Did anyone ever tell you it's rude to pass notes in class?Mature

Storm woke me up at seven for breakfast. I hadn't had another freaky dream about my story I wish that I hadn't wrote or imagined but I couldn't stop thinking about it that was the weird part. I sat in the dining hall eating my sugar puffs thinking about that woman and what she had done to save the Earth.

Good news my eyes had restored to its natural colour, I could have just been so tired and imagined it I mean it's hardly likely my eyes turned bright red it must have either been tiredness or a dream.

Bad news those three girls spread around that I am a big bully and I punched Aaron Bane's. I mean I would have loved to have punched him but I didn't I just simply had ago at him for making me lose my chips. It's been completely blown out of proportion.

'Jazz, honey you're cereal is going all soggy just eat it instead of playing with it.' Matt said in his campish way.

'Huh?' I asked dumbly

'Your cereal eat it.' He said

'Oh I'm not that hungry' I lied, I was starving but I couldn't eat I just wanted this rumour and this story too leave right now. I looked at Aaron's table he was laughing and chatting with his guy friends.

I scraped my chair back and stood up still looking at Aaron he turned his head to me and stopped laughing he just stared at me. I looked away and took my bowl to the back where all the rest of the bowls and plates were. I looked back to Aaron who was now walking up to me.

'Can we talk?' He asked in a friendly way.

'No, now leave me alone.' I said coldly.

'It's important, please just listen to me.' He begged I just wanted him to leave me alone.

'No, goodbye.' I walked out of the dining hall and went to my first lesson of the day which was maths. I walked to the other side of school to my maths classroom I was half an hour early and nobody was in there, I sat at my desk in the middle of the classroom and took out my book which had my work in. I stared at the bare board for about ten minutes then turned to the back of my book where I do my little doodles. I doodled for a while and Miss Richmond came in smiling.  She was petite and quite pretty if she put more effort into how she looked; she was in her 30's and always wore glasses around her neck.

'Jazz you're here early' she said cheerfully.

'Yeah I just love maths.' I said sarcastically which she didn't really pick up on thank God.

'Well that is fantastic, have you done you're set work?' she asked seriously.

'Yes of Course when have I not?' I smiled and then students filed in the room and sat at their desks, they were really noisy it was giving me a headache. Miss Richmond started writing the objectives on the board which was my cue to carry on doodling I hardly ever did class work I would just write notes and copy some of the examples and then write random numbers and get away with it. She wrote some examples on the board and everyone silently copied them I copied 2 of them and then turned back to the back of my book and drew a picture of the woman from my story/dream, it was of her lying on the ground asleep she had long blonde hair and wore a gold locket with a green diamond in the middle (My own personal touch) she was wearing a long white dress that was dirty from being homeless.

Miss Richmond walked over I quickly switched the pages back and wrote figures down from the questions we were supposed to be doing. She looked at my book and smiled at me.

'Great work Jazz.' She said and carried on walking around the classroom. How the hell am I doing good work? I just made the answers up. I felt like a teacher's pet. When the bell went everyone brought their books to the front and walked out as fast as they could. I said goodbye and walked out and walked down the corridor to Spanish with Miss Casablanca.

Kyra was already there I sat next to her and got my Spanish book out.

'Hola Kyra.' I smiled

'Hey we never got a chance to talk this morning what was up with you?' she asked sounding worried.

'I just got a lot on my mind; sorry I didn't mean to be distant.'

'It's okay we are just worried about you, what happened with you and Aaron at the back? He was looking really pale when you left.'

'I have no idea he is annoying me though, he keeps wanting to talk to me.'

'Aww poor Aaron maybe I should comfort him.' She said gazed off into her love bubble with Aaron. I clicked my fingers in front of her to get her attention.

'You are free to go comfort him but I do not give my blessing on your bubble of love.'

'What are you talking about?' she asked

'Nevermind.' I replied and looked to the front I hadn't realised the class had already started until Miss started talking louder to get our attention. I wrote the date into my book and copied out what was on the board.

'Jasmine, translate what I just said please.' Miss Casablanca said looking at me; did she just call me Jasmine? She always calls me Jasmine.

'Can you repeat what I'm translating please?' I asked I wasn't listening in other words.

'Mi encanta espanol'

'I love Spanish? 'I guessed completely clueless.

'Si, muy bien Jasmine.'

'It's Jazz miss.' I said and Kyra elbowed me in the ribs. Damn that girl has strength.

'Very well.' She said and carried on asking people to translate. I looked at Kyra and she gave me an evil smile which I mimicked. The lesson ended after long boring hour of boringness, I said goodbye to Kyra and joined my English class which my best friend Storm was in, unfortunately it was assigned seating so I wasn't on her table but I was unfortunately sat on Aaron Bane's table along with his friend Joe and 2 other girls Mel and Ruby. They were nice to me but they always drool over Aaron and Joe. After Aaron, Joe was probably the 2nd hottest guy in school he was tall, muscular, has short layered brown hair and brown eyes, when Aaron's not around to be drooled over and Joe is then they drool over him.

