That last pieceMature

I wish some things last(ed) longer than they do. Scars, memories, words, thoughts, smiles, laughter. Dreams. But they don't. It's like they're gone in a flash. They're there for a little while, but are gone too soon. I don't mean just physical scars. I mean emotional and mental. Everyone's got scars of all sorts. And with memories.. Well you swear you'll keep them for as long as you can but soon those too, are faded away with everything else. Words last for as long as it takes to say them. They last longer when they're written. Thoughts are different. They can last for as long as you keep it in your head. Smiles last as long as the memory they go with, along with laughter. Dreams last only for a night. It's all the little things you keep with you, and maybe that's all you need. And it's a little bit of your sanity, it's little pieces of you with everything. And those start to get lost and fade away with everything else, and you start to die inside little by little. And it sucks because you're losing yourself and you're trying so hard and fighting to make it not happen, fighting to keep that little piece of you alive. And you cradle that piece of you and you do everything you can to protect it, to keep some sort of meaning to it, so that it still means something, anything. And one day, what if it's gone? You wake up, and it's not there anymore. And you feel so much emptier than before, you're completely and utterly lost. And you're just stuck like that, completely dead inside. And at some point, you might get lucky and start to wonder again, and little pieces will come back. But if you're not, you're gone, just like that. And there's really nothing you can do about it. You can't really save yourself.

The End

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