A littleMature

Maybe I do know a little bit about what love is like. I know enough to say that it's one of the worst things you can feel. Well, maybe not, but the heartbreak is enough like that. And I mean.. Okay. Let me try to approach this differently.. You know when you have a crush on someone? How giddy you feel? The butterflies in your tummy? When you blush and get nervous when you see them? Yeah, that's how it starts. Then maybe, just maybe, you get lucky and they like you back. And you get together. And it's nice. And you guys stay together, and that crush turns into something so much more. And you don' know what to call it, and then you do. One day it just hits you that you're in love. And you smile, nonstop. And you're just so high up, you don't think you'll come down. And suddenly it starts fading away. If it's anything like mine, anyways. Mine was beautiful. He made it easy, for both of us. He acted sweet and like honey, and I was the puzzle piece that didn't fit anywhere. It's always been like that. I just can't seem to do much right. That's exactly how it was. That's somewhat what our arguments were like. He'd say he wasn't good enough, that he couldn't do anything right, and I'd battle back and say it was me. But it was both of us. 

The End

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