Okei Branden, I'm going to attempt to direct this at you. Who knows how this'll go? >< Anyways.

Kk, so guise. There is this boy that I go to school with. (well isn't there always that one kid that you're just like ohmygod butterflies and giddy over) and um, his name is Branden. I find him very attractive (see I go for the classy words) and he has a good sense of humour and aosdnfowrgunr he's freaking adorable, okay? Anyways. I honestly would enjoy asking him out, but truly he probably would say no. And I'm okay with that. Not really, but I mean, what do I know? Anyways, that's a dude, and butterflies, and giddyness, and yah I actually don't think I could say a word to him in school without getting really nervous and blushing. Gaiz I just
He's adorable. I'm serious. There's always that one dude you see and you get all "hush hush" over and gush about and whisper over with your friends at some stupid table. WELL THIS IS LIKE THAT. Except I'm not... gushing or.. whisper... You know what okay.

Guys really c: he's the cutest thing ever. (Don't you dare disagree with me, Branden.) and I do believe I just asked him out WELLWHOCARESOKAI (I probably won't publish this, even if I do, I won't send it to him. OhlookhereIgo)

Umm.. What.. Else...
Have you read "The Fault in Our Stars"? THAT BOOK :D

Anyways. Why am I even awake and typing orite because I have no life. Olol.
And yeh. kbimylovelies<3

(Well aren't I just a loverlie cup of tea)

The End

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