Woman who lost everythingMature

I went into the common room and turned one of the TVs on. What I loved about the common room was that it was only for year 11's to year 13 and the years below have to share a common room. I decided to watch the news channels the world couldn't be as bad as I was feeling at this moment in time. Those stupid girls were making up stupid lies I didn't even hit him all I did was have ago at him for making me lose my chips and all most killing my precious Dr Pepper. God he made me so angry.

Now that I thought about it he isn't even that good looking he is just some guy who wants everyone to love him, he is not coming to my party that I won't be having. I flicked through the channels, news, news, news, news, discovery channel interesting.

'Jazz you are not going to waste your life by watching discovery channels, I know what happened in there was bad but at the end of the day you know the truth of what happened, people still like you.' Storm said sitting next to me and giving me a hug.

'Thanks Storm, It's just not fair you know?'

'Yeah I know but people will get over it, now come on we still have to do our English coursework and that's going to take us forever to do.' She stood up and put her hand out I grabbed it and she pulled me, I grabbed my bag put it back on my shoulder and we walked out the room.

The corridors were empty it was just me and Storm we walked up the stairs that led to the girls rooms and walked down till we found number 24. I unlocked the door and walked in, I slumped down on my bed and Storm did the same we got our laptops out and started working on our coursework.

We had to write a fictional story, mine was about a young woman who had lost her soul she didn't know who she was or what she has been doing for the past years of her life all she knew was that she was alive. In time she learned she could control sources of the light just by using her mind and hands, each day she learned something new she got stronger and stronger. Every day she would wake up eat her breakfast, have a shower, get dressed, leave for work, come home, have her dinner and go to bed. But one day she woke up realising something was missing out of her life. She didn't have a man to love her; she didn't have a family she always wanted. So when she got home one night after work she got all dressed up and went to a club and tried flirting with every guy she saw, this became a little obsession of hers but nobody wanted her, she soon lost her job and became homeless.

On Saturday 13th the whole world went black all the lights went out everything went out, all around the world nothing worked candles wouldn't light because the fire didn't work, the Earth had died. She knew she could control light but she didn't have any light near to control then she remember the earth's core was lava which gave off light, she sat down in the middle of the road closed her eyes and concentrated on the core of the earth and Imagined the whole world lit up.

Energy took over her body, she felt powerful her aura was burning up she was burning but she kept concentrating on what was important and that was the world being brought back to light. It was working the street lamps turned on and then the whole street had lights flashing on, she opened her eyes and couldn't see anything but fire she closed her eyes and lay down. When she opened them again she saw a man's face looking down on her, he had bright red eyes and a beautiful face she tried to sit up but was too weak to move. He lay down next to her and grabbed her hand and whispered in her ear..

'What is yours about?' Storm asked, I stopped typing and looked at her and told her what it was about.

'And then he whispered in her ear "see you soon" and then she died.'

'Oh Jazz that's so sad, I literally have tears in my eyes, so did he kill her?'

'No I don't think so, maybe he saw a dying woman and just wanted to comfort her while she moved on.'

'So what made you think of that? That is some imagination.'

'I have no idea I just liked the idea of this woman who lived her day to day life doing the same thing and then she just loses everything because she wanted love, then she loved her life so much she killed herself to save it.'

'You're definitely going to get a good grade for that it's amazing, have you finished writing it?'

'Yea just need to write the bit where he whispers in her ear and then she slowly drifts to a long sleep, but something tells me it wasn't the last of her.'

'That is really weird, you have issues.' She laughed and I smiled

'So what's yours about?' I asked

'Well it's no way as good as yours but three young brothers were going off to war all happy they were going to be hanging out together and laughing at the guys who couldn't be with their family. When they got there they learned they wasn't going to be in the same bit of the trenches together they were going to be separate and wouldn't be able to laugh at the other soldiers, so the night before they had to go their separate ways they thought they would cut themselves a little and use the dripping blood to put in a saucepan and heat the mixed blood. When it boiled they each poured some into their coffee and drank it so they each had a part of each other inside of them.

The next day they went into their different packs and went into the trenches. Months had past and they hadn't seen or heard from each other, the youngest brother Tom was very sick and had enough of the war so he got his gun and shot himself in the head.

At the same time the other two brothers were found in there sleeping bags with gunshot wounds in their head.'

'So the blood they put in the coffee made them like connected?' I asked her

'Yeah, their guns had been emptied the night before just in case the other soldiers try stealing the bullets.'

'I bet they wanted to kill their brother when they saw him.' I laughed

'Nah, they would have been happy he did it they got to be together again.'

'I never thought about it like that.' I admitted 'What time is it?'

'It's on the corner of your laptop.' She said, oh yeah. Stupid Jazz.

I looked at the time on my laptop it was 9:34 already. I still needed to do my maths homework and my Spanish homework.

I clicked on the internet and googled free translator (Better than spending all night trying to memorise it) I clicked on the first link and changed the setting to English to Spanish. I typed in:

Hello my name is Jazz I have long blonde hair blue eyes. I used to live in Exeter and now I live in York. I go to a boarding school and it is very boring there is nothing to do there. I have three best friends Storm, Kyra and Matt. Spanish is my favourite lesson; I wish I could live in Spain one day.

I clicked on translate waited a few seconds then it translated I copied and pasted:

Hola me llamo Jazz quetengopelonegro largo ojosazules. viv¡a en Exeter y ahorayo vivo en York. voy a un internado y a lo aburremuy no hay nada quehacer all¡. tengotresmejorTormenta de amigos, Kyra y Matt. espa¤oles mi lecci¢npredilecta, yodeseoquepuedavivir en Espa¤a un d¡a.

And that's my Spanish done. I looked at the time it had gone past ten, I looked at Storm she was sound asleep, she didn't even say goodnight, how rude. I thought I might aswell do my maths, I opened my bag and got out my maths book.

I had to work out 5 questions on multiplication which seemed pretty easy.

1. 366 x 25 = 9150

2. 783 x 42 = 32886

3. 1248 x 64 = 79872

4. 35321 x 345 = 21094745

5. 776429 x 422 = 327725038

They were really hard it took me about 45 minutes to do, I put my book back in my bag and emailed my English teacher my coursework  and then emailed my Spanish I then turned off my laptop and put it under my bed. I went into the bathroom put on my night dress then brushed my teeth; I turned the light off and got into bed.

In my dream I was the woman from my story I was lying on the road my body and my mind was very weak I tried sitting up but I couldn't I opened my eyes and saw the guy from my story standing over me with the same red eyes it was just as I imagined it, the whole place he lay next to me held my hand and whispered the same words into my ear I felt all the energy leaving my body I was dying I could feel it I closed my eyes slowly.

I shot my eyes open, I sat up quickly I felt all sweaty and hot. I got out of bed and walked quickly into the bathroom, I looked into the mirror and my eyes were bright red just like the guy in my story/dream. Was I still dreaming? What's wrong with me? I turned the tap on and splashed water in my face but my eyes were still red. I turned off the tap and walked out of the bathroom.

I got back into bed and pulled the covers over my head I closed my eyes tight I was so tired I fell straight to sleep.

The End

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