The Arrival

It has been seven days since Gidian James woke up from ihs hospital bed; it is nine o'clock in the morning and Alma arrives in a taxi cab to pick him up. Gidian is signing his papers by the counter on the entrance while the doctor instructs him not to do any high profile activities and Alma approaches him and says:

"Are you feeling better? I have a surprise for you back home"

Gidian looks at her with a grin and tells her:

"Its not much of a surprise if you've already told me a couple of days ago"

"Yeah well you will be surprised Dukie, I have something special cooked up" she replies.

Gidian has always been known to be skeptical and sarcastic, but its these qualities that give him a comical wit. As the walked outside the hospital, Alma called for the taxi cab, Gidian was looking at the ground as he was still thinking on what happened and the sun was shining bright on him. As the taxi cab parks in front of them Gidian jokes:

"Will you ever get a car of your own?'

"One of these days, I just like the time to think along the trips" she says with a charismatic look in her face.

They both enter the cab, while Alma gives the directions to the cab driver, Gidian reaches for his pants to check if his wallet is still in his pockets. He takes out a swiss army wallet and takes out the contents. His I.D. card, some spare change, a photo of Mary Ann and in that instance, he felt hollow. He can still remember the first time they met through a social website.

 Gidian met her through a mutual friend who wanted him to meet his friends, at first he wasn't sure if it was a good idea, but he did it anyway. They eventually started talking, she had the attitued he thought he liked in a girl, they didn't hit the sweetest notes. He was having flashbacks of all the nights messaging her, texting her and calling her, the only moment they were really alone and then they got to their home.

As they got out of the cab, Gidian saw the place he called home, it was a normal place, comfortable and simple like a home he thought should be.

The roots of the big old tree in front of his house were covering almost all of the front yard, it looked as if they had painted it into a new mandarin colour, the tiles on the edges of the roof on the second floor were getting a little bit pale, there was a grey cat lying down by the porch on the door, the garage gate was open with a cherry red mustang with its hood open and the taxi cab drove away leaving Alma covering Gidian's eyes with a blindfold.

She held his hand dragging him to the door, Gidian was walking slowly and Alma kept on telling him:

"Relax, follow the sweet soothing sound of my voice"

"It's soothing alright" Gidian joked.

As he arrived to the door, he could hear Alma opening the door, Gidian took a deep breath as he know people would jump up to surprise him. He enters the door and Alma tells him to take off the blindfold and does so, leaving a confused face. He sees neither decorations nor people hiding or waiting to surprise him, not even the radio is on. He looks at Alma and she's giggling and tells him:

"I told you, this time I would surprise you"

Gidian replies:

"This is some kinda of surprise, where is everybody?"

"Well Martin went to pick some groceries, Dalen is out on work,  Claire and Audrey went to the bank and I don't know where Julius is" Alma replied smiling.

 Gidian seemed surprised that his friends would not be around to greet him after all that has happened, he felt a sort of chill, as if something moved through him.

"That is why I'm taking you to lunch, then we can go out each one of us" alma said it so reassuring that Gidian even did a half smile just because she has always been so optimistic.

"Now go and change clothes and I'll wait for you here" said the girl. 

With those words Gidian walked up the stairs to his room, while on the stairs he could see all the pictures with his friends, his family and the cat of course.  He entered his room to find everything untouched, the laptop was in his desk where it always was, his clothes were scattered all around his room, he could smell that perculiar scent of his room, his bed was still a mess, the perfumes and deodorant were all opened as usual and the cat jumped on his bed and rolled up into a ball in his sheets.

 Minutes later he changes into some clothes he hasn't used in months and they still fit, a white shirt, his regular cargo shorts and some sandals with some sand left in them. He goes down the stairs to find all his friends and family, including his parents yelling:

"Welcome Home!"

Gidian was surprised, he could see dips and chips on the table, suddenly the music from the music turned on out loud, he saw people outside on the terrace with drinks in their hands and his parents smiling since they haven't seen his boy in years.

The End

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