put my hand over my mouth scared that I would say something else, Aaron was smiling happily.

'Don't worry kiddo you're getting back in control, and then we can be together again.'

I sat down against the wall head spinning with anger I don't even know why I'm angry, so I decided to give in. 'You have to help me.' I said to him and he smirked then sat with me.

He explained about the world we came from and what our living conditions were like, we were apparently rich and very healthy our powers were growing stronger and advancing before we both died. He said that when I turn into the Goddess I would be different on the inside stronger and brainier. We sat and talked for ages completely forgetting we had a lesson to be in and forgetting Joe was waiting for us to do the improvisation.

The bell rang while we were laughing at a joke he had just told, I didn't even hear it but I just knew that it had gone because everyone was filling up the corridor. Joe came out of the room he didn't look very happy, I wouldn't either if I had been ditched by my group.

'Where were you two?' he said angrily

'Jazz wasn't feeling very well so I said I would keep her company till she felt better.' Aaron said apologetically to Joe.

'You could have at least told me I was worried you two had run away together.' He said smiling a little.

'Well you never know' Aaron smirked I punched him the ribs angrily.

'Shut up Aaron' I said through clenched teeth, I stood up and so did Aaron.

'I think you should go to the nurse's office Jazz you look very pale.' Joe said sounding worried ignoring Aaron's comments.

'Yeah I think I will I will see you later then.'

He leant in and kissed my lips I didn't really kiss back but he didn't notice, he walked off and Aaron hung behind.

'You should dump him before you break his heart.' Aaron said quietly, I looked at him and he shrugged then walked to his next class.

I didn't bother going to the nurses office I wasn't even ill, I went to my Spanish lesson which was okay the rest of the school day was okay I was so glad when it was finally over I sat in the dining hall eating healthy food and didn't get Dr Pepper.

'Jazz are you feeling okay?' Storm asked staring at me like I was wearing no clothes.

'Just feeling a bit under the weather today that's all.' I replied shrugging off her worrying look. 'So my birthday is tomorrow I was thinking us four and Joe should chill in our room what do you think?'

'Yeah that sounds fun' Storm said nodded towards Matt and Kyra with a huge smile on her face.'

'Is there any way we can get hold of alcohol?' I asked expecting a no but I was wrong.

'I can get you alcohol.' Aaron said from behind me. I turned around and looked him up and down; he did look over 18 even though he was 17. He should be a year above me but he got held back for reasons he won't tell people.

'How can you get us alcohol?' Storm asked disbelieving him.

'I have a fake ID.' He smiled at me and winked. I frowned at him and shrugged.

'That's illegal!' Storm shouted making heads turn once again.

'Be quiet.' Aaron ordered 'do you want alcohol or not?'

'What's the catch?' Kyra asked not goggling at him like she normally would, she always spots a catch when she hears one.

'I get to come to this party you're having.' He replied smirking.

'We aren't having a party' Kyra replied 'just a small get together in Jazz and Storm's room.'

'Well I want in or no alcohol.'

'Deal' I agreed not wanting to miss an opportunity to have alcohol.

'Great, it's going to be an enlightening night wouldn't you agree Jazz?' Aaron smirked at me, I gave him evils and the other three looked confused at what was going on. 'See you guys later.'

Aaron walked off whistling to himself with his hands in his pockets, God he looked so hot.

'Do you agree Jazz? Jazz?' Storm waved her hand in front of my face.

'Huh?' I said snapping back to reality.

'I was saying he looked odd do you agree?'

'Yeah, sure whatever, I'm just going to get some fresh air.' I got up and walked towards the door I heard the three of them muttering about me behind my back it made me angry so I carried on walking till I got to the bench in the courtyard. I inhaled the fresh air in deep breaths I could feel my body tensing up and my head feeling dizzy.

