Fighting for someone.Mature

Do you know what that's like? To fight for one person whole and absolutely? Let me tell you what it's like. It can be like this little pit, and you're stuck there, and you can't really go anywhere else. You're just left. And it's dark. There isn't a sun or moon to light anything. And you can see, oh yes, you can see. But you're still there alone, no matter what you may think. They're the only thing you see. And you smile, and fight towards it. You set your heart on it, the only thing you want is to save them. And you're so desperate for it, you need it so much, that you let go of everything just so you know they're okay. But it can be the sweetest thing ever. You walk beside each other. You're each other's reason. Not to make that feel like an obligation. You're just _there_ with them. No-where else. And when it's dark, and you're alone, there they are. They always have been. And always will.
It's like my fighting for Elly. You see, I'm always there. I always have been. And I always will be. But there are all these times I wish she'd stop thinking no one is there but me, and look around her. But she needs time. I guess everybody does. But this is important for her, no matter how negligent I can get about it all. But it's not really easy. Nothing ever is.

The End

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