"Forever" is just one of those things no one really understands. We all say "Ah yea, forever and ever" and there's forever in all those fairy tales that you've loved so much when you were small, but in reality there is no forever. You can say it all you want, and the word can exist, but the thing the word implies won't, and doesn't. Forever is an incorrect concept. Forever doesn't exist. I'm not trying to hurt you, I'm trying to tell you that forever is an incorrect concept, forever just doesn't exist. It's not something you can wait for, it's not something you can live. There is an end, an end for everyone and everything. You see the trees, they die. The land beneath them dies. The plants around them die. The flowers around them die. Everything dies. There is no forever. Only death. Death is what awaits every one of us. It is there to catch all who fall, and there is nothing you can do but wait until it catches you. And maybe it's too soon for all the young ones gone, and I'm not going to be a jerk and say "everything happens for a reason" because truthfully they don't. They just happen and there's little you can do about it, if anything at all. You're just stuck there by yourself now, and you can call this thing that you want forever, but you can't have it, simply because it doesn't exist. It is that thing that so many wish for so much, but it just isn't there for you, for anyone. Think of it like this; you know vampires, werewolves, lycans, all those creepy scary creatures with immortality? No. That's not what they have. They just have an extended time. Death awaits them, too. There is no such thing as forever. And I don't think I'll ever be able to express or explain that enough, because even my words won't be enough for you. You'll just shrug, maybe come up with some intelligent comment, maybe just laugh and say whatever, and maybe you'll agree. But as a whole you'll ignore it. You'll hardly even acknowledge that I've even wrote this. Sure, you'll have read it, maybe you'll even show it to a few people, but it still won't mean anything. And that's like forever. You can talk about it, and maybe it's even in some bible or other, but as a whole people generally ignore it. You can say it exists and back it up with whatever comes with it in whatever book you picked it up from, but that itself means nothing. You are stuck with this information and you tell yourself and you swear on it that it is true, but then again it still all means nothing. I mean "Moses" was some crazy guy who saw things in a bush on fire. He listened to some voice. That's schizophrenia. All those books based on a thing that doesn't even exist. All these people protect this book, and what they believe in, and they bawl when someone says something against it, but it's just not something they can prove. It's this thing written down, it's invisible, yet there is absolutely no proof  that "it" exists. "God" is invisible, and yet so many people claim he exists. No, no. If you can not prove it, if you can provide no evidence other than the book you carry around, it does not exist. Everyone has all these things that they believe in, and I'm not saying they don't have that right, you do, it's just that such things don't exist. Which is exactly what I'm saying with forever. You can't prove that it is even real, and you can't provide any evidence, it simply doesn't exist. And it's not even the fact of proving it or providing evidence, it is the simple fact it doesn't exist. And you can argue this a hundred times over, but it doesn't, and there is nothing you can do about it.

The End

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