Within a world of darkness, a hole rips through nothingness, and brilliant flames pierce the world with life. Riding this brilliant, blinding flare, a lithe figure dives for safety. The hole snaps shut behind her like the jaws of a terrifying beast, and she spins freely through the void.

Then, slowly, like a leaf of gold, she falls gently to rest upon ground. A tremendous breath escapes her and the ground remains solid beneath her sinking form. She lets go and joins the oblivion that surrounds her. The golden sunlight radiating from her body dims as she rests, but remains a beacon of hope through the pit of emptiness that envelopes her and her small plot of land.

After an eternal moment, she lifts her head. Her hands push against the soft grass of a new land, and she moves to a sitting position, her naked body weak yet warm. The grass, glowing beneath an invisible sun, gently stretches over a rolling hill as her brilliant eyes gaze warmly into the distance.

She gracefully rises and gives this single hill a smile. Her eyes look thoughtful, and a stem rises from the earth. She walks softly up the hill as the plant begins to flourish and grow. It soon twists into an elegant tree with yellow feather-like leaves and pale blue bark.

She reaches an open hand to this new life, and a white flower blooms within her presence. She caresses the flower and leans in as if to sniff the scent. Instead, she whispers into the petals, and a single golden bee emerges from the blossom.

It buzzes upward into the dark sky, shedding a golden light wherever it flies, a firefly awakening a sleeping world. The sky begins to sparkle with blue and pink, and clouds begin to form with glistening raindrops on the way.

The water drops soundlessly, lands upon darkness, accumulates, and then glimmers into a landscape of rolling hills of green, ridges of black, and marshes of orange.

The woman sits down upon the hill to watch, as if the beauty is beyond her, as if the life she has created belongs only to itself, and that she is blessed to be a part of it all.

She smiles, and a distracted look comes across her face. She looks down at her skin. It is blackened and burnt. It is cut and scarred. She raises an arm. A wound is seeping blood. She sighs and leans back against the tree. Her eyes close.

And then the sun rises.

The End

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