Regaining Sadie

Bradley Hudson was in one moment adored by thousands as a spectacularly glamourous Drag Performer and Diva extraordinaire and in the next an average overweight Administrative Assistant with an empty glass of sequined memories. He questions: Is WHAT I was really WHO I was? and Can it really be Regained?

How does one regain that which has been lost?

Is it possible to lose yourself whilst never really knowing?

Who are you if what you were was never really who you were?

Where did the gown end and the man begin?

Sadie Licious, Sadie Vine, Missy, You, Your Majesty, Empress XXXIII 1/3 to the Herringbone and Heartless Die Nasty; You’re beautiful, You’re Late! You’re On! and man was she ever. It never made a difference what you called her, heck you could call her a b-witch and you probably would have more than once; she was still the one you admired most in the entire world. She was everything to so many people. When she was on she could make you laugh when she wanted to, she could make you cry if she thought you deserved it, she spent more money to be the best and could make more in an hour fundraising than you could dream to pull in a year. She was the embodiment of what it meant to be a Drag Queen; or at least she used be.

Sadie was my very best friend, she kept more of my secrets then I care to mention. I knew her better than I knew myself, and that is sad because she was ME! And I miss her.

The End

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