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Jazz was a wild child she was sent to boarding school 5 months ago and now she is dealing with her new life she has some new best friends and love for Dr Pepper. A homework assignment for English changes her life when she digs deep into a memory from 1000s' of years ago, a past life. The hottest guy in school tells her he is a god of the dark and that she is a goddess. Is this true or has he lost the pot?

Five months today I have been here, five months. It has changed me a little bit I used to be a wild child I guess a bit like the film, she got sent to boarding school too, but she was American and that was a film, this is real life and I am real life problem according to my parents and apparently parents are always right, and that's why I am here but my life story isn't about how much of bad girl I am it's more to do with the person I become and how living at boarding school can be un expecting and well different. So read on for the drama that comes along with me.

I sat in the dining hall waiting for my friends to come. I bit my nail a bad habit I picked up from boring lessons. When I first got here I thought it was going to be like Hogwarts or St Trinians but it's nothing like them, Hogwarts does magic and we don't and St Trinians is full of fun and this is just dull.

I looked around and saw some people from Spanish one of them was called Tracy she waved to me, I waved back and then looked up at the ceiling, it was high and had arches of thick brown beams like an ancient school, well it was kind of ancient. I looked at the walls which were painted a creamy white colour and most of the wall paint had been scratched off I bet bits land in the food they serve now that would be weirdly gross.

I miss Exeter and my old school, my friends and my ex-boyfriend. My school was way more modern than this it had hi tech computers, smart boards it had everything. The lessons were five a day but here it's six a day. The most important lessons like Science, English and Maths had 2hr lessons which sucks because Science and Maths are just a big snooze. In Exeter I would just spend them texting my boyfriend.

My boyfriend was called Josh he was totally hot and such a bad influence on me, when I started going out with him I made friends with all his friends and they were all party animals so I would sneak out the house late at night and go to house parties and get really drunk and then I would often get arrested by the police and my dad would have to come and bail me out.

I haven't spoken to my mum and dad since my mum drove me all the way from Exeter to York to this crazy boarding school or should I call it boring school. Nah it's kind of growing on, me each day a little tiny bit. So the reasons I got sent here was basically my bad friends bad boyfriend and my stupid idiotic parents for not being able to handle me. okay I got arrested six time big deal it's not like I killed a person. They are so annoying I don't think I will be talking to them for at least a year maybe they will call me on Saturday for my birthday which is in 3 days that means its Wednesday.

I will be 16 years old I guess that sounds bad being a 15 year old getting arrested six times for being drunk at parties, but I don't have a record it got cleared when my rich daddy paid it off.  He also gave me an unlimited credit card which I use whenever we are aloud out which are Saturdays and every other Sunday and I think this Sunday we are aloud out I will have to check my calendar.

I put my hand in my skirt pocket and took out my Blackberry and went on the calendar. I clicked Sunday 14 January. Yep it's let out of jail day; I put my phone back in my pocket cheerfully.

The uniform is pretty cool well I like the skirt its blue plaid with pockets I accessorised mine with a cool belt that's like 7cm wide.

The blouse is boring and white short or long sleeved and the tie is navy blue with a gold crown embroided into it. The blazer is cool navy blue with a pocket on the top with the Queen Ethelburgas logo sewed on; the collar on it has a strip of red going down the edge. For socks I wear knee high white socks which has pink around the top they are so cute and my shoes Chanel Mary Jane's not out till the fall, I'm well connected.

I looked at the dining hall door to see if I can see my friends coming in but they hadn't arrived, they better not have gone into the common room and left me to eat by myself I would be so mad at them. I twisted my finger in a strand of my hair which was long straight and blonde my natural colour as well I'm actually quite impressed with myself. I looked down at the table and tried to think of something to do while I wait.

'Hey Jazz so sorry we are late I had to get something from our room and Matt and Kyra came with me do you forgive us?' Storm said sitting on the chair in front of me, Kyra sat next to her and Matt sat next to me.

'Yes I forgive you I only just got here myself' I lied and she smiled at me.

'Thanks Jazz' Kyra said.

So Storm is my roommate, she has Blonde hair and is really pretty her eyes are a lovely green colour and her fashion sense is amazing, she is my closest friend here we stay up and just talk for hours. She isn't a bad influence like my old friends were; she is really kind and a bit of a goody, goody. She didn't get sent here for being bad her mother is the headmistress, which would be really horrible if it was my mother as the head. Her mum expects her to set a good example for all the other students and she does mostly but she can't always have her shirt tucked in.

Matt is really cool and not bad influence, just cool, down to earth, cool people think he is gay because he hangs around the girls but he acts a bit camp but he hasn't come out of the closet yet, I wouldn't mind if he was I think it would be really sweet and he can help me pick out nice shoes to go with my new dress. He is the same height as me and has dark brown hair his eyes are dark green not as a cool of a colour as Storm but still alright. He isn't very muscular but he is in good shape. He got sent here because his parents think it would be a good school for him and he could get good grades, but Storm thinks it's because he was bullied in his old school for the way he is.

Kyra is pretty she has brown hair and always has it curly which must be her natural hair style I must ask her about that one. She is thin and really pale with loads of freckles, she loves nature and so is a vegetarian which is cool except for the fact I feel bad when we eat meat around her I have to like slyly eat it, she says she doesn't mind but that doesn't clear my conscience. She got sent here because she was getting bullied by kids on her street so her parents thought she would be safer at boarding school, I guess it's kind of true there isn't bulling here and she is happier now and more confident, Storm told me one night what she used to be like when she got here, she didn't trust anyone. Poor girl. But now she is always happy which can be annoying when you have just had Two  hours of maths and had nothing to eat and she is all sunshine and rainbows, it's just not good, boo happy people.

