Gidian's head was still wrapped around his grandfather's idea. He was thinking to himself:

"I've never been to Ireland, I don't even know a thing about the place and out of all places, why Ireland?"

He walked down to the kitchen where he found Dale drinking a bottle of beer. Gidian and Dale met at university where Dale accidentaly bumped into Gidian while trying to figure out in which room he belonged to, turns out they were paired together. They have been roommates ever since. Never separated. Dale offers his companion a beer and throws it to him and says:

"So, long day huh?" he says it without knowing how to express the awkwardness of the surprise Gidian's grandfather had in store for him.

"Yeah you could say that, I just wonder, was Ireland a random pick by my grandfather or just some place he really wanted me to see with him? Either way I'm still going, I think a small vacation is all I need." he drinks a small amount of the bottle handed by his friend.

"Well y'know, whatever you did back in the docks was just out of hand, you realize this yes?"  Dale looks at him with probing eyes as if he were interrogating him.

Gidian turns to the defensive and says:

"Yes I know, how many times do I have to say it? I messed up, I know I should man up and just face the music, but what else can I do at this point? I was rejected by three different publishers, the girl I'm so head over heels for who chose some douchebag over me and left me all messed up here."

Dale puts his drink down the table knowing his roommate is on edge. He sits on kitchen counter and gives his friend a glare. Trying to find out the words to say to calm him down.

"I know what you're thinking Dale, I should take it easy but its not as easy as it looks. I try and I try and so on but I just don't know how to feel any better. Its impossible I tell you." Gidian's tone changed.

"It's ok man, alot of things happen, it's just part of being human. If you feel ashamed of it then make up for it. Go on that trip, make yourself feel better, write new stuff and for god's sake get a new girl that doesn't drive insane or at least not as insane as you are right now. Mary Ann will never get back to you, get over it. We were all born alone and we will all die alone. So we might as well be happy alone while we're still alive. Any skeletons in your closet are bound to show but you have to relax."

With that said all that Gidian could do is pat on his shoulder, reminding him what a good friend he is and they both left to bed.

The End

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