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I sat down on one of the sofas in the common room and looked through my bag I took out my makeup bag and re did my eye liner and mascara. There were quite a few people in here just watching stupid TV. It was all 17 and 18 year olds hanging out playing pool and drinking soda. I went through my bag and got out my banana and my Dr Pepper, I peeled the banana and ate it then I drank my drink in three big gulps.

I sat in silence for while try to think of something to think about I don't care what it would be about.

Chuck came over and sat next to me. He put his arm around me and I moved it off. Chuck is a womanizer he seduces the girls in the common room most of the time he is successful, he is no virgin. He is quite hot but I don't fall for his charm and neither do my friends but I think Storm fancies him a little. He has brown hair brown eyes and is just a bit taller than me and quite muscular.

'Go away Chuck' I said moving down the sofa but he moved next to me. 'What do you want?'

'Well I wouldn't mind you but that's not the point, Aaron would like to talk to you about the whole dinner situation.' He said in a respectable manner.

'So he wants to make me like him so he doesn't have any enemies?' I translated the real reason.

'Yeah so I will take you to my room...' he said but I cut him off

'Chuck I am not going to sleep with you'

'No I know, I share a room with him, and one day you will.' He smirked

'Keep dreaming and no I will not talk to him you can tell him to go screw one of his fan girls.' I got up and walked away from the man whore. Chuck walked out of the common room probably to report to his boss. He gives up easily. I looked at the clock it was half seven, I think I will go to my room and do some work.

I picked my bag up and walked out of the common room. I passed people in the corridor and some girls gave me evil looks and some of the guys winked I shook my head and ran up a flight of stairs and walked down an empty corridor I looked at all the numbers I usually lose my room. Someone grabbed hold of my hand and pulled me into a dark corridor.

My body had been pinned against the wall I didn't have to squint to see who had trapped me, it was Aaron Bloody Bane's His fingers were tangled in mine so I couldn’t smack him like I wanted to.

'What do you want?' I asked staring into his eyes they were full of mystery and they were also red like bright red. He moved in closer his body was touching mine I was heating up, our breathing had deepened I felt so sweaty his red eyes locked into mine, was he messing around with contact lenses?

'Why do you hate me so much?' he asked not moving his eyes away or blinking.

'Why are your eyes bright red?' I asked ignoring his question, he looked away from me and let go of me. I looked at him he moved away from me and leant against the opposite wall. Chatter was coming from the corridor that I was dragged away from I looked to see who it was but it was no one I knew I looked back to Aaron but he wasn't there anymore I walked up the corridor to see if he was there but he wasn't. I slid down the wall and put my head in my hands I was officially losing my mind I must have imagined the whole thing, but it was so real, damn it Jazz you're crazy. I sat there for a while just thinking about what had just happened. I was walking along the corridor got pulled in and saw Aaron he was up close to me and his eyes bright red then he miraculously disappears, yep I'm crazy.

5 minutes later I was still sitting there just going over and over in my head about what had just happened, but I couldn't explain it except the fact I hardly slept last night and I must be really tired. I finally gave up and stood up then walked out of the dark corridor and decided to go find out what was going on. I had to go to Aaron's room wherever that may be. I walked up another flight of stairs to the boys rooms, I knocked on the first door and Gary Reynolds answered.

'Oh hello Jazz what you doing up here? You know you're not aloud up here after 10.'

'What time is it?' I asked totally confused I had only just left the common room at half 7.

'10:23, you really should get a watch' he smiled

'Do you know what room Chucks is?' I asked only saying Chuck because if I said Aaron he would think I'm like every other girl.

'Yeah its 101 just down there, why do you want to see Chuck?'

'He stole my iPod when we were in the common room and I really need to listen to my music.' I was a complete liar I keep my iPod in my room.

'Oh right cool, so just go down there and look for 101.'

'Thank you Gary, see you later.' I waved and walked down the corridor looking for 101, when I found it I took a deep breath and knocked on the door. Chuck answered and smirked.

'Came to take up on my offer?'

'No, never, I came to see Aaron is he in?'

'Yes he is do you want me to.' He got cut off by the door opening and Aaron standing there normal eyed and looking less seductive.

'Do you want to come in?' he asked in a nice enough tone I would have said yes but it's late and Chuck was there I didn't want to say anything in front of him.

'No, can we go somewhere please?' I asked not looking at Chuck checking me out.

'Yeah okay' he walked out the room and stood next to me 'Bye Chuck' I walked back up to the staircase with him closely behind I walked down the stairs and headed towards the dark corridor, I walked down the dark corridor and opened one of the old bedrooms, I turned on the lights and sat down on one of the beds, he sat on the opposite bed and looked at me. 'What did you want to talk about?' he asked.

'What happened to you earlier?' I asked studying him, he didn't look the same as I saw him in the corridor, he was much scarier then and now he looked like his normal self he wasn't even pale.