I would hardly ever get angry but today I just felt like a volcano ready to erupt on everyone and everything destroy the smirk on Aaron's face that cold, hardened, gorgeous face. My mind wandered into Aaron land and I liked it. I didn't have people surrounding me and questioning the look on my face, I didn't have people giving me disapproving looks, I was for once happy I could breathe I never knew how suffocated I was until I got this feeling. My body was tingling and the heat and pressure just washed off my body, I was free, I was back, I was Jasmeena Goddess of Light.

I smiled and stood up.

'Well it's about time.' I said out loud, I walked back inside admiring everything I saw. I knew where I wanted to go I wanted to see Arone.' I looked in the common room and saw him slouched on the sofa. I stood in front of him and he looked up at me.

'When did you die your hair?' He asked confused and my face had the same reaction.

'What are you on about?' I replied fed up of his stupidity.

'Your hair it's black, like jet black.' He stared at me amazed then he noticed my eyes were red. 'Oh my Goddess, you're you, you're back.'

'Yes I am and unfortunately for you I am back with a vengeance. What did you expect me to return all smiles and love? I haven't forgotten what you did you selfish son of a bitch you best hope hell is as dark as your soul, cause that's where you're going when I set your ass on fire.' I started rising my hand up he looked scared, sweat was washing his face.

'Wait, stop can we go somewhere private and talk, people are staring.'

'Fine, but you better have a good excuse for me not to fry you.' I said letting him lead the way out the door. He led me through a dark corridor and into an old bedroom. I locked the door behind me and got my hand out flames rose on my command. 'Start talking.'

'Well you wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for me.' He started but I interrupted.

'Damn right I wouldn't be here I would be with my family I would be peaceful but thanks to you I am here and I am in this body what has she been eating? Seriously.'

'She drinks a lot of Dr Pepper and chips.'

'It was a rhetorical question you no good low life.' I replied angrily the flame in my hand rising.

'I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I got my punishment I am damned okay I was banished when you died everyone turned on me father banished me for 1000 years and I saved your life okay, I gave you my powers to bring you back to life. That's probably why your hair is black; you have darkness in you now.'

'You have powers I could sense your power outside this door.'

'Yes I still have power but not as much as I used to have, all I have left is my basic power I can't blackout the world or a city.'

'And that is such a bad thing you fucking killed me.' I shouted 'seriously Arone you have not changed have you? Actually you have, you have become a pussy. Look at you shaking in your boots I thought you were the mighty darkness but all I see is a scared human.'

'Shut up, shut up, SHUT UP!' Arone got up close to me and pressed his lips against mine and kissed me hard and passionately, I kissed him back and the flame in my hand vanished as I held him closely.

We stopped kissing and separated again. I looked at him deeply and exhaled in and out.

'We can't be how we were before, too much has happened to just forget it and get back to where we left off because where we left off was me on the ground lifeless because of your stupid idiocy. I can't keep cleaning up after you.'

'You don't have to I have changed, I have learned from my mistakes.'

'No that's where you're wrong you will never change it's your nature to be dark, shadows follow you wherever you go and now you have placed your curse upon me and I must pursue it by saying fuck you Arone.' Fire filled my hand once again, I lifted my hand to throw it but the room started to shake and my arm was being pushed down. I stared at Arone he had a dark and twisted look on his face he was using all his force to hold me back.

'You can't just come back here all high and mighty because you have a score to settle, life isn't that easy and I have had thousands of years more experience of being bad then you have. I may not have all my power but I am still more powerful than you.'

'You may still have a lot of power but you can't control people into doing things they may or may not want to do can you? If only we knew someone who can..oh wait we do, me.'  I smiled wildly at him 'Arone you will let me go and forget any of this ever happened won't you?' he stared into my eyes in a trance and slowly nodded the force that was holding me still left the air and I was free to move.

'Good boy, I will see you later.' I blew him a kiss and left the room. I guess you can forget something's ever happened.

When I was walking down the dark corridor I saw two people kissing across the hallway it looked like two guys and as I got closer it actually was. There was a guy with blonde hair and a guy about my height with dark brown hair, he looked a bit familiar. I shrugged it off and carried on walking back to the bedroom.

The End

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