In the pouring rain by beaches of  Los Angeles, there sits Gidion James. Wearing a black button up with a gray jacket, black cargo pants and dark green sneakers, he stares at the waves rushing against the shore, his phone ringing but he leaves it on the sand. He walks on the boardwalk, he steps on the edge, and takes one more glance at his world behind him and before he takes another he closes his eyes as his memories start flashing in his mind. 

He sees the first moment he graduated from university, the nights he spent with his friends, the hours spent on his computer writing his book, his mother's funeral, the interviews with editors in New York, the moment he met Mary Ann, the afternoons spent in the cafe, the sleepless nights texting on his blackberry with her, the first time he asked her out to a date, their first kiss, their first night together, the days spent longing to see one another. Then the images go back to his childhood, then to his teenage life until now. 

He takes one step back from the ledge, he takes a small breathe and looks up in the sky to see how beautiful the rain is to him.As he removes his glasses, he can see for the first time his life with eyes wide open, tears and raind drops come streaming down his face and he falls to his knees.

 'Why god?' he prays. 'Why did this happen to me? Where did I go wrong? How did i get to this point?'

Thunder starts to rumble, the storm gets worse and Gidion gets up on his feet and screams at the horizon, he steps on the ledge, closes his eyes and takes one more breath. He hears tire screaming on the pavement on the street near the beach,  a taxi cab, from out of the cab comes out a browned haired girl.

"No don't do it Gidion!" the girl yelled

''This is not the way to go, back home we need you, I need you, I beg you please just come down and talk to me"

 The girl had tears streaming down her face urgin him to step away from the ledge  and he says:

"You don't care about me, none of you do, I thought you did but all you did was tear me down!" The man  yelled at the top of his lungs, breathing heavily.

 "It took everything, but I'm finally broken, thanks to all of you!"

The girl cried:

"That's not true, I never gave up on you, I love you, it took all I had to finally say it!'

The man screams:

"Well its too late now, I decided what I want in my life and it has nothing to do with this world"

A policeman comes up and yells:

 "Sir please step down from the ledge and lets talk this over, we can get to some agreement"

"There is no compromise here officer, there is no other way out" replies the man on the ledge.

Gidian jumps and they rush to the ledge, the policeman called 911, the girl cried while holding onto the ledge while holding on to the pole Gidian was clinging as she saw him getting washed away by the roaring waves crashing against each other. Hours have past, people have been wondering of Gidian's disappearance.

Gidian awakes at the hospital, he sees flowers to his left and a window overlooking the whole city on the right, in front of him, is the girl from the boardwalk, rested against the wall and sleeping. Gidian sees bruises around his body, he doesn't know how we got there.

The nurse comes in bringin food and she's quite surprise to see him awake and says:

"Oh you've finally woken up, you've been out for a couple of days; she's been here everyday if you're wondering, I'll go inform the doctor that you're awake' she leaves the tray on the table and the girl wakes up.

She walks up to Gidian and says:

"Oh my god thank god you're awake, I thought you'd be gone, there was another man who swam against all the rush waves and carried you to shore. He saved your life. I'm so glad you're okay"

Gidian replies:

 "I... I thought I was gonna die... Where am I?" he asks.

 "You're in a hospital, you've been out for like two days, that boardwalk was high but it wasn't high enough' she says with a small grin on her face looking at Gidian with her bright eyes.

 "Alma I'm so sorry, I... I didn't know what was going on in my mind, I was just so lost and I...".

 Alma rests her hand on is head and says:

 "It's alright  Dukie, I'm just glad you're still alive" she tells him with a reassuring tone of voice.

Gidian stares at her. The doctor steps in, he was holding his clipboard and a cup of coffee, he puts down the coffee on the table and starts coughing a bit and says with a german accent:

"Well mister James, it seems you've had quite a ride with the waves, you've had made a slight recovery these past two days, I suggest you stay for another week and then you'll be free to go but I'm afraid your friend here cannot stay any longer"

Alma looks at Gidian and says:

 "I'll be at home perparing a welcome party or something"

 She turns away and Gidian grabs her arm and tells her:

"Wait, I want a small party. Just you, me and the rest of the guys and thank you, for caring Alma"

She turns around and gives him a kiss on the cheek and walks away with the doctor while Gidian rests his head on the pillow and sleeps.

The End

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