So all of my friends are great we all have different personalities which makes us all unique.

All the kids at this school are different than people who go to public school most of us have a bad past or troubled past but we got sent here and it's like a big family, I'm friends with most people at this school but Kyra, Matt and Storm are my closest friends and I hope that we always will be.

'So how was Art?' I asked Storm who was sat sorting her uniform out to make sure it was a perfect example to set for the passing children, I looked at my uniform my shirt was un tucked my tie wasn't done up and my top 3 buttons were undone, I think I should be role model of the year or the century.

'It was alright; remind me on Saturday to get some more newspaper. School is running out again.' She said fussing with her tie, I wish I could just tell to her to chill out but that would be mean and she is really sensitive.

'Yeah I will don't worry but is it really your job to get them?' she is always taking on too much responsibility; just because she is the head's daughter doesn't mean she needs to do everything that's her mums job not hers.

'I just like to keep busy, I don't mind honestly I just want to be able to do things for the school and make it a non-busy school.' She replied standing up, is she angry at me? Damn it Jazz you're so stupid. 'Are we going to get something to eat or what? I'm starving." She smiled and walked up to the lunch cue.

I stood up and so did Kyra and Matt, I forgot they were there they had been so quiet, I will talk to them when we sit back down, I promised myself.

We walked up to the lunch cue and I looked to see what was on today's specials, sausage and chips yum,  lasagne yum, chicken curry and rice yum, sandwiches yum, bowl of soup yum, I think I will get a bowl of chips and bottle of Dr Pepper. I picked up what I wanted and waited while Storm got her chicken curry, Matt got lasagne and Kyra got a bowl of vegetable soup, yum healthy.

I walked backwards to the table talking to them about how great Dr Pepper is they think it will rot my teeth, if it does then at least it was caused by something I love the most. I carried on walking backwards then bumped into someone, my chips went everywhere and my Dr Pepper fell on the floor; it all happened in slow motion like in the films, I bent down and picked up my Dr Pepper.

'You just made me lose all my chips and hurt my precious Dr Pepper bottle.' I said standing up and moving my hair out of my face I looked at the person I was having ago at and it was Aaron Bane's the hottest guy in the whole school, every girl wanted him. At lunch he would sit with his crew of boys no girls aloud. I never drooled over him like all the girls did but I thought he was absolutely gorgeous. His body was muscular he knew how to work a school uniform his hair was black it was short and straight but spiky at the back someone knows how to use hair products.

'Well if you had learnt how to walk forward then maybe you would have seen that I was in your path, did you think about that?' he argued back sounding so hot.

'Well maybe I was thinking if someone was in my way they would have the decency to move out of the way. I guess I misjudged." I smirked at him.

'Well maybe you did misjudge.' He agreed and smirked I turned away from him and walked back to my table where the three of them had scurried off to. I sat down and looked back at Aaron he looked at me and smiled a little, I think it was a smile I gave him evils and turned back around and drank my Dr Pepper in 3 gulps, yes it's that good.

'I can't believe you just had ago at Aaron Bane's.' Matt said in a low voice like he would get in trouble for talking about it.

'He is just a guy, he isn't God like he likes to think he is and the girls who drool over him are just ridiculous' I replied shaking my head seriously they are all over him I will probably get hate mail sent through my door saying "Leave Aaron Bane's alone!" I played with the bottle on the table and shrugged. 'He deserved it he sent my chips everywhere and he tried to kill my Dr Pepper.' I said in a cute voice.

'What is it with you and Dr bloody Pepper?' Kyra asked insulting me.

'Oh my God I can't believe you just asked me that, Dr Pepper is a gift from the heavens it's tasty and affordable.'

'You have issues girl' she said shaking her head and started talking to Matt about their history work. I turned to Storm.

'You thought he was out of order right?' I asked her

'Yeah I suppose, but I think you upset him.'  She replied completely against me, well not completely but still she thought I upset him.

'I don't see why everyone makes such a big deal out of him, I don't think he is that good looking' I lied and started biting my nails again.

I turned back to him and he turned and looked at me again.

I stood up and looked away from him. 'Hey J where are you going?' Storm asked.

'Just going to sit in the common room and watch some TV maybe call my mum, see you later guys.' I picked up my bag from under the table put it on my shoulder.

'I thought you said you were going to wait for them to ring you first.' Kyra butted in making me scream inside.

I cleared my throat 'yeah I was but it doesn't look like they are going to anytime soon so I thought what the heck, so I will see you later?'

'Yeah sure' they said and I walked away from the table and walked down the guys table ignoring Aaron Bane's stare. Three 11 year olds stopped in front of me, right in front of Aaron.

'Why did punch Aaron?' one of them said in a cocky voice.

'One I didn't, second please get out of my way before I punch you.' I said aggressively.

'We heard you swearing at him right before you punched him' the girl in the middle accused sounding just as cocky. I looked at Aaron who was listening to the conversation. They looked at him too. 'Aaron Bane's Oh my God.' The girl in the middle said drooling over him.

'Oh please he is just guy, no need to drool he isn't worth it.' I said looking at him pissed off. He heard what I said and didn't look angry more confused that I didn't like him.

'Why are you so mean to Aaron? You bully." the girl who hadn't argued at me till now said.

She called me a bully since when did I become the big bad wolf I gave him evils. 'Gee thanks a lot Aaron making people think I'm a bully just don't ever come near me or talk to me' I said and moved the three annoying girls out of my way. He stood up to follow me but I ran out.


The End

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