Worth itMature

When has anything ever been worth it? Not that there hasn't been anything worth it, I'm just saying in general. Dying sucks. But you see, so does living. You fight through everyday and sometimes you feel dead trying. And before then, you're just getting drained, further, and further. Until there's nothing left. And you suffer alone. You suffer alone inside yourself. It's not that there aren't people like you, because of course there is, there always is. But you still suffer alone. And still, with that, only broken people find broken people. Sad and unfortunate as it is. Well it's not entirely sad and unfortunate, it's the fact that no one else can really see you, understand you. Because that's what it's like. Something dreadful happens, and no-one around understands that, you are isolated and alone. And it sucks because you just want someone to hear and see you, and only the broken people do. But see, everybody's broken. We're all just getting really good at hiding it. And that's one of the worst parts. I mean, of course you want someone to see that everything is wrong, but you hide it anyways because you don't want people to know, you don't want the ones who could never understand to try to understand. It's difficult to live like that. To live lies. And when someone finally does understand, it's like everything is looking up, everything is getting better. And you revel in it, you enjoy the thought of not having to hide anymore. And suddenly they're gone, and you're left more hurt, broken, lost, and alone than before. See, I believe love exists. It's just that so many of the wrong people get in the way of the right one. And you figure after words there's nothing left. But there is always something. There is a reason you are alive, and it's not just to find that right person. It's to see that there are parts of the world that really aren't that bad. At times it may feel as though it's not worth it, but it truly is. You know, butterflies cannot see their wings, they cannot see their beauty that everyone else loves. We humans are much the same. I'm saying that things may look awful now, but they do get better. It may take awhile, sure. But it will be worth it, I swear. You may not like everything you see right now, but there is something out there that you will love. It's one of those things that shows you it's all worth it. I know you don't see it now, but you will. Soon.

The End

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