Fourteen year-old Tara lived a hard life. She didn't get along with her parents and was only close with one of her siblings. When she wasn't at home she spent her times a parties just to try and tell her parents that they couldn't tell her what to do. Then disaster strikes leaving Tara the only one of her family alive. Tara is then shipped from New York to Spanish Fork, Utah to live with her new adoptive family where she learns the power of love and sisterhood.


The house was full of tension as Tara stopped off to her room that she shared with her older brother, Riley. There wasn't enough room in the house for everyone to have their own room. There were only three bedrooms in the entire house and Tara's parents didn't have the money to buy a new house. The younger siblings (there were four of them) shared one room and the older two shared another then their parents had the other.

"When will they learn that this is my life?" she muttered angerly without noticing Riley sitting on his bed on the other end of the room. She pulled out the pony tail that she used to pull her thick dirty blond hair back, letting it fall onto her shoulders.

"What did you do this time?" Riley asked making Tara spin around to face him.

"All I did was stop by Josie's house after school for a minute to pick up my jacket! I did get a little distracted but I'm home now! Why can't they just leave me along!" she growled angrily. They didn't understand her. The only person she could trust with these kinds of things was Riley.

"Just give them time." he said gently as Tara sat down next to him. "Eventually you'll be eighteen and you can do whatever you want to do."

"I don't want to wait until I'm eighteen though! I'll die before those four years pass." She said as Riley smiled.

"You've survived fourteen years already. I bet you can live for four more." he put an arm around his younger sister. "If I made it you can make it."

That night Tara had snuck out for a party. When she returned home at two in the moring she found something very unexpeced....

The End

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