Mr Wells arrived and wrote the objectives down. I tried not to look at Aaron who was sat next to me whispering to Joe about how Mr Wells was supposedly gay.

'Good morning class, I got most of your coursework sent to me, the one I was most impressed with and I would like her to read it out to you all is Jazz McKenzie.'

I sank down in my chair. 'Jazz isn't here today.' I said trying to hide.

'Very funny Jazz if you won't read then I will read it for you.' He said seriously.

'Fine I will read.' I got up and went to the front of the class, Mr Wells handed me a copy of my coursework and I began to read I didn't have to look at the paper because I knew it off by heart which is probably a gift and a curse. I looked around the class as I was reading some people looked interested some were pretending to listen and the rest were just being plain rude. I looked at my table Ruby and Mel looked interested Joe was listening but not as interested and Aaron was looking at me and hanging onto every word I said which was really weird maybe he was hoping I would talk to him if he pretended to care. 'When she opened them again she saw a man's face looking down on her, he had bright red eyes and a beautiful face she tried to sit up but was too weak to move. He lay down next to her and grabbed her hand and whispered in her ear "See you soon" everything went blurry and then she died.' I gave the paper back to Sir while everyone was clapping then I hurried back to my seat.

I drew the same woman in the back of my English book while Sir carried on talking about the lesson. I could feel Aaron's eyes on me and it was annoying the hell out of me. I looked at him and he handed me a piece of paper I opened it and it said "We need to talk about that story" I looked at him then underneath I scribbled "NO!" I passed him back the paper and carried on drawing the woman. He passed it me back seconds later I looked at it and it said "that drawing is the woman from the story yes?" I replied saying "Yes now leave me alone." I gave it him back, why was he so bothered if it was or if it wasn't, it's none of his business.

'Sir.can I go to the nurse's office please?' Aaron said I looked at him and he was really pale Kyra was right.

'Yes of course.' He said and Aaron shot up and hurried out of the room. I looked at Joe who was looking at me I smiled at him and he smiled back I think I went red in the face I looked down and tried to do the work we were set do. Joe passed me a note he wrote "What's wrong with Aaron?" underneath I wrote "No idea" and passed the note back to him. I looked at him writing back and the he passed it to me it said "Are you two together?" when I read I was about to ask If I could go to the nurses office aswell instead I wrote "No!" he took the note back and when he read it I saw a little smile on his face I smiled a little and read his reply which made me smile again "Good!" what did he mean by good? "Why good?" I passed it him back and then he replied saying "You don't need a guy like Aaron he is in love with himself" when I read it I giggled a little and passed it back saying "So what kind of a guy do I need?" I smiled and gave it back to him he smiled aswell and then quickly replied then passed it to me I read it and my jaw dropped it said "A guy like me" I looked at him and he was still smiling at me I replied back saying "Oh really?" and he replied saying "Yeah, so how about it?" I read it and replied saying "How about what?" play hard to get Jazz. He then wrote "You and me together." I had to read it three times I stared into his eyes and then nodded my reply he smiled and I blushed. I looked at Mel and Ruby they hadn't noticed us passing notes they were too into their work.

Was I now with Joe? Was Joe with me? I think we are. For the rest of the lesson I actually did some work Aaron hadn't come back in which was good I didn't want him to keep trying to talk to me, he is just a pain in the butt. When the bell went we packed up our stuff and walked out of the classroom for lunch.

'Jazz, wait up.' I turned to see who was calling my name it was Joe I stopped and waited for him. He stood in front of me and it was very awkward did we hug? Shake hands? Salute? Instead we just smiled at each other. 'I would sit with you at lunch but the guys. you know?'

'Yeah don't worry about it, how about we keep us between us for a while? Just so we can see if us is going to work.' I suggested to him he smiled and looked kind of relieved.

'That's what I was thinking I just didn't want to upset you or anything.' He said in such generous way.

'I wouldn't have been upset. Well I guess you better get to your guys.'

'Yeah, I will see you later.' He moved in and kissed my lips and then walked ahead of me. I looked up the corridor with my hand on my lips still feeling his lips on mine. I pulled myself together and then walked toward the dining hall. There was only a few people in the corridor, at lunchtime the main places people hang out is the common rooms or in the dining hall also they go back to their own rooms and invite their friends.

I entered the dining hall and went straight to the food, I picked up a plate and picked up a BLT baguette I moved my hand between two people and grabbed a bottle of Dr Pepper. I walked to my table where Storm, Kyra and Matt were sat, I put my plate and drink on the table and sat down.

'Hey teachers pet.' Storm said smiling. See I wasn't the only one who thought I was teacher's pet.

'Hey Guys.' I smiled at them and they smiled back.

'Great story' Storm said 'I told you he would like it.'

'Thanks, today has been so boring.' I bit into my baguette and listened to what Matt was saying about our shopping spree on Saturday.

