Death #3Mature

(There's nothing left, the fear is gone.)

I was asked why I wanted to die. I have so many answers to that question.. But the one I chose was life sucks. But that isn't the answer I wanted to use, to say. It isn't just that life sucks, it's that pretty much everything sucks. It's not even that "oh she's depressed and hormonal she's totally fine" bullshit. It's that I've seen what the world is really like. It just doesn't seem worth it to live and see the ones you care about, and love, fall or die and you can't even help them. How does that feel? Knowing you can't save anyone? That everyone is destined for this worthless, merciless, cruel, unwielding end? See, this is where the quote "You can't save everyone." comes into play. Sure, you can't save everyone. But the truth is you can't really save anyone. It's the feeling of helplessness. It courses though you, when you finally realize this.

The End

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