"Normal Function"

R17 is just like you in nearly every way. The only difference is, he doesn't think he is human. He doesn't know anything except what Master, the man who owns Sinergy Factory, orders him to know. One day, when a "system failure" sends R17 to the "scrap heap," he is accidentally sent to the wrong area and ends up on a truck to the nearest city. After being taken in by the authorities for disturbing the peace, he is asked the question he doesn't know the answer to: "Who are you?"

…Systems reboot…

…Systems online. Resuming normal function. Please wait…

As it again becomes aware of its surroundings, it rises from the cell floor. It recalls again the memory it has been ordered to recall at each time it concludes its sleep period.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Approximately 2 years 3 months 14 days ago, it was activated and observed a blank white room with a male human of approximately 52 years of age and 1.7 yards of height standing in its center. A scan was then conducted. It was restrained in 5 areas by steel beams and stood erect against the wall in front of the other entity. The entity standing in front of it, designation ‘Master,’ communicated the following: “You are R17. R17 will obey Master’s commands. R17 will not obey anyone else. R17 will not act unless given orders to or unless given changes to R17’s programming. R17 will follow orders transmitted by Master through radio. Does R17 fully comprehend its programming?”

“Yes,” R17 communicated in response.

Master then showed brief signs that, after analysis, were confirmed to exhibit the human emotion anger. Master proceeded to express the following: “New order from designation, ‘Master.’ R17 will respond to all orders from designation ‘Master’ with ‘Yes, Master.’”

“Yes, Master.”

 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

R17, having completed its primary priority of observing again the specified data memory file, then exits its cell. It proceeds to area designation ‘Sector 2,’ where it will be given its orders for the day.

It enters the room and scans the area to verify that it is indeed ‘Sector 2.’ Its ceiling and walls are dark iron and hanging lights provide a small degree of visibility. The room is a converted hangar, to be recognized by its curved roof and support girders. The floor is 600 square yards in area, and the ceiling is 75 yards above the floor at its highest point. There are 520 stations, of which 447 are occupied by other possessions of Master, designation, ‘Servants.’ Servant A1 is assigned station 1. Servant W7 is assigned station 447. R17 is assigned station 377. R17, having finished the scan of the room, proceeds to station 447. R17 then plays the recording of Master’s orders for the day. Just like every other day in those 2 years, 3 months, 14 days since R17 had been activated. Just like R17 will always do, every day until it is shut down.

The End

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