'It's J's birthday on Saturday.' Kyra said smiling at me I smiled back yay she remembered it was my birthday.

'Oh my God I totally forgot.' Matt said 'Ouch Kyra did you just kick me?'

'You're not supposed to tell someone you forgot their birthday.' Kyra said being a bit hard on him.

'Kyra its fine I like his honesty' I said giving Matt a reassuring look. We chatted about the Spanish lesson and how I am such a teacher's pet. Storm told me what my next coursework was since I never listened; I was too busy passing notes to Joe, but she doesn't know that.

'Hey guys I have to go help out a teacher so I will see you guys later' Matt stood up and gave us a hug then hurried out of the dining room.

I looked at the guys table and Joe was eating his sausage and chips. I looked at the empty seat which Aaron always occupies.

'He must still be with the nurse.' Storm said I looked at her weirdly. 'I wander what's wrong with him, weren't you two passing notes when he asked to leave?' she accused correctly.

'Yeah, he kept asking to talk to me.' I bet she thinks I know what's wrong with him. 'I have to go I will see you later.' I got up and walked away I could hear Storm say "She is hiding something." I looked at the guys table and they had already gone. I walked to the common room and they were in there playing pool. I walked over to them and stood next to one of them who were called Dale. He was alright looking he had similar hairstyle to Joe but his hair was blonde, he wasn't as muscular but he was thin and not the weird skinny thin just the average thin. He was my height and had lovely brown eyes.

'Hey its Dale right?' I said twisting my finger in my hair like I have seen some girls do. I don't even know why I am trying to flirt with him.

'Hey yes it is and you're Jazz right?' he smiled at me

'Yeah I am I think we have Maths together.'

'Yes we.' he got cut off by Joe dragging me away.

'Hey Jazz what are you doing?' he asked like I am about to commit a crime.

'Hey Joe I just wanted to talk to the guys.' I smiled at him but he wasn't smiling.

'I saw you flirting with him.' He accused I stopped smiling and moved away from him.

'Don't pull the jealous boyfriend act on me we haven't even been dating for 2 hours.'

'I'm sorry I just want us to work and you with the guys. I know what they are like they like the attention.'

'Well let's just forget about hiding it lets show them we are together.'

'Is that what you want?' he asked

'Yes it's pointless otherwise.' I smiled and he kissed my lips and luckily the guys were looking and their expressions was classic. I looked at the common room door and Aaron was standing there looking at me. I don't know why but I felt really guilty even though I have nothing to be guilty about, I turned away from him and smiled at Joe.

I stood against the wall and watched Joe play pool against Tom. Joe was winning and I was cheering him on Aaron Kept looking at me across the other side of the pool table but it wasn't a nice stare it was a stare of betrayal, which makes no sense. I kept my eyes on the ground or on Joe trying to avoid Aaron's gaze.

After lunch was over I went to my last three lessons which was Science, French and Art. Science was boring all we did was learn about the solar system and try think of a rhyme that will help us remember the order, I came up with many vampires eat mouldy jam sandwiches unless non provided, and the teacher thought it was the best one in the class, teacher's pet.

French was even more boring we had to learn the days of the week and month off by heart and then we had to sing an embarrassing French song and she praised me for being a brilliant singer, Teachers pet.

Art was fun I was able to draw my story in a story board and it turned out just as I imagined. I painted it and drew another storyboard about SpongeBob square pants. Mr Miles thought they were both excellent and showed the whole class, Teachers pet.

Lessons were finally over for today, it was half five and time for dinner I wouldn't have it so soon I would wait for fifteen minutes. I was sat in my usual seat at my usual table Storm and Kyra wasn't there yet it was just me and Matt.

'Did you hear about me and Joe?' I asked him after a long awkward silence.

'Yes I can't believe you didn't tell Me.' he said looking really sad.

'I'm sorry I wanted to tell you but I didn't see you after lunch I am so sorry.'

'It's okay I guess it wasn't your fault you didn't tell Me.' he said still looking sad.

'Who told you anyway?'


'Aaron who?'

'Aaron Bane's'

'I will kill him' I said angrily 'He has no right telling you who I am going out with.'

'Yeah I know have you seen how pale he is?'

'Yeah I sat next to him in English, he went to the nurse she probably said she couldn't do anything about it.' I turned my head to his table and unfortunately for him he was sat there, I stood up and looked at Matt. 'I am just going to go talk to him.'  I walked over to his table and stood next to Joe's seat and looked right at Aaron 'How dare you tell my friends that I am going out with someone it's none of your business who I go out with and thanks to you I have been getting called a bully, just leave me alone.' I stared at him angrily he looked paler than before. I turned and walked away before he could reply. I stood in the lunch cue grabbed a bottle of Dr Pepper and a banana then walked out of the dining hall. I forgot to say goodbye to Matt I will apologize to him later. I just had to get out of the same room as Aaron Bloody Bane's.

The End

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