'I have no idea what you're talking about' I couldn't work out if he was lying or telling the truth, he had to be lying I felt him I saw him.

'You know fully well what I am talking about you pulled me into that corridor and got me against the wall your eyes were red and then you vanished.

He stood up and laughed 'You really should lay off the Dr Pepper.' He laughed again and then looked out the window at the dark he stopped laughing his face hardened. 'Why are you up so late?'

'I left the common room at 7:30 and I was heading back to my room when you pulled me and had me against a wall and then you vanished and I went to find you and Gary told me it was after 10.'

I looked at him he was still looking out the window.

'It's happening faster than I thought' he said darkly

'What's happening?'  I asked

'You should go to bed now.' He looked at me his eyes were bright red.

'You're eyes are red again.' I stood up and looked at him closely his face was different I put my hand on his face it was hard and cold. 'What are you?' I asked half scared and half curious. He grabbed my wrist squeezed it tightly and took it off his face not looking into my eyes.

'You need to go.' He said coldly.

'No, you have been bugging me all day saying we need to talk and asking me weird questions and now you're not yourself and I want answers so just tell me.'

He looked deep into my eyes and I was hypnotized I put my hand on his face again and he put his cold hand on top of it he slowly moved it off again and moved away from me.

'I thought I could tell you but now it's harder than I thought.' He said looking at dark sky again.

'Please tell me.' I said sounding like an idiot he looked at me again and straightened himself out.

'I am Arone God of the dark' he replied in a strong powerful voice.

'Stop messing around Aaron it's not funny.'

'I am telling the truth, I am the guy from your story.'

'Look if you didn't like my story then that's fine but there is no need to take the piss out of it.'

'Thousands of years ago me and my brothers would play games, my favourite was always called lights out I was the only one who could see through the dark, one day Father got tired of my games and banished me from existence, the past 16 years I managed to exist again but in a human body this body, I wasn't in control but it was still me, I was weak but I have become stronger and stronger, and it's because of you that I am able to be strong and in control.'

What he was saying was totally bonkers, it couldn't be true but he was sounding so serious. 'Why because of me?' I asked trying to go along with it.

'You saw me, you touched my heart, everyone else just saw what I look like which is what I'm mostly good for but you see more than my looks the only thing one Goddess I once knew could do. And you are my Goddess Jasmeena.'

'My name is Jazz not Jasmine and not Jasmeena.'

'That story you wrote the woman that is you the first you, but you modernized it.'

'I can get you help if you need it'

'You have to remember me Goddess, please take control.' He was close to crying, I think he was being serious but it was too bizarre and unreal.

'I'm sorry, I'm not who you think I am. But don't give up looking for her.'

'You are her and I am not giving up on you. You are my Goddess of the light.'

'Goddess of the light? And you're God of the dark?'

'I am he' he replied with a smile on his face.

'But isn't the light just the Sun?' I asked confused

'Yes but the Goddess of light feeds off the Sun and can use it to light whatever she needs to, but you already know about controlling the light from you're story.'

'My story was just made up.'

'No it isn't it's the goddess trying to break free'

I really wished what I was hearing was true but it wasn't I would probably wake up in some lesson that I fell asleep in.  'What was she like?'

'She was a very sneaky woman when we played my game she would be able to light everything back up again. Everyone would praise her she could be totally wrong about something but she made everyone think she was right, guys would fall for her beautiful charms which came naturally to her she didn't have to try hard.' He smiled thinking about her.

'Did you love her?' I asked

'Very much, it's a forbidden love, when people think of light and dark they think of good and evil, she brought out the good in me but she couldn't stop my games, I always had to go too far, I almost caused the world to black out forever but she fixed it but she grew weak very weak.'

'That's just like my story.'

'I told you, what happened in that story was true apart from the bit about no guys wanting her every God wanted her.'

'What happened to her?'

'I wasn't there to see her die, I whispered see you soon to her while she was weak but then father banished me. Thousands of years later I stuck to my promise Goddess.'

'I am not you're Goddess.' I couldn't be its just not real.

'Time will tell, I have fully transformed I just need you to transform.'

'Will your eyes stay that colour forever?'

'I brought brown contacts just in case, don't worry about me Goddess go to bed.' I am not you're stinking Goddess, I was going to say but I gave up. I opened the door and stood in the dark corridor.

'Did you do this?'' I asked him

'I thought we could get some privacy.' He smirked and stroked my cheek. 'Goodnight, Goddess.' He closed my eyelids with his fingers then pulled away I opened my eyes and he was gone. That is so unfair; I walked out of the corridor and up the other one and found my room.

When I got in Storm was sound asleep. Lucky for some. I went into the bathroom and put on my night dress that was hanging on the bathroom door. I looked in the mirror at my face I looked normal I am not a goddess I am not.. My eyes...they are red again...I splashed water in my face like I did last night and like last night the water didn't work. I turned the tap off and got into to bed I closed my eyes and saw Aaron's face his big red eyes.




The End

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