A little saneMature

I tend to sit and think a lot. About what, however, changes constantly. It's rather hard to tell right now what I'm thinking about. "How can you not know what you're thinking?" Simple. You delve into your conscience and you look at all your views of the world, and you examine it all, all the opinions and thoughts and feelings, and you knot your mind up. Doing such a thing is difficult to walk through. You see, people would think that if they leapt inside a crazy persons head they'd find the most muddled up bog they'd seen, nothing would make sense. When, in all honesty, if one were to do that, they would find something so simple and sane they'd wonder why said person were labeled crazy. It's the actions taken to such thoughts that thou gets labeled crazy. But isn't that what everyone wants? To be labeled as sane, when no one truly is.

